Mi’Ra of the Ra Collective, July 21, 2019


Beloved Hearts …. 

I Am Mira ( Mi’Ra ) Of The Ra collective …. 

I have spoken to you before as a sister priestess of the Pleiadian High Council)… 

However ‘ …. 

I am now Communicating to you all from my Mothership

The ( Celestial star ⭐️)  ….. meaning (Sir’iamAr’star)  in light language…

Yes my ship , That I share with many of your brothers & sisters , that is home’  to many of you beloved hearts on Gaia . 

As I’ and We your Galactic family in our ships , Are very close now … to your planetary mother…

I come with Great tidings beloveds with my brothers & sisters to speak to you all within your Now ….

Regarding your current timeline trajectory ….

We are in readiness … standing and moving into position as we enter into the next phase of (primary interface) …

As you can see Our & your ships are nearing closer to your planetary mother….

There has been a grand conclave within the high councils in Andromeda regarding the next phase of our operation in Zero point, ….

as you call it (disclosure ) , we will express here disclosure comes in many layers , as there are Multiple variables at play with your fluctuating timelines…. as linear time is fluid ….

“As dear ones … ‘

“what happens in the past has already taken place……

“what happens in the Now can fluctuate …… 

“what happens in the future’ can be determined by the Now…. ” 

“As … The future has not yet been written “ ……

So Your perception of time is fluid …. it Ebs & Flows…like the Ocean …, So convergence is key here ..

And we

Now ‘ speak to you .. regarding Our readiness within Our ‘ Now … 

We have ‘ moved into the position of (primary interface) …

Primary interface is exactly what it means…

It means … We are moving into The highest optimal timeline outcome…once all the variables & timelines have come to the same probable outcome & objective …. ,

This simply means ….from our perspective…

Primary interface is now in movement to move into…. the timeline off…

“ We will De -cloak – our ships … And at the right time land our ships .. and integrate with humanity….

Gaia becoming a Human & Galactic Planetary body…

Woven into An inter-Galactic Conglomerate Of Worlds… 

Is this .. not the ultimate goal beloveds !

That your planetary mother and her inhabitants

 ( you ) 

Will come to the point where you all have raised yourselfs in frequency vibration & Oneness… 

Connecting with the heart of the planet , and the heart of your core being ….  becoming then integrated with we ‘ your Galactic & Angelic counterparts…, 

Do you not feel you are nearly at that level….

Yes ‘ you say ….

And ‘ we say !! Yes ‘ …

We too are nearing completion of one cycle and the beginning of another…, the clock is ticking..  striking 12 in position…. aligning fully with the Galactic Centre and the central Suns of this Galaxy…

And we are say , hold heartedly , that  Yes ‘ a percentage of humanity are ready to receive us with love for intergation…  ,

However there is still a percentage that Are not ,

But the perspective is ‘ that a larger percentage of Humanity ‘ … are … ready to integrate with us in love & Unity Oneness ….

As the many .. way out the few..!

And it is this (many)’ …. That gives us the opportunity to (prepare) … and get ready for the integration….

We have trained and prepared for this, in your perspective of a linear expression for

 ( a long long  time) … 

And ‘ You our beloved groundcrew have also trained and have been prepared for this final transition ….

Do not think ‘ that We do not feel your wary hearts beloveds … for we do … we are One remember….

Many of you have Physical 5/6D  Twin counterparts here with us eagerly waiting the physical Union with their Twin Counterparts,  to come to Fruition on your mother Gaia ….

in this most Auspicious time…. 

So know beloveds much is going on behind-the-scenes that cannot come into your perpetual awareness… why “ ..

because this can alter cracks in the time space continuum ….

So it is wiser to Communicate specific information at specific times that does not ‘alter the current collective outcome…

And the specific information we give you all now ‘ is that ‘we are in readiness … we are at the stage of moving into primary interface….. with the human collective on a larger scale ‘ … Not just telepathic Communication with the collective and the occasional flyby of our ships ….

No ‘ we see now that ‘ the Collective Movement ‘ is shifting into a safer Paradigm , where our ships can come closer and closer without being intercepted upon by your compartmentalised military … some areas tho are still not capable of this yet , but some are….

But trust in this truth … in this knowing … That we are in the final stages of preparing for primary interface with our human counterparts …..

As We ‘ long to be with you our beloved Gaians ‘ our beautiful humanity , our brothers and sisters in physical Union ….

The time is now ….

So continue on anchoring in the light as that is such a necessary creation from the 144 light warriors… leading up to the Lionsgate…. and Beyond Lionsgate…, A’s these node points and celestial movements are a vital stage of this Ascension….

Know your planetary mother is giving birth…. and you beloveds are all her midwifes ‘ caring and supporting her in these final birthing stages….

So beloved hearts ‘ As we are preparing to move into the final stages of primary interface ‘ remember time is fluid , so we do not give dates from a Zero point Perspective  , as to when , the Clock strikes it’s final 12 Hour…

Just Know that we are ready to deploy our ships when the 12 hour dings ( So to speak ) as our Chanel likes to put it … …. have struck !!

Continue to Look to the skies and look inside your hearts ….

As the days are coming where ‘ we will be right in front of you physically  ( yes physically ) …

Enough to reach out and touch us and embrace a warm embrace of brotherly & sisterly love from our hearts ♥️🛸

All my love and blessings my beloved Brothers and sisters from me( Mi’Ra ) and all your galactic family here on our ships and on my ship

( The celestial star 🌟)Sir’iamAr’star

We greet you always with love as the clock is ticking for we soon we will embrace one another for the Grand Reunion ….. 

For Love has won …. 

Telepathically Channelled in light language from the Heart Of 

Ria Aurora Athena Ash’Tar’Ke’ree