Masters of the Crystal Kingdom via Karen Vivenzio, December 26th, 2018


Masters of the Crystal Kingdom via Karen Vivenzio

Child of light – we are watching over you today – into the light of a brand new day we are ushering in the light of the new year, the light increasing every moment my dear. It is not enough to have peace and blessings on the day of the Savior’s birth but to birth these wonderful energies of enchantment all year through. May the magic and festivities be with you all year through. The myriad of changes welcoming you in to the new world, peace love hope and laughter that is what we wish for you.

Now, dear child, it is time to pull through the magnet of the new world – pulling you through – allowing yourself to be brought into the new vibration the holier world, the instant that you decide you no longer need the darkness around you as a cloak a new vibration will enter your soul and start to shine through you instead of all around you. There is a significant difference here dear one – one is an energy of which you are integrally a part of as it is a part of you, the other you are merely a victim or observer allowing the energy to flow where it will (wills) – one is where you are in power to will it where you want it to go and one is where the light / the energy has a will of its own. Allow yourself to be born into the state of grace where all pain and sorrow is washed away and you are cleared to go on your merry way into the light and love of a brand new day. Remove all the energy that has been laid to waste – remove it all now – get rid of anything that no longer serves you dear child. Get rid of it. It no longer exists. Allow yourself to move into the state of bliss you have been wondering about – it is now in your control to bring the energy /the new energy, into your soul and will it wherever you may wish it to go. This is the magic and the miracles of your holy self – powerful, in control, and at the same time allowing the magic and miracles to unfold in and of themselves. For you have waited long enough. The time for marching forward coming on.

The light of the golden sun, from which you come from, is holding a blissful state of everlasting peace and joy and connecting with you from the spark of golden light planted within. Feel the power and majesty of this brilliant spark of light radiating from the center of your solar plexus above, below and out into the world behind you in front of you until all that you are, all that you see, is an infinite ball of beautiful, streaming, simmering, vibrant ball of majestic white light full of love, blessings, and infinite light that keeps on generating, re-generating and keeping you filled – completely healed and whole. That is the power that this moment holds. At one with nature and the whole entire world.

Blessings dear children of light –

For you are the leaders of the tribe of light and we wish to bestow up on you the wisdom and grace to march forward into the light / into the world of light that we have created for you tonight. Step into your crystal pyramid of light and allow us the grace of your presence to welcome in new life.

Wisdom of the ages is now upon you. Let go and allow us to enter your world. Allow us the space to create anew, awashed in the love of the Creator real and true. Abide in the truth of the nature within you. For your light is now shining brilliant and true, the truth of you rising up and out of you to stand tribute to the holiness within you.

Masters of the Crystal Kingdom reaching out to you in peace, harmony, and the blessings for which you have ascribed. In love, light, and laughter, we are watching you rise / becoming what you so desire – light and free and infinitely happy. Blessings as we stand by your side walking you into the world that is coming so fast so fast now that you have agreed to move forward we can usher you into the arms of the Mother – back to her at last, into the womb of new creation and holiness of every thought, action, word and deed.

Blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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