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Universal Mother Mary via Linda Dillon, March 24th, 2021

Linda Dillon: Universal Mother Mary – The Nature of Our New Normal and the ‘How-To’ of Balance

Universal Mother Mary: The Nature of Our New Normal and the ‘How-To’ of Balance

This beautiful channelled gem is lovingly shared by J from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Greetings, I am Mary. I welcome thee, sweet daughter of my heart, sweet angel of blue and pink and lurion and, yes, grayelsha, for you are like a rainbow bridge. You are assisting humanity in many seen and unseen ways during this time of my transition and my Plan that comes to completion as Nova Earth and Nova Being step forth in the brilliance and humility, the joy and compassion, of who they are.

Much of the work you do, sweet one, is conducted behind the scenes, as we have mentioned to you, through your circle, which is my circle, for example, [in] your neighbourhood, spreading the rainbow light, acting as a transmitter, paving pathways that people do not always understand. But what they do understand is that as they drive by, they feel better – and sweet angel, in this time of such upheaval and transition and, yes, pandemic, what could one ask for that is more pure and clear and sweet than feeling better!

Humans do not always have the words, and even do not always have the words to express the internal workings of their being – and by this, I mean their hearts, their minds and certainly their spirits – but their mental bodies often do not make the connections between these various facets of their being. But this is what is opening.

Think of it in this way. I have spoken a great deal about rebirth, and sweet daughter of my heart, let me be very clear with you: you are already reborn. Think of the newborn baby, really quite dependent upon the mother for succour and sustenance, for care and feeding… very basic… and then the baby learns to crawl faster and faster, finally lifting itself up, beginning to walk and waddle.

I remember my Yeshi and many of my children – that was like a landmark, and it was a landmark that filled my heart, but also remember: now they can get into everything!

So it is that mixed blessing and that is where humanity is. They are crawling and learning to pull themselves up and start to walk and explore and re-explore. Because think of it, beloved, the perception, the understanding of the physical world – and I mean that in the totality of the world of mental/emotional/spiritual etc. – the perspective is very different from when you are lying in a crib, when you are crawling on the floor, than when you come to pull yourself up and begin to walk and waddle.

The downfall of humanity has been their [? false] beliefs in their own supremacy. We do not talk about this very often, but it has need to be said because this is one of the core issues that is being eliminated.

So when you give yourself permission – and I mean “you” collectively and individually – to say, “Well, I am just learning what is an entirely new perspective of my reality, of my planet, of my existence, because I am just getting upright.” So the expectation, both within and certainly from our side, is not that you are quite running marathons as yet, quite the contrary.

As I have said to this channel time and time again: “The key when you are learning to walk is pacing yourself.” You are embodying that sense of balance and re-balance. You cannot… well, you can… but we are encouraging thee – let me put it that way – to take care of your beloved, sweet self that I love, that we love, so deeply.

So often, sweet heart, you have succumbed because of your desire to please… you have succumbed to the wishes and sometimes demands of others… and there is a time and place that is right in every meaning of that word.

Let me be clear – and I want you to share this.

Your spiritual work, be it for the Cities of Light, your individual prayer/meditation/ritual and everything in between has need to feel like love and feed your very soul so that your soul, your essence, can feed you. So when it is done with a sense of rush, of requirement, of trying to meet a demand, then your energy… think of it… your life force energy is depleted.

Now, you can dust and vacuum when you feel depleted; you can even cook an omelette when you feel depleted, and there are times even when you can do your paintwork when you feel ‘not quite right’. But you don’t want to bring that sense of exhaustion to your work, your soul work – and I am speaking of Nova Being now. This is very important.

In the Pause, in the upheaval that has certainly transpired, all the emotions and [? uncertainty] that have transpired upon the planet, have resulted in quite widespread soul exhaustion that has served a purpose so people will lie down, take sabbatical, and understand that crawling, let alone getting out of the crib, can be exhausting. So they have rested. I have put them on sabbatical because there is a new way.

The pathway is a pathway of joy, of vigour, of vitality. It is not simply coming to me exhausted, lying at my feet pleading for help – and if you do, of course, I will always always respond, beloved! But what I am encouraging you to do, sweet daughter of blue and pink and lurion, is to approach this fully erect, claiming your divine right, your sovereignty, your authority and your knowing.

The key is not to stretch yourself as far as you can possibly go, but rather to pace yourself so that each step, each undertaking, each job is filled with delight and a sense of refreshment – that you are giving your totality to the undertaking and the undertaking is refreshing you.

Dearest heart, I am with you. You know that there are times as a mother that you let things go, you let it be, and there are times when you say to your children, to your friends, to your partner: “No, I can’t, I’ve had enough.” It is the balance, sweet one, and I am helping you in this.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
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