Om Mani Padme Om via Angel Skog, June 22, 2019

Om Mani Padme Om

June 22, 2019

Channeled by Angel Skog


Beautiful light bearers who can hear my voice, who in this moment read these words – It is with great joy and happiness and above all freedom that I finally have let go of my fears and woken up to truth about myself and fully integrated my higher self, my over soul in my reality at a cellular level. A great shift took place yesterday with the opening of the light portal. You are now many of who are ready, like me, to wake up to your unique souls and integrate your higher selves, your over souls and remember your unique mastery and purpose here on Earth.

My name is Padme and I together with my twin soul, my dragon, my lover, my soul, Mani placed here on Earth to help you and humanity to wake up and ascend to the fifth dimension. Yesterday at the opening of the portal in the stream down of the light, in connection to your souls, I could most humbly see you in the truth of the light through Archangel Uriel’s burning torch.

We are a team, placed here again no on this planet in order to help Earth to ascend. This is something that we have done numerous times on numerous planets – this is something we know. Time is unimportant, but we are as old as the beginning of the Universe – we are eternal and our development and expansion is fantastic. We have all lost ourselves along the way in spite of the fact that we have ascended numerous times and we have all found our way home to ourselves when the time came. Our strength and courage has always been divinely guided.

And it is time now to wake up my beautiful light friends, my light family, me and Mani are here for you. We are the protectors of the Universe. We are the dragon and the dragon rider, energy workers, our unique strength lies in transforming darkness and dive deep into all types of energies and dimensions. We are here to help you break free from the control, from the third dimensional hold through thoughts, through the collective consciousness, through the outer impact from extraterrestrial beings that have held us and Earth at a lower frequency in fear, in self loathing, in control and in “brainwash”.

Chips, implants, astral parasites are tools that they have put into us. However, it is to be remembered that it is us in our previous lives that have let them in and this because we have lived in darkness. This has been the journey of Earth, the experience of Earth, duality and the third dimensional reality.

Do not fear this truth, dear light friends. This has been a natural part of the development of Earth and once it is gone and transformed it cannot be put back again. The time is past. We are in a new paradigm shift where darkness, control and fears now fall off of us and is taken away from us.

Many of you will now during the near future wake up. It is with great joy that I embrace you welcome you again back to our collaboration and light work.

We are all loved, we are the breath of God, we are the love and the protectors, guides and expansion of the Universe.

With all our most humble love

Om Mani Padme Om





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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