Love is our new reality

Message from Zane Morgan, May 21, 2020

Greetings everyone. I AM Zane and I wish to share some of my own words with you all today.

I want to say that we are all headed in the right direction and that all is going to plan. Although many things seem out of alignment with where we are headed, our future is certain.

We are now moving into the final phase of the plan and the Great Awakening. This is the time where all is to become clear and move out of the shadows and into the light. This is not only on a global level, but also a personal and family level. Any supressed emotions or trauma is now coming to the surface and can present in many ways, from aches and pains in the body, tension and tightness in muscles and flu like symptoms.

No, you most likely do not have a flu or virus that is deadly. What you may have are signs and symptoms of the many energies that are moving into our bodies then into the earth to be anchored and also out of the earth, which tend to move through our bodies to be released.

What has been held within, must be expressed in one way or another in the physical and these symptoms are to just name a few. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to go within and use our discernment to understand whether the symptoms are related to energies coming and going, or if there is an underlying physical issue. Always tune in and sit within your heart space to find the answer to these questions.

To name a few symptoms I personally go through are –

Tightness in the muscles around the shoulders and neck – Usually associated with feeling the weight of everything that is happening, personal and global, then not clearing my energy field enough.

Sharp or tight pains in the front and back of the chest – related to heart opening and clearing.

Extreme fatigue – This is usually after a busy night’s work in the Astral. So many of us we are working tirelessly during our sleep state, to help clear and heal the Astral plane on Earth.

Mood swings – Going from happy to sad, frustrated to energetic and a myriad of other feelings. This can be caused by picking up on the energies from people close to you and also the energies from the collective.

I could go on, but these are some of the main ones. In no way is this professional medical advice, but just my understanding from what I have experienced and have come to understand. It is always best to contact a trusted medical professional if you feel it is more than energy related.

The best way we can help ease the stresses of this huge transition is to rest. Rest as much as you can during this time. Whether it is a 20 minute nap between tasks or just to lay down and let go of everything for an hour or two. Do this as often as you feel guided. We are almost constantly either downloading and integrating energies or we are releasing them, whether from within or on behalf of the collective and Mother Earth. Ample rest and plenty of water is key.

We also need to physically stretch as often as possible, for stretching helps to release energies we may be holding onto within our muscles and joints. If you find yourself busy with work, kid’s, or family life, even 20-30 minutes of stretching can be very beneficial and leave you feeling a lot more relieved and comfortable.

As we all know, getting out in nature and just enjoying the beauty Gaia provides is a must, even if it is just in your front garden. Stay grounded. Garden without shoes if you can do so without losing a toe or limb lol.

But most of all, do your best to stay in a positive frame of mind.

As the energies streaming into the planet intensify, so does our manifestation ability. If we dwell in negative thinking and feeling, then this can easily be amplified and then we allow ourselves to draw on the similar thought forms that are within the collective. It may be hard, but it is part of our journey to master our thoughts and feelings.

With so much now occurring, on so many levels, layers and dimensions, both within and around us, we must be very vigilant with what we focus our attention and energy on. Be mindful of how you feel when you first wake up in the morning. Are you feeling good overall? Do you feel balanced? Is your mind clear? If so, then this is generally how YOU feel. Once you start moving and getting your day started, that’s when we begin to again mingle with all the other energies that are constantly swirling around us. Be conscious of this and know that if you start to feel upset or angry, sad or frustrated, know you are more than likely picking up on the energies in your area or from the collective.

So, if you did wake up feeling quite clear and happy, then these other thoughts and feelings start bombarding you, just let them go. Observe and acknowledge them for what they are. Know that these feelings, thoughts, or emotions are not yours and see them as that. Detach from them. Become the observer in your life and let go of having to directly experience these. Firstly, ask your Self; is this feeling I now have my own or has it come from elsewhere? Know that the first answer you receive is generally the correct answer. If it is not from your own BEing, then let it go. You can do this by seeing what ever it may be, a negative thought or emotion, sitting outside of your energy field. See either a word, picture or colour that represents it. Then see it sitting outside of your Auric Field, around 1 meter away from you. Then simply ask that it be returned to where it came from. See it leaving either through a white light or simply floating off into the distance. You do not need to be concerned where it is going, just trust and intend that it has gone.

I write this because in the coming months, especially as we move toward the end of the year, there is going to be much purging happening within the Collective Consciousness of humanity. This will range from all sorts of situations and experiences that have occurred on and within the earth. This is what has been spoken about in a previous channelling I have done and what I have been told we can call the Dark Night of the Collective.

It is the process of releasing all that has been hidden in the darkness, which now needs to be released and healed, so we can move forward as a collective. We must heal and release the past. We must heal and release all the old energy that is both within the collective and within Gaia.

We chose to come here during this grand time of change and renewal. Change from a planet of duality and separation, then renewal of Oneness and unity. That is why, during these moments, we must be aware of what we allow into our BEing and into our energy field. That is why if we use the simple tools I have mentioned, it will make this practice of monitoring our inner BEing much easier.

We must stay as neutral and balanced as we can, while we move through this process. We must not get caught up in the drama unfolding. Instead, as has been said before, be the pillars of hope and peace for those just starting their awakening journey. They are not going to have as much time to accustom to all that is to be revealed as we have. This will be a much quicker process due to the energies coming in. Because this is to be quicker, there are going to be a lot more energies being released in a much shorter period.

That is why I say, to all of you who find these words; Be calm, be balanced and clear your energy as much as possible. Use the Violet Flame when you encounter any negative energies. Hold this intention, trust, and it shall be so.

At the end of the day, if something is bothering you, whether an annoying thought or feeling, just return to who YOU truly are. In essence and truth, we are sovereign BEing’s who are not bound by limitations. We ARE eternal. We ARE made of pure love and Creator Light.

No matter the thoughts or feelings we encounter, they are no match for who we truly are.

We are Creator’s. Creating our own lives and co-creating our Earth reality. We are ALWAYS at home, in our heart’s, where only true love resides. Where only the truth can reside. We ARE the truth, the way and the light, no matter how our lives or the world may appear.

We are always One with Source, it is only the illusion of being separate that makes us think or feel otherwise. We have so much support with us that we cannot count.

There are so many BEings surrounding us, sending us their unconditional love and light, that we should never need feel alone or isolated.

Move out of being alone and into Oneness with everything around us. Being separate is a illusion, it was a game that was well played, but is now time to finish.

The quicker we can return to who we truly are, the quicker each one of us can acknowledge in every moment, that we are all connected, that we are all made from pure love, that there is no such thing as separation, then the quicker this seeming hell will be transformed into a place of such beauty, such unity, that we cannot even imagine in this current state.

Move back to who you are at your core. You ARE beautiful. Your ARE loved unconditionally. You ARE perfect in your own unique way.

Do NOT let the thoughts of others ego’s let you fall into the trap of thinking otherwise.

Claim your sovereignty.

Claim your truth and claim your essence of being a co-creator on the Earth. We can all do this and we WILL do this, otherwise we simply would not be here, going through these experiences.

There is no limit on what we can create if we are creating from the heart and with the best interests of everyone at hand.

I AM Zane and I send this message out in the hope that it can trigger a change or shift within you. To help you to remember WHO you are and WHY you are here, in this magical time of change and renewal. My peace, love, and blessings to you all.