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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, April 2nd, 2017

You will see the truth triumph over evil in the next few weeks. This battle is being fought on many levels, some of which you are aware, though many are well hidden from prying eyes. Keeping humanity blind to what is being done was easy until people began the process of awakening. The full horror of your enslavement has not been uncovered yet. There are many who are fully awake and aware of what has to be done to free humanity.

Veronica had planned to show you an interview by Miles Johnston with a Super Soldier.

The video was named, THE REASON FOR PIZZAGATE. However, it was removed from YouTube. The Super Soldier explains that the Cabal wants you to understand and accept that for them to exist on your Earth, it is necessary for them to drink the blood and eat the flesh of your children. This is a fact of life for them. Seeing this explained by an individual who was trained by them would have painted the picture for you.

That some are willing to put a stop to such practices is a huge step forward. Do try to see this Miles Johnston interview. Both sides of life are working together to stop this evil practice. The future of humanity depends on it being stopped. America alone is trying to tackle this problem but the Cabal-owned press and TV channels will not report it. The evidence is there for those who want the truth. Believing the propaganda is what has kept you locked in enslavement all these years.

Last week I told you that what had happened in London was a FALSE FLAG EVENT. Now, we show you the proof.

Ole Dammegård: Statue of Liberty – NYC is next NWO False Flag. Predicted 3/22 Westminster
An interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre

Look at the two knifes that you were told had stabbed a policeman. THERE WAS NO BLOOD on them. Big mistakes were made in the London False Flag operation; some of them are laughable, they are so obvious. Look at them with an open mind. This London event tells us that the next one will be in New York. It shows, without a shadow of doubt, that you are being set-up and lied to. It is all a charade, set up by your governments to create fear, so that you will hand over your freedom to them (what little freedom you still have).

Every false flag event tells you where the next one will be. IT IS A GAME. The Cabal is laughing at you for being so stupid as not to see their game. They tell you what they intend to do and you allow them to do it. They believe this action absolves them of any guilt. All they ever need to do is to instill fear in you and you will allow them a free hand to do whatever they please.

Attacking my wife for trying to open your eyes, to free you from slavery, is pathetic. I told you that 2017 and 2018 will bring many problems and tests for humanity. April will prove to be one such testing time. Do not allow fear to take over. When you stand in your own light you have nothing to fear. Fear is the Cabal’s greatest weapon against you, but they cannot do anything without your cooperation. Should you refuse to accept the fear, they are helpless. For them to survive on Earth, they need you. Those whose power they fear, they lock up in prisons. Corrupt lawyers are paid to keep them there. There is someone reading this message today who knows the truth regarding a certain young man. I ask that person to please find it in their heart, to bring this evidence into the light, so that humanity can survive. You can put an end to the suffering of your fellow human beings. Just a little courage is needed.

When the call to stand together comes, be prepared. You are, after all, the 99%, who stand against the 1% who want to destroy your life and your world. Know who you are, and what your purpose is, and stand by it. Refuse to be put into the CABAL MIXING POT which they have planned for you. Be proud of your heritage. You have been on Earth since the beginning of time. Your history is everywhere for those who wish to see it. The interlopers accidentally arrived on Earth, liked what they saw, and wanted it for themselves. This is when Humanity’s problems began. The Cabal is wiping out the human race through vaccination, food, air, and drug-based medicine. You are allowing yourselves to be conned, over and over again, into believing the lies. This must stop. The answers to all your problems lie in your own hands. Take back control of your lives and your world. Research as much as possible so that your eyes are wide open to the truth and stand by it.

My dear, the damage to your parked car is upsetting. It is intended to be. The banging on your bedroom window at 5am this morning was far more sinister. It was intended to cause fear and it did. Removing it was traumatic for you.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation