Love is our new reality

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Message from Camilla KumaRa, 12 februari, 2016

Message from Camilla KumaRa

February 12, 2016

It has come to a point for us to take a step further into merging with our Highest Solar Self, our true being as Gods and Goddesses incarnated in this time. This step is for each and every human to make as our individual path is ready.

Many have chosen to listen to the inner calling, walked the path of inner knowing and thereby have led the way for others to follow. Now in this time we are asked to embrace what is left of self-doubt, the lack of love for our individual self. In this time we are asked to see upon our Self with the eyes of the Creator. In pure essence – we are pure love. We have always been.

In this time we are asked to gather all our trust and courage and see the pure love that We Are and to embrace the doubt and let it go. With a totally open heart and with compassion for all that we are, there is no doubt left. There is only love. We are asked to love ourselves not just a bit, not every other day, not just the happy moments. We are asked to love ourselves as a constant vibration that shines all the way through. In this time we are merging with our Highest Solar Self, our Christ Consciousness. This urges us to fully commit to the love being manifested through us. And for the manifestation to come, we need to gracefully accept that love is what we are. No less than pure love in its many face

Camilla KumaRa – Unifying Love


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