Love is our new reality

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Mother Sehkmet via Zane Morgan, December 28th, 2018

Hello Light Bearers and Light Warriors, bringers of the New, shatteres of the old, I Am Mother Sehkmet and I Am honored to speak today.

I would like to bring forth a message of clarity, as a lot of you are struggling to see what it is you are actually doing or what it is you are to do. And what I have to say dear ones is, you just need to be love for love is all there is! Be in love, be in love with yourself and others. It is not about worrying what you are to do or what your mission is. That will come loud and clear when it is time.

All you need to do for the time being is stay grounded and let the energies flow through you like a cool breeze flows through the forest. Be the trees that are grounded and sturdy in their stance as the breeze blows by because as you know there is soon to be a gust that will stir up that which is no longer in alignment with your journey and that breeze is about to blow.

My main message for you is to just be YOU, be the truth of your being and that truth is love. Be love in every moment whether it seems right or wrong, as rights and wrongs are part of the separation and duality game which is fast coming to a close.

You are all tired, so please take time over the festive season to ground and get out in nature, they are your best options to stay connected to Mother Earth when the gusts pick up.

You are all embarking on the next phase of your journey and they will begin in due time, and that time is due. Be the love as Yeshua said, be the light because when it comes down to it, that is all there is.

I Am only a call away, so if you need my mighty lioness energy to get you through these times please call upon me. I Am your Mother Sekhmet and we wait in the wings of light as we watch you all step forth to be who you came here to be and that is an embodiment of Christ. You are all Christ and you all carry these codes. So activate them by staring at all and any situation from a place of love and Light. I love and honour you all.

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