Love is our new reality

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – October 7, 2022

You look around you and the world seems to have gone crazy and you think it could not get worse but it does, and as much as you try there seems no way of controlling it. Things that were well tried and tested are now found to be not up to the task in circumstances that have not been previously experienced. You deal with one problem and another takes its place and you do not seem to have sufficient time to deal with it. You ask what is going on as you know the dark Ones are behind many of the problems you face. You find that the Pandemic was man-made and was set up to kill off a very large number of the population to make it more manageable. Fortunately, the events on Earth are being watched over by the Forces of Light. You ask what more can happen that will add to the problems that are amassing. The future looks uncertain as changes are occurring at a fast rate yet all is not as bad as it appears.

We oversee events on your Earth and allow those that are part of the plan so that the New Age can really commence. The sooner it does the better and you will see the benefits of it for Man’s Ascension that was planned eons of time ago to commence at the end of the last cycle. You should now realise that it is no accident that events on Earth have taken a course that requires great changes, so that Man can rise up with the increase in vibrations. There is so much of the old that must be cleared away before you benefit from the changes that are planned. It involves both spiritual and physical changes that will propel you into the Light that holds no place for those of the lower vibrations.

Meantime events are creating opportunities for the souls of the Light, to help others understand what is happening at this time and how important it is for their future. The dark Ones cannot now win the battle for control of the Earth, and slowly but surely will be held responsible for their deeds. Clearly they are just as responsible as any other soul for their actions, and their day of judgement looms up in the far distance. Be assured no one gets away with their negative actions and will learn lessons from their experiences and be tested in their future lives. Obviously all souls have to account for their actions but first comes the understanding of what motivated them. That is followed by further lives when situations are created so that they confront the challenge of not making the same mistakes again. God does not punish mistakes and spiritual growth is through becoming a loving person who sees all other souls as One and as Children of God.

Each soul is the embodiment of all of its experience so naturally some are much lower or higher which is why you are mixed with other souls. Earth is a hard place to handle but a lesson learnt through such experiences is never going to be forgotten, and you always have your Guides helping you along. Unless a soul goes completely against the Light, there is every chance that they will eventually rise up and leave the lower vibrations behind forever. It is such understanding that the dark Ones would prefer to keep quiet and do their best to keep it from you. However, we are forever prompting you to take the right paths that lead to release from their hold.

When you return to the spirit levels between incarnations you will understand more fully what your life plan was about and how you handled it. It is done without any incrimination and with every purpose of helping you through your next lives. Understand that your helpers have already gone through the levels you are at and are well equipped to help you through yours from their own experiences. Life can seem very lonely at times but you are never alone with your problems and help is always at hand. When you can acknowledge your Guides’ presence by all means communicate with them as they will be “listening” and respond by putting thoughts into your mind.

The unseen world is awaiting your presence and it is one you have visited so many times through many lives. It is normally a joyous occasion when you return and you meet old friends and family. The loss of a family member is such a sad occasion and many tears are wept yet the soul that has returned to spirit is clearly delighted to meet old friends again. They feel your sorrow at their passing and wish they could let you know they are safe and sound, waiting for the day you also return. To them it may seem that little time at all has passed when souls return to their level, as it passes much more quickly.

How many tears could be wiped away if the truth were known. Sometimes a soul will contact you through your dreams so be assured it is a genuine contact. Your loved ones take a great interest in how you get on after they have left and people can truly feel them around when they visit them. Like you they have eternal life and many are what you would rightly call old friends. In life you can meet a total stranger and get on with them immediately as though you were old friends as is often the case. Some families often stay together through many incarnations but may take a different family role than previously.

Life in reality is far different to what most people imagine, normally much more pleasant and rewarding and of course more exciting as you have so much more to interest you and investigate. Earth can be a hard teacher, but once a lesson is learned it stays with you. That is very acceptable when you can select the type of life experiences you want. However, much thought goes into each incarnation to ensure you use your valuable time to your advantage.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.