San via Angel Skog, June 20, 2019

San via Angel Skog

June 20, 2019


Beautifful light souls,

The struggle is past, allow your selves to be, allow yourselves to bath in joy and savor. Savor the food you eat. Savor the feeling of your resting body and savor the closeness, of love and to be with yourself. Remove your running shoes. Remove your armor and shields and lower your guard. A soul development, your fifth dimensional transformation and freedom is happening in the now and it is in the now you find harmony, happiness and the unconditional love. Allow yourselves to rest, to integrate to just be in a state of being – exactly where you are, exactly as you are, with all self love and peace.

The struggle is over – THE STRUGGLE IS OVER.

Love and ascension is here now and forever. You just need to love yourselves, rest and integrate. All is well now – forever well. The time is here when project Earth is going towards it end, the suffering is going towards its end. Freedom is here now, forever here. Rest now and love yourselves, just as you are, exactly as far as you have come. We are soon together again.

With all my love I watch over you,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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