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Archangel Metatron via Natalie Glasson, May 21st, 2021

Truth of Chaos by Archangel Metatron

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love, I am Archangel Metatron, it is an honour to be present with you today. Let us be present with the vibration of truth, the truth that flows from the Creator. Let us be present with the vibration of chaos, a chaos that is and can be created even with the vibration of the Creator. As we are present with truth and with chaos, we allow ourselves to exist in a space of balance where we are grounded, centred, balanced, able to receive, to accept, to acknowledge, to know and understand. We are able to exist without reacting, we are able to express from peace, from a centre of calmness within. We can also acknowledge exactly what is occurring on all or many levels of reality. As we are present with truth and with chaos, we enter into a space of acceptance, knowing our inner truth and our inner wisdom.

Every being existing upon the Earth is created from the frequency, light, and the truth of the Creator, every being on the inner planes is the same. You are a being of the Creator, you are an expression of the Creator, you allow the Creator to flow through your being. To some extent, this is not a choice, it is a natural habit of your being and body. When you exist upon the Earth you exist in a reality that you can create, you can create anything and everything if you wish. You have the ability to create, to manifest through your thoughts, through your emotions and your intentions. The energy flowing through your being from the Creator supports and fuels manifestation.

Beings upon the Earth have a choice, they can choose if they wish to accept lower vibrations of energy. They will still except the high vibrations of the Creator, however they will recognise and focused upon lower vibrations. We can recognise lower vibrations as negative emotions or thoughts, maybe even emotions such as anger or frustration. Although it is complicated to really describe what the lower vibration could be because everything is an aspect of the Creator. It is important to remember that even a lower vibration is simply a different stage of development. Each person has a choice if they wish to accept a lower vibration and focus upon this then of course they can, if they wish to express a higher vibration and focus upon this, it is their choice. When you express, receive, and focus upon a negative or lower vibration the manifestation is often chaos, confusion, anger, frustration. The feeling that you are not getting what you want, things are not going the right way, upheaval and so forth. Chaos can manifest in numerous ways and each person who has existed upon the Earth has experienced some sort of chaos whether within their being or outside. When you allow yourself to connect with a negative vibration or a lower vibration, your chakras do not work at their heightened potential and they tend to send energy outwards, therefore you become very depleted and this in turn supports the creation of chaos, as well as the energy going outwards. Due to an outward focus the divinity, the truth of the Creator, and your intuition are somewhat ignored and not allowed to flow. The flow of the divine through your being is hindered. If you are constantly focusing upon negative vibrations, lower vibrations, and expressing these through your emotions and your mind you will become depleted needing to gain energy from somewhere.  I will remind you that this way of being is a choice.

If your energy is constantly focusing outwards, you may be drawn to people of higher vibration or a positive loving vibration to receive energy from the outside world.  These people express the natural flow of the Creator through their beings. The person of a predominant lower vibration or connections is drawn to a spiritual being, in order to draw energy into their being to sustain themselves, their vibration, frequency, emotions, mind, and their body. It is easy to recognise that someone connecting with negative or lower vibrations is not allowing the flow of the Creator, is focusing outwards, is aligning with, and creating chaos, and therefore becoming depleted within. They are fuelling and using higher vibrations and energy flows to fuel more chaos.

It is important to recognise within your being as a spiritual being that you may enter these cycles at some points during the day, and this is natural. It is a natural and normal part of your existence. There are other beings upon the Earth, those that you may know, those that you may not, that exist in this space always and it is these beings that are creating chaos within the world. It is not their fault and there is no judgment because we recognise that everything is a process of ascension. Therefore, we can recognise that chaos in the world is created in this way and we can also recognise that each person upon the Earth has added to the chaos in the world at some point or other. Again, there is no judgment, we simply seek to understand and create transformations and shifts.

As a spiritual being connecting with higher vibrations, focusing your mind on love, peace, and joy, allowing and encouraging yourself to be the flow of the Creator, to be an expression of the Creator, you may be aware that others try to absorb your energy. This is nothing to worry about because your energy cycle and flow is constant. You have the abundant love energy of the Creator to give to all, you can never be depleted of energy because there is always more Creator energy to flow through your being.

If you find that you have become depleted in energy, maybe after being with another person, in another situation or thinking of a circumstance, then realise simply that the person, situation or circumstance has chosen to connect with the lower vibration and that you have taken this on, you have aligned with that lower vibration. There is no need to disconnect, simply realign yourself as an expression of the Creator with the light, flow, and divinity of the Creator, therefore everything will be erased, and you will be recharged. When you feel depleted, it is important to acknowledge this, it is also important to realise that you have the abundance of energy to give all beings. When you send energy to a person, a situation or circumstance that you believe is connected to a lower vibration, you send it to the purpose of increasing the divine flow, and divine expression through that person, situation, or circumstance. Rather than sending the energy for them to transform or heal, you are sending the energy to awaken once more their remembrance of the divine flow, divine expression of the Creator, because focusing upon the divine expression of the Creator, your true existence is a choice, and it is something that you choose or do not choose in every moment of your reality. Always send energy to the flow of the Creator, within a person, or a situation, this will realign them to a higher vibration thus shifting and transforming their thoughts and their emotions allowing the Creator to come forth and thus in that moment, they stop creating chaos. With the energy flow they become energised and charged. They then receive an energy, vibration, and inspiration within them to make the changes for themselves taking responsibility for their reality and their existence, choosing to remember they are an expression and the divine flow of the Creator. This is a way of transforming another being and bringing forth healing.

When we look at the world, the reality, the Earth, using this technique is a way of transforming situations of chaos in the world. You send energy to open, to awaken the divine flow, the divine expression of the Creator in situations, in countries, whatever, wherever there is chaos upon the Earth. When you achieve this, you recognise that you are being a beacon of truth. Not only are you recognising the truth of chaos. You are recognising chaos as simply an alignment, a creation from an alignment and that you do not need to become involved in the chaos. Rather, you connect with the flow of the Creator for yourself, or for others. Chaos begins to dissolve gradually and easily, the more that other beings focus upon their truth and the divine flow of the Creator the more chaos simply slips away, dissolves, it becomes no more. This is the healing that is required upon the Earth because there is chaos within many beings. There may be chaos within your being that you are ignoring or maybe you are aware of it and there is chaos in the Earth, in the world that is being created. I, Archangel Metatron, simply wished to bring forth this simple message so you may gain a greater understanding of how you can be of service.

As a beacon of light upon the Earth, you are the energy flow. You are the one that energises, you are the one that creates the intention, directs the energy and the light of the Creator. It is now time for you to be a director of the Creator’s energy for yourself and for all. I do hope that my words have inspired you and inspired you to recognise how powerful you are, and how you can make transitions upon this Earth because you have the flow, you are energised and you have the divine flow of the Creator, as well as the intuition, the guidance, the ability to see, sense and acknowledge the Creator’s presence and how to bring forth the Creator.

My love is with you always, I thank you.

I am Archangel Metatron