Miranda via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, March 22, 2021

Miranda via Galaxygirl | March 22, 2021

Miranda 3/22/2021


I am Miranda, Pleiadian Commander Intergalactic fleet 57. Humanity, you are so loved. You are not forgotten. All that was lost is being found. The upheaval is to continue but that only hastens the healing, the quickening of resolution. I am one of many commanders guiding the friendly ships in your skies towards providing an offensive and protective fleet in your atmosphere. We have been mitigating various threats that present as feeble whimpers from the dark ones. They will not be allowed to escape, the light is closing in. We have been in your skies for some time and we have been visiting your world since the beginning. We have offered the higher dimensional friendly and healing modalities that have peppered your stories and legends of old. We are some of the Star People that the Hopi mentioned, but there were others. I am telling you these things because it is time that your history be relearned in its entirety. Many civilizations have risen and fallen throughout your history. This is the sixth attempt at ascension. Many beautiful chapters have been long forgotten. There were many beautiful eras of peace. This has been a war torn, highly controlled and fought over sector because it is near the intergalactic portals. Actually there are many portals that are near in close proximity to Earth which makes this realm a highly desirable spot for landing and basing other explorations. This truth has been long hidden from you as well as many other truths that are common knowledge for the others. Humanity has been long controlled. This will change. We Pleiadians are here to see to a peaceful transition. Gaia’s ascension is assured through divine decree and timing. All is well.

I am Miranda. We welcome you aboard our ships for healing and training purposes. Many of you visit while you sleep. The star network that we are showing this one is vast. Creator is vast. Your adventures will be never ending. This brief moment of your human experience is but a drop in the ocean of possibilities for your own intergalactic adventures. Do not be down hearted. Be at peace in this moment and know that you have the support of the stars and your Pleiadian family who are both around you, ever near.

I am Miranda. The timing is tight, execution precise. Have faith, continued faith, in the decree of the divine. This world is ticketed for ascension and it shall be so. Many are undergoing their own dark night of the soul. It is darkest in the caterpillar’s world before it breaks through the cocoon of its own making and is transformed for all to see. Humanity has been enshrouded within a cocoon of deceit and lies of the dark that has in turn created a web of uncertainty and confusion, a weakening that has lead to complacency. It is time for this cocoon of humanity’s own creation to be broken as well. It is time to be strong in your sovereignty. It is time to stand in your light. You are light embodied, you are the breath of the stars and the fingerprints of God. Know this. Feel this. Breathe this. You are in the process of becoming your higher aspects. Expansion expanding. We watch, we assist. We are ever near. I am Miranda. Peace, bothers and sisters on ascending Gaia. Peace.

~ galaxygirl