Mira of the Pleiadian Council via Camilla Nilsson, June 17th, 2019

Message from Mira of the Pleiadian Council

June 17th, 2019

Channel: Camilla Nilsson


I am Mira from the Pleiades and I let my feminine stardust fall over the shroud of humanity. This stardust has the effect of waking up the feminine energy in humanity – the feminine energy, which is a requirement for you in order get you up to the fifth dimension. It is the feminine energy that needs to take place – the soft, flexible and vulnerable.

Some of you are already appointed to follow the path of the feminine power. It is many a time a tough and hard path to follow, since bravery and to an extent cunning, in order to face the masculine energy. However, it is a necessity in order that the feminine energy does not get run over yet more. It is high time for the feminine energy to be spread around Earth.

You who know that you have taken on the role as the spokes person for feminine energy, know that I and others are here to help and it is exactly why I spread the stardust of the feminine energy to ease your work. Manifest the power in your feminine energy and see how far you are able to go with the help of it – To be allowed to be who you are meant to be regardless of what others think.

By being who you are you spread the feminine energy through the crystal network of Mother Earth. You are an important key in the ascension process – never forget this. Without your help Mother Earth has a harder time to take off. You work together – mother Earth from within and out and you from outside and in. Observe the energies that are created – so powerful they can cause an earth quake. It is shivering underneath the surface of your planet. It is a force so powerful it can cause a tsunami – the feminine power. We cannot say where the tsunami will hit, but it is close in time. Humanity will be speared in this so there is nothing to fear.

Fear not your power as your power makes a difference. Let us manifest the feminine power together and let us then enjoy the processes of change that are ignited on your planet. You are more powerful that you think.

In love and unity,

Mira from the Pleiades







Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan

Source: www.sananda.website

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