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Miriam of Saturn via Joan, May 10th, 2017

Miriam of Saturn: New World

awakenmsgGod bless you.  I am Julia and Gabrielle, of course, is beside me, giving wonderful power always and with love.  I want to say now to all of you that there are changes in the world and that these changes affect and change you, also.  You have our love, our help and whatever you have to face in your life always remember that you have only to call for help and help will be given. Now there is someone here who has come from far away.  We stand aside for this lovely soul to come through.  God bless you for now.

*   *  *   *   *

I am called Miriam and I belong to one of the planets of the Universe. I have come to tell Mother Earth and those who live on Mother Earth that you have been experiencing an intense change. I am sure that each one has felt this. I have come to represent the planet Saturn.  Saturn has much to do now regarding educating you as Saturn is The Educator.  He is the one who helps you with discipline, who smooths paths for you so that you can understand what is happening.  There is a great deal happening, not only to Saturn from whence I came but I assure you that there are changes also in other planets around the earth.  The moon plays a very big part in providing energy, as well as the sun.  This energy goes into Mother Earth, lifting and helping her and also goes to each one of you so that you will begin to understand what is happening.

All of you, by thoughts, by emotions are casting out fear.  We have already told you in different prayers that there are young people on the earth plane who know no discipline so they gravitate towards whatever ‘safety’ attracts them – usually the dark side. This will be taken care of.

My message today is for all of you to realize that you are not in a box, not in a shell.  You are simply living within a body so that you are able to have the experiences that only the earth can give you.  Planet Earth is a mystery school because it has many, many lessons to present to you. Many people, believe it or not, are queuing up to come to the earth to have these experiences because by doing so, they become enlightened and can prepare for the New World coming in.  I call myself Miriam, a soft word, but I come from a very powerful place.  I bring that power with me and other planets also are giving power as they need the earth. Therefore, you are under their supervision by the way they watch out for you.

I want to explain to you today the need to be enlightened, to know what’s coming, to realize that the New World is coming.  Because of that,you must alter.  You must be aware of what you are thinking, what you are feeling because you cannot enter this beautiful world with the fears that you have now.  Cast out fear.  There is nothing to fear as you have so many people around you to help you and the God, the God Light within you.  Do you realize that the Light is there?  It is there. All you have to do is to give yourself time.  Sit down. Turn inward.  It can’t be such a chore for you, surely.  You will find that if you do this often enough, you will be given reassurance of your future and you will be able to tune in to your wonderful guides who are continually trying to lift and help you.  This is the path that you are going to tread now as the change is almost at an end.  Because it is almost at an end, look at yourself and find out who you are, what you are.  What do you think?  How are you thinking?  What are your emotions?  You must learn to control, to discipline yourself.  This is the message today –discipline yourself.  You do not have to do this alone.  All you need to do is to ask for help and it will be given.

I come with love and I come with knowledge for you to receive. The change that is almost at end marks a new beginning.  You will find that you will feel far more positive, that you accept that you will think differently and that you will be aware of your feelings as they combine with your thoughts.  This may sound difficult but in reality all you need to do is to be aware.  Just be aware as the New World is so beautiful. We cannot have fear.  Yes,dreadful things have happened upon the earth plane but the Light Workers have grown to form a beacon of Light and the dark side cannot abide the Light.  Therefore, you will find that they will slowly disappear as we will take them to another place where they can learn differently.

So, lift up your heart,Mother Earth.  Lift up your heart, go forward with the golden cross which is, of course, the body.  Honour your body, love your body and thank the body for holding the Divine Spirit, which you are.  Go forward.  I am asking you to always, always be aware as I want you to be prepared for this New World.  It will not come today or tomorrow or even within the next couple of years BUT IT IS COMING.  Prepare yourselves.  Mother Earth is a very wonderful place.  It’s a place of mystery, a place where you can learn.  It is also a dreadful place because of the different vibrations, the different religions.  Know that it doesn’t matter what religion you are as the golden Light of God shines within each one of you.  That makes you brothers and sisters of the golden Light.  Of course all have different personalities – some you love, some you don’t but those who you do not like because of their personality, just look at the God within them, will you, as every single one of you has this wonderful Light within.

I will say no more.  The vibration that has come to Mother Earth is a most glorious Light that shines over the planet and over each of you.  You have the blessing not only of Saturn but also of the planets that surround you. Remember that the moon plays a big part in your life and the sun, the sun is your higher self.  May God be with you not only now but forever more.  He is already within you.  Turn inward.  Meditate quietly.  Let your guides lift you.  It is only by practice that this will happen.  I have given you a great deal tothink about today.  I will use the name Miriam so that you will know who I am in the future.  So I say with the blessing of the Universe,of the planets that are around you, of the moon and of your higher selves, may God bless each one of you.

*   *  *   *   *

That was wonderful.  I am Julia, of course, with Gabrielle.  We can’t say more than that.  To have these visitors come from so far, from billions of miles away – that they are able to come and that they are able to use the energy that this little one can provide…. It is the energy that they need to contact Mother Earth. We say, God bless you again and again. Lift your hearts.  You have much to think of.  God bless you. – Channel: Joan – Shared per request via Email.