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Mike Quinsey Channels his Higher Self, May 6th

6th May 2016. Mike Quinsey.

As the negative forces are in retreat so positive actions continue to build up
that will lead to the fulfilment of promises made to you. Major advancements
are taking place and there will be no stopping their benefits to humankind. You
have been long aware of the tasks that are at present in hand, and before long
will be given details of the progress being made. Taking a general view of what
is happening, it is clear that the dark ones are in retreat and have lost their
power to dictate the path of the future. Already the revaluation of the
currencies is far advanced, and interference with it is only causing a minor
problem. It is the key to major changes on Earth that will speed up the
remaining ones that are well in hand. It only remains to continue preventing
the dark Ones from escalating their intentions to take over the Earth, and in
that the precautions taken have been very successful.

Be assured that the Forces of Light are backed by powerful allies who will
ensure that the changes are allowed to take place with all speed. At each stage
precautions have been taken to ensure that they proceed without interference.
You are nearer to experiencing the benefits that await you than you have since
the new cycle began. The benefits will lift you into an Age of plenty with the
promise of a peaceful existence, free from the attention of those who remain in
the darkness. When you look back you will realise that your experiences through
many lives in the lower vibrations, has helped you evolve very much
quicker.  The benefits of your perseverance and loyalty to the Light will
be rewarded to a degree that at present you cannot fully comprehend. Your
future could be described as “Heaven upon Earth” and it will be a beautiful
time for your full enjoyment, without any risk of your peaceful existence being

Meantime you should firmly set your sights upon your highest expression of the
Light, and live according to the higher vibrations. This way you will be
preparing yourself for your experiences in the higher vibrations that await
you. Many groups that are working for the Light continue to guide your
footsteps, and keep the dark Ones away and prevent their interference. Slowly
but surely you are reaching further into the higher levels of existence where
there is only the Light. It is where your destiny lies and assurance that you
will become a complete Light Being. The level you are leaving bears little
resemblance to your true reality, but it has served its purpose by testing you
to the limits thus strengthening your ability to stand strong in the face of
any challenge. You knew what was coming as you dropped down through the
different levels, but even so you found it tough to hold onto your Light. You
are however to be congratulated on having come through some severe testing, and
you can hold your head up high as a result.

On Earth your body ages rapidly and when you enter into old age it is usually
accompanied with illness and various other problems. However, in the higher
vibrations, when you need to use a body it is not prone to change and its
condition stays constant. It enables a soul to set it aside after use and
return to it when it is again needed.  You will already know that you do
not age such as you are familiar with now, and certainly do not suffer
illnesses. It also applies to other forms of life and you can for example also
include all living plants. It is part of the beauty of living in the higher
vibrations, where you cannot fail to note how everything is so alive and
new and permanently maintains this condition.  The Light permeates all
things around you and continually brings out the beauty of all that you see.
The peaceful environment is not disturbed by the raucous sounds you get on
Earth, but instead a sweet sound fills the air.

It is time to live in the now and leave the past where it belongs, but first
clear up any unfinished business and forgive those who may have offended you.
Revenge is only in the thinking of those who do not realise that all are part
of the whole, and forever linked together. In any event each soul has to atone
and account for “sins” against another one and each life is planned so as to
“clear the slate”. Your Guides are aware of your needs and will do all they can
to keep you on a path that leads to fulfilment. Follow your intuition where
such matters are concerned, and remember that nothing of importance that occurs
in your life happens by accident. Even where you have connections in your
family and outside relationships, they are part of your life plan and should be
looked upon as very important to your evolution. You are all in the “last
chance saloon” and if you ignore the help being given to you, you may not
overcome the challenges that are a necessary part of your of your experiences.

Your world supports a multitude of groups that are all at different points
along the “Path of Evolution”. Yet all are equal in the eyes of God and it
would be wrong to judge any soul on the basis of where they are now. Treat all
as equals with love and kindness, and imagine what a great world you would live
in if it could be achieved. That is indeed what you will experience when you
return to the Summerland, although it has to be said that each soul will find
itself at the right level according to their vibration. You are therefore with
souls that are at the same level of evolution, although some of a higher
vibration can immediately go to a higher level. So “death” can be viewed as
simply a peaceful transition from one level to another, and is not at all a
frightening experience as some imagine.

The time you have spent living on Earth as a physical human has speeded up your
evolution, and prepared you for greater experiences. You never stop learning
and once away from Earth are allowed to choose your own path of evolution.
However, you are helped to make your decision by more highly evolved souls, and
you can be sure that you will find the right path. Some of you are concerned
about other family members, but you have to allow each one to follow their own path.
But where there is a love link you will be able to call them up, and keep
contact that is usually instantaneous. In the higher levels you are free of
heavy cumbersome physical bodies such as you know them now. There is much to
learn about those higher levels, but most of you will have already had
experience of them in other lives, even if you cannot recall them at present.

Keep focussed on your goal and help others by spreading loving vibrations, and
you will be doing Humanity a great service by helping them find the path to the

This message comes through my Higher Self. I leave you with love and blessings,
and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.

Love and Light.
Mike Quinsey.

Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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Channelled by : Mike Quinsey