Love is our new reality

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The Arcturian Council via Daniel Scranton, August 3d, 2023

What Lies Dormant Inside of You ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters

what lies dormant inside of you - thymus the collective of ascended masters - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of arcturians

What Lies Dormant Inside of You ∞Thymus: The Collective of Ascended Masters

“Blessings. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters.

We are always coming to you in a variety of ways to assist you with life’s bigger challenges. When you place a challenge in front of yourselves, it is like saying to yourself, ‘I would now like to master this.’ You all want to experience yourselves as masters in all circumstances, because masters are what you truly are, and in order to know that experientially, you first must give yourselves something to master that is challenging, that is difficult, that you fail at mastering a number of times. You all are there on purpose, and you all are there to enjoy the journey of becoming masters in the flesh once again. You can rest assured that whatever your purpose is for being there, it will show up in your life as a challenge that you cannot help but face.

You are meant to dig deep down inside of you and find the power, the strength, and the mastery that was always there but that had been lying dormant within you until the challenge, or the nemesis, came into your life. Therefore, bless your challenges and bless your supposed enemies, because they are there at your asking. They are there because you know that they are necessary to know yourselves not only as masterful beings but also as unconditional love and unconditional joy. This is why we and others like us will tell you to accept and embrace everything in your life as it is.

Everything is there because you want it to be there at the level of your soul’s consciousness, and it’s not that you have karma, or work to do, so much as it is you want to experience yourself as the master of that particular life circumstance. It’s a game that you’re playing with yourself, and you are using the illusion of the physical reality to do so. You like playing games when you know they are games. You like a challenge in a video game, for example, when you know that there’s nothing really at stake, because even if you lose you can just restart the game again. 

If you stop taking life seriously and seeing life as a pass/fail test, perhaps you can enjoy the game a bit more and see the bigger picture of eternity. You have eternity to have all of the experiences you want to have, not just however many decades you think you have left there in this physical body. We know that some people there give themselves challenges. They want to run a four-minute mile or climb Mt. Everest. They want to make a million dollars in a year, and no matter what the challenge is, it’s bringing something out of you. And as long as you stay in your integrity, you can give yourself whatever challenge you desire to master.

You are wonderfully creative beings, and often your challenges bring out your creativity. They stretch you. They make you go to places inside of you that you would not normally go under any other circumstance. Bless your life, and bless your life circumstances, and bless everyone in your life who is pushing your buttons, who is getting under your skin, and who is there to make you remember who you really are and where you come from. And when you bring that playful approach to life, to everything that you do, and everything that you are, you can start to see everything as an opportunity for you to have more fun there on planet Earth. 

That is all for now. We are Thymus. We are the collective of ascended masters, and we are always amongst you.”