Finding Courage Again

You have been brave this month. You have found your courage, again. Amid all the tumult, you have stayed connected to your heart. This is the threshold and the doorway. It has ever been, and now even more so. We applaud your steadiness while attacks, verbal and energetic, have been waged. Your visions will see you through, with your minds setting the words and actions after the fact. Be brave still. You were made for this time; you are here for it. We are with you. You are not alone in this endeavor.

While many actions make a lot of noise on the surface and the underground realms are crashing, we ask you to be aware of the still quiet graciousness in your lives. You have food. You have water. You have a breeze. You have, some of you, the sea, or the mountains, or the forest. You have a calm lake. You have the birds returning to feed. You have the sun rising and setting.

You have help. You have encouragement. You have support. You have gifts and skills and resources. You have us, your Angels, to call upon. You have the enormous, continuing wave of love and clarity from the Mother. You have a connection to Source at your core.

You have the fruits of your labor and the songs of your soul. The most impossible possibilities can arise within you and through your collective efforts.

Now is not the time to be in fear. Your calm appreciation and steady goodness will see you through.

We love you, dear Ones. We overlight you and send you our unending love.