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Mike Quinsey channels his Higher Self, February 12th

12th February 2016. Mike Quinsey.

Much is happening that is as far as possible kept secret by those involved. Strong rumours will abound that a major event will soon cause some bank closures, due to major changes that are in the offing. They seem to be inevitable and unavoidable as they must be brought into line with them so as to avoid a complete failure. It would be easy to tell you not to worry, but such happenings have occurred before and ultimately proved beneficial to your future. This should not surprise you as changes are always taking place, but not perhaps at the level that is now expected. All around you changes are in progress as the old ways and systems are “updated” to align with the New Age that has now commenced. Ultimately you will be overjoyed by them as they will give continuity and sufficient income to live a comfortable life.

You have been told by St. Germain for a very long time that these changes would take place when the time was right, and it has arrived and you will experience a whole stream of them over the next year or so. It will involve major changes and these will lift up the quality of life quite considerably. So when you find yourselves involved in them please bear in mind that they are “cleansing” the old systems that no longer serve your needs. There will be times when it is important to work together, as in the long run all of you will be included and more than satisfied at the outcome. Be assured that those who would deny you such progress, will be in no position to interfere with the God given promises of release from your Prison Planet. Yes, it has been called that on a number of occasions and many have denied it, but it is true and soon you fully understand how that occurred.

You will find many messages informing you of the changes, and they should give you the assurance that many seek. After years of promises, suddenly all the work that has been put in is coming to fruition. You have never been alone in your fight against the dark Ones, and at this important time you have the added support of Beings that have followed your progress from afar. They patiently await the right time to fully reveal themselves. They are peaceful and loving entities that come from much higher levels, and are assisting Mother Earth and her Civilisation to safely negotiate this time of chaos. Your future is assured regardless of any hardships it may bring about. The future is Golden and an Age of great progress that will lift you up out of the lower vibrations and promises much joy and happiness.

Some ask what all the changes are about and why now, and the simple answer is that “it is time”. Ever since this cycle commenced you were destined to reach this point in time, and the outcome has been due to the efforts of those of the Light who have kept their promises to spread it far and wide. In time it will also embrace the dark Ones as gradually they will respond to it, so it is expected that you of the Light will treat them with compassion. They are not beyond being awakened once more and they can be lifted up into the Light with your love and assistance. No soul is beyond redemption and perhaps you may see them as souls that require much love to awaken them to the Light.

Every day of your life most of you mix with many souls at all different levels of evolution. You may sense whether some are Beings of the Light, but you cannot be certain. So treat all alike including those who seem to be without knowledge of their true potential. Often a few kind words will awaken them and lift them up, and begin a stream of thought that leads them to a greater understanding. As soon as a soul responds, their Guides will gladly help them along and onto greater things. Help is always there and never ending. It is a wonderful truth that those who have found the Light within are eager to share it with others. They often become your healers and teachers, and so the Light is ever growing and becomes a powerful energy for the good of all. You have been so successful that you have grounded the Light in so many places that there now exists a powerful network around the Earth. It is lifting up and as it does so Mother Earth is becoming more and more active bringing in yet more Light. Victory over the dark Ones is therefore assured and they are retreating having been unable to command with the authority they previously achieved.

The fight is by no means over as the dark Ones have their minions all over the Earth, but their power to do as they wish has diminished. As time passes more of them will realise they are in a weakened position and give up the fight. Unlike your prisons on Earth, souls are given every help and love to guide them back to the Light. It will not be “punishment” such as you understand the word. When they return to the Light they will be welcomed, but will nevertheless have to make retributions for past actions. Each of you have experienced it as “karma” and that means working through your mistakes so as to prevent a recurrence.

Largely unbeknown to you, there are many, many Beings watching over you to ensure that you are not distracted or misled, and that your feet are firmly on the ground. Certainly those of you who have followed your life plan are well on the way to Ascension. Oh what joy and celebrations will follow your success because the pathway through your dimension has been difficult and very testing, yet you have successfully dealt with all challenges. Although it may not have been expected, you were nevertheless given a free choice as to which path you took.

Many of you have advanced sufficiently to know that you have raised your vibrations sufficiently to be able to ascend. You will be called upon to assist others that are also working towards Ascension, and there are none better than those who have already been successful. The spirit of co-operation becomes more powerful as you progress through the dimensions, and souls of a like kind gradually come together. It already happens upon Earth where you are drawn to each other because of your similar vibrations. Life as you know it and have experienced it is far removed from reality, and your first experience of it is in the Summerland, where all souls usually go after their transition. Life is quite different to what you have been used to on Earth.

Life on Earth has taught you how to evolve largely through your own determination, and you are to be congratulated upon such an achievement. Yet when you focus on a particular path assistance is always available should you need it. You stand at a point where you have all but completed your journey through the material realms. You can now stand back and relax and help others who are still trying to find out the truth of their being. There may not be another opportunity like it for some time, as like all things it comes round with the cycles of experience.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your path and days to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self.
In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.    
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