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Mike Quinsey Channels His Higher Self, July 3d, 2020


3rd July 2020. Mike Quinsey.

There is a change in consciousness levels taking place as a result of Coronavirus, and the most important one will be the creation of opportunities for people to reflect upon their future and what they want from life. It will happen on all different levels the most important one being your spiritual understanding, related to your everyday life and the way you conduct yourself and view other people. If you already accept that All is One and the supposed divisions are man-made and largely based upon colour and religion, there should not be any division between the different groups. However, due allowance must be made and freedom granted for each group to practice its beliefs without interference. One group is not superior to another and each have a role to play so that their followers can evolve to a greater understanding of the truth, that will eventually lead them all back to the Godhead from whence they came.

Understand that a long, long time ago the different races were brought to Earth to find a common belief that would unite them all, while at the same time making due allowance for the different stages of spiritual progress that each have reached. Understand that all roads lead to back to God, so on one level there is no difference between one group to another. Respect the differences and allow all to practice their beliefs according to their understanding of the truth. Each group is creating their own path to understanding and fulfillment and ultimately they will lead back to the Godhead.

At different stages all souls will experience within the different groups making their understanding so much greater. It also means that subconsciously you will have a greater understanding of each other’s beliefs. Allow each group to evolve at its own rate knowing that eventually all will come together as One. The system for spiritual growth has been tried and tested for millennia of time and it has proved suitable for a soul’s progress. Humans love to pay allegiance to their beliefs and have no hesitation in wearing their “uniform” to show it to others.

There is no doubt that Humanity is ready to move on to the next stage in their evolution and how much easier it would be if they had a greater understanding of the truth. However, with their Guides on hand always ready to offer assistance every effort is made to ensure progress is maintained. When you are asleep and your soul goes out of the body you can get direct guidance and help for the upcoming period. You sometimes have to “directed” to ensure you experience in a manner that will lead you into situations that will enable you to fulfil your life plan that you agreed to prior to incarnating on Earth.

We will repeat again that you are never left alone to have your experiences. Sometimes they are unpleasant but understand where your karma is concerned you are most likely making good errors that you made in your present life or an earlier one. Spiritual growth comes from life’s experiences that are planned in advance with your knowledge, although you may not have a waking memory of it so do your best when confronted with challenges. Try to understand why you might have incurred the need for such an experience and you will be on the way to ensuring you will not need to repeat it again.

We have touched upon the subject previously and bring it up again because it is important that you understand that you are not necessarily going to re-iricarnate with exactly the same souls as previously. Over numerous lives you have had many different partners and friends, who will have been chosen for their suitability having regard to your life plan. It is very complex as your family and friends extend in many directions yet some will have little or no influence upon your life. Follow your intuition and you will not go far wrong and also go with the flow and let things come to you rather than live your life to a rigid plan, and you will find that you will have experiences that you might not otherwise have expected. You will be surprised at how easy life becomes and how beneficial.

Matters are arranged to ensure you make progress with each life and this involves meeting the right people. Spirit spend much time arranging such meetings that may happen because of another person’s connection to you. It is quite a challenge to get the timing right especially when you are reliant on an outside contact. But Spirit has ways and means you are unaware of to make things happen that are in your interests. They also have the advantage of knowing exactly what your life plan is and helping you to fit into it

The road ahead is uncertain for many reasons but in time it will become clear as to which direction you are going in. If you have Ascension in mind you will want to continue raising your vibrations so as to ensure you are prepared for it. There will be distractions on the way so be prepared to be tested and keep fully focused on your goal. You are in chaotic times and it is essential that you keep to your life plan, as having come this far you do not want to be misled and go astray. Having said that it is unlikely that you would as you are well advanced along your chosen path.

We know that close friends are not necessarily aware of your spiritual interests and you are right to keep them to yourself unless of course you are asked about them. By keeping your beliefs to yourself you are avoiding making direct reference to them and it is best to help others when you get direct questions, but even then only give what has been asked for as too much information can be off putting and not prove helpful.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.

 Mike Quinsey.