Mira from the Pleaidian High Council via Erena Velazquez, May 21, 2021

I am Mira from the Pleaidian High Council, and I have a new message for humanity. The situation on Planet Earth is changing daily as the veil between dimensions is getting thinner and thinner with each day. The Darkness created a huge gap between our world and yours in order to keep you in low vibrations. 
If you look around and observe your reality very closely, you are going to notice that everything in your surroundings is carrying a specific energy to keep you in a survival mode, so you don’t have any time to analyze what is the truth and what is really going on. 
Since day one, when you were born in the human body, you were introduced to false and controlled truth. Now, your existence is changing as the shield that is separating us from you is dissolving quickly. Your planet is constantly receiving high energies send from the Central Sun. 
The dirty tricks by the controllers are not working anymore in slowing down the process of destroying this 3D Matrix. The transition from low vibrations to New Earth continues and getting closer and closer to completion of the Ascension Process. 
The Ground Crew and Alliance are continuing the cleanup on Mother Gaia. The Awaken Human Population can see very clearly now with their own eyes of all the betrayals, corruptions and dishonesty by their governments, who never served their people only their own pockets. They can’t hide anymore and their greed is becoming too visible. 
The part of the humankind, who follows and still believes that the governments protect their best interests, are going to be very disappointed and dishearten, when they find out the truth. Humanity needs to go through this process in order to move to higher dimensions, unfortunately there are no shortcuts. 
The long overdue changes are finally coming and the Ascension approaches now faster as the time lines are moving in accelerating speed since last year. Your population is leaving places and moving to cities or towns with now more relaxed rules, after being over year told how to live your personal lives. 
Many around the globe are speaking up and demanding their freedom. You are gaining a realization that nobody has the right to push you around. Each of you represents knowledge, unique experiences and different abilities, which you received during your soul journey. 
You are here to accomplish specific missions and soon you will be able to fulfill them. Everyone is going to be very busy as the New Earth will require to built a happy, prosperous and a free society. 
As I mentioned in my previous message, my team and I are going to help you to set up globally the Light Centers to help to heal humanity. Happy times are ahead of you, please stay strong and don’t forget that you are Powerful Multidimensional Beings. 
I am Mira and I am grateful to speak to all of you today. Thank you. 
Stay in the Light.
Channel: Erena Velazquez