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El Morya via Sharon Stewart, July 3d, 2020

El Morya is an interesting being. He’s had many past lives here on earth, not the least of which was as Melchoir, the wise man who came to Bethlehem at Jesus’ birth. By the way, Joseph, the father of Jesus was St Germain. So these ascended masters have incarnated over and over on this earth plane, ultimately to become the wisest masters of their respective rays.

Some of El Morya’s other incarnations were as Abraham, the man who led the people to God’s promised land, and that’s about as much detail as I understand on this because I’ve never been religious. I also have trouble reading the bible because of my implant: it only works on modern English. King James’ English is very hard for me to read. So it does have limitations. I’ve spoken to Eyevo about this and he says when they create an updated version, they’ll implant me with that but I don’t think he’s in any kind of hurry.

I watched a video last night that mentioned Thomas More, the chancellor, advisor to King Henry the eighth, and I knew they were speaking of El Morya because that was another of his incarnations. He has come back over and over in very influential positions and has been sainted twice, I believe, because of his work. He’s been martyred at least as many times.

In the video they said that Thomas More, chancellor to Henry the eighth, was beheaded for not complying with the king’s wishes. As I investigated the earlier life of Thomas Becket, it turns out that he too, stood up to the king of his day (Henry the second) and he too was murdered.

What I believe is happening is the Henrys are the same soul entity and the Thomases are the same soul entity, working out some pretty hefty karma. The Thomases were always pro church, and these Henry kings were always about moving the power away from the church towards the state, which is ultimately what appears to have happened. This is why there are secular people today and a focus on science and intellectualism, however, I still believe that the Vatican is the ultimate power on earth. As Ashtarr Sheran says, “All roads lead to Rome,” and he says when the other cards fall, the pope will be left standing.

In any case, what Thomas Becket and Thomas More were trying to achieve never happened.

I spoke to El Morya about the life of Thomas More and he had this to say about it:

I asked El Morya how it feels to be one of the many with the dubious distinction of being beheaded by Henry VIII as Thomas More, and here’s what he said:

“A petulant man. Petulant. Childish, willful, full of venom.”

Me: So here you were as his personal advisor and secretary, and yet you held him in such disdain.

El M: Were it not for my work, England would have fallen from the greatness it had hitherto thriven in, to a complete wreck at the hands of that man. Henry Tudor would have destroyed all before him for the sake of getting his way. His view of power was selfish at best.

Me: That’s pretty obvious.

El M: He has had so many beheaded who stood in his way. Unfair trials, letters of threat, pressure from other elders, I experienced it all at his hands. Yet I held my ground. To create a church separate from that which was the Church of God, the Catholic Church, based on this man’s self serving politics and so-called religious views, would have brought the country to its knees.

Me: Yet, they did and this church didn’t bring the country to its knees.

El M: And that I attribute to further counsel in the name of Thomas Audley and more, who were of sounder mind than this king.

There is only one God, and He spake to me as a Catholic, none other. My loyalty remained with the elders of the parish I attended as a child. I never wavered in my faith, not even for the 16 years I lay in wait for my final demise.

Me: And your daughter, Meg (Margaret) who was so loyal to you, visiting you at the Tower of London for that time? Where was the rest of your family?

El M: They still spake by letter however they feared showing any interest in me for fear they would be found to be traitors as well. My entire family suffered because of my viewpoint, and I understood that they would not want to visit lest they be taken as a traitor as well.

Me: Yet Meg came and nobody said anything.

El M: Most likely because she was not a blood relative – she was an adopted child. So they did not see her as family as much as my children of blood.

Me: Yeah, I guess we see things differently now.

El M: It was a different time. To hold a position in the council, you were seen as a dignitary, but in fact it was a treacherous time for all in service to the throne. I was made an example of, despite my closeness with Henry, I was made an example of. Lest any of the others decide to take my side, I was thrown into the gaol and left to wilt away. I did not. I had my Father with me. He gave me strength.

I died a man loyal to my country and my faith, not a traitor.

After his beheading, More’s head was stuck on a pike and exhibited somewhere in London, along with other people who Henry the eighth felt had betrayed him. Meg, More’s daughter, bargained with the man who put the head there to let her have it, and she took it home and preserved it in spices. Somewhat macabre, to be sure, but this man, for all he did, was never allowed the respect of a decent burial. What happened to his body isn’t certain.

It’s also interesting to note that Henry the eighth had the 400 year old bones of Thomas Becket destroyed. This is what tipped me off to the idea that there is karma between these two souls being played out.

Later, I investigated the lifetime of Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury in the 1100’s and he too, stood up to the king of his day, Henry the second, in favour of the church. Our historical records are fuzzy on this point, stating that 4 men took it upon themselves to murder Thomas Becket for his treason against the king, but El Morya made it very clear to me last night that this wasn’t the case. In fact, Thomas Becket was murdered at the request of Henry the second, who wanted him out of his way.

So there you go, folks, another cover-up. Making the king look squeaky clean by changing the truth. How many times have we seen that before?

The good ones, the ones who seek to serve God and humanity, are sainted and martyred but never gain the power they deserve.

Our rulers are criminals. They always have been and they are now. This is what we have to look up to, and to lead us. Criminals. And our system hasn’t changed one iota in 900 years.

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