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Mahatma via Natalie Glasson, May 5th

Advancing the Ascension of Your Physical Body

by Mahatma


Channeled Message through Natalie Glasson- 5th May 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa


Greetings of cosmic vibrations, I am Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis and the overseer of the cosmic level, I am known as the Cosmic Logos. There are 352 levels of the Mahatmaenergy which spans throughout all the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. This means that there are 352 levels of my being and the same number of levels which compose your being. With this number in mind it seems more accessible to access all levels of your being and yet each dimension of the 352 levels is immensely expansive occupying vast aspects of the universe and your being. To explore one level of your being can take numerous lifetimes upon the Earth however the energy vibration the Earth is now resonating at is quickening which means your exploration of the levels of your being is speeding up. This signifies that you can explore so much more of your true self in a single lifetime, and also means your body and auric field have to process more light, love and consciousness. If your body is not aligned fully with your soul then the increase of energy, light and consciousness being discovered, accepted and embodied can create challenges for your body.

There are many factors which can lower the vibration of your physical body and create disharmony between your body and soul:

Increase in spiritual awareness, sensitivity or consciousness which has not been grounded in the physical body and is not being used at a physical level.

The vibrations you choose to surround yourself with from the environment you work and live in to the products you put on your body and the food you consume.

The thoughts and beliefs you have and unconsciously recite about your physical body as well as the feelings behind the thoughts.

Not allowing time to listen to your body, to understand the messages and guidance it is constantly voicing to you. Ignoring the voice of your physical body can create disharmony between the soul and body because the body is not being honoured or fulfilled.

In order for your body to remain harmonised with the major shifts occurring within your soul at this time of ascension and the greater acceptance of the 352 levels of your being there is a need to recognise that the growth and fulfilment of your body is an aspect of your ascension process. When your body is satisfied and is harmonised with your soul then it is so much easier for you to embody your truth, experiencing it with greater fullness daily. Your desire for further spiritual awakening is powerful and develops with each day however I wish for you to recognise whether you are ignoring your physical body. Ask yourself this question. You may feel that it is impossible to ignore your physical body as you are aware of your body throughout your entire day. However, you have perspectives and beliefs programmed within your mind and subconscious about your body which could be no longer appropriate or inaccurate. You may feel familiar with your body, however if you are not connecting with and listening to your physical body then there could be disharmony within your body’s alignment to all aspects of your being.

Take a moment to sit peacefully focusing on your breathing to gain a meditative state. Imagine your physical body sitting before you, it will seem as if it is simply a projection of you. Acknowledge that before you is your physical body and invite your physical body to share whatever it needs to with you.  Your physical body may begin to complain at being ignored or feeling unloved, if this occurs just allow your physical body to share without any judgment or impatience. Your physical body is releasing energy it has been holding onto and needed to let go of in order to heal. Your physical body may wish to tell you about an aspect of your body experiencing suffering, again it may need to release the energy or to share with you guidance of how to heal. If the expression of your physical body seems negative, please do not believe yourself to be negative as once the energy has been released a healing process will take place and harmony will manifest. Your physical body may wish to share guidance, sacred spiritual wisdom and enlightenment to serve you further in your ascension. The more you learn to listen to your body the healthier your body will become, the more beautiful and sacred its sharing will be with you. Imagine if you were ignored and suffering, constantly asking for help and it is not being given, when given the opportunity to share at first you may have a lot of pent up energy you wish to release. Please be loving as your physical body shares its truth with you.

Practicing listening to your physical body daily will allow for your body to accept the energies you are communing with spiritually, consciously or unconsciously during meditation, healing or ascension exercises. You will become more complete and will be able to recognise the transitions or release processes occurring within your body before they become too challenging to deal with.

Remember that your body can tell you anything and everything you need and may wish to know. It can tell you precisely what is occurring in your body and every energetic level of your being, why it is occurring and how to instigate healing. There is simply a need for you to open yourself up to realise, listen, receive and value the wisdom brought forth even when others may be telling you differently. Listening to your body is a natural ability which needs to be activated and used in order to develop it into a powerful tool of maintaining the health and vitality of your body as well as your bodies alignment to your divine self within.

Another practice is to take time in your daily reality, especially as you are relaxing, to invite your physical body to achieve a rejuvenation process. In the same way that a computer runs a scan and fixes any areas that require repair your physical body can do the same if you instruct and allow it to. Simply speak to your physical body and invite it to run or achieve a rejuvenation and healing process, transforming all areas of disharmony. Your body will automatically connect with your soul and draw healing light into your entire body so that all areas of your body oscillate and vibrate as the healing energy being transmitted. When all aspects of your physical body are accepting and emanating the same vibration then harmony manifests thus healing takes place. Throughout the process allow yourself to be aware of any sensations or feelings in your physical body this may offer you insights to where further investigation is required or you may recognise a continuous pattern occurring. Even in this process you are being encouraged to work harmoniously with your body to fulfil its needs.

In the same way that your soul wishes to be aligned as one with the Creator your physical body wishes to be united with your soul and the energies of the Creator which flow through your soul. When your body creates disharmony it is for a reason and is often an indication that aspects of your body are experiencing separation from your soul and need to be realigned. Of course your body is always connected to your soul however your body is akin to a sponge and absorbs energy vibrations. If your body accepts an energy vibration which does not resonate with your soul, then challenges within the physical body may arise.

You may already recognise your physical body as a temple or sacred ashram to house your soul however do you recognise your physical body as a wise guide, source of truth, answers, transformation and healing? Recognising your body as a wise consciousness that can support you daily will accelerate your ascension tremendously allowing transformation to take place simultaneously throughout your entire being with your body acting as a powerful anchor of your truth.

A further practice to aid your physical bodies embodiment of the divine and greater harmonisation with your soul is to call upon my energies, Mahatma, to achieve a healing with you. This healing will promote the further synthesis of your body and soul, synthesis of your entire being with the most appropriate level or levels of the 352 levels of Mahatma. Please remember I am simply an expression of the Creator so the 352 level of Mahatma are simply a manifestation of the Creator.  I will also align you with the most appropriate level or levels of the 352 levels of your being so new insights, enlightenment, abilities and healing can be awakened and remembered from within your inner truth.

Simply call forth my turquoise, white and pearlescent light to surround you as a pillar of light.

Say out loud, ‘Mahatma, Avatar of Synthesis, please begin your synthesis process within my being to support my healing, awakening on all levels and the harmonisation of all aspects of my being. Thank you.’

Allow yourself to receive, focusing on absorbing my light with each inhalation. You may also wish to recite, ‘I am the Avatar of Synthesis.’ This is a powerful mantra which speaks of permitting the Creator to transform within you so that all aspects of your being are harmonised expressing the divine truth.

When the process feels complete honour your body by breathing the light you have received into your physical body and inviting your body to embody the light anchoring all that has been received into the Earth.

It is time to reform your divine relationship with your physical body. This is essential now as the beings from Venus are sending their pure love into your physical body throughout 2016 with the purpose of upgrading and transforming your body. It is the ideal opportunity to heal and bring harmony to your physical body so that your body can become a source and expression of divine Creator love and consciousness distributing truth. The beings of Venus are supporting the transformation of your physical body so that the true purpose and abilities of your physical body may be awoken and experienced in the future years. Support the healing process the beings from Venus are achieving with you by taking time to listen and communicate with your body, thus you will become a beautiful example to inspire humanity. Your devotion to your physical body and the aid of the beings of Venus will support in the future a reality for all without illness and suffering of the physical body. This would create major shifts in ascension as each person’s physical body would exist constantly in a healthy vibrant state allowing higher frequencies of light and consciousness to be absorbed by the physical body creating tremendous freedom and expansion, with greater recognition of the Creator by all and within all.

I am the Avatar of Synthesis,


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Natalie Glasson channels a Free Weekly Channeled Message of Wisdom from Ascended Masters, Archangel, Angels and Celestial Beings to share guidance for the ascension and spiritual development of humanity.

You are welcome to share Natalie’s Messages but please respect Natalie’s work by including ‘Natalie Glasson,’ Thank you.

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