Love is our new reality

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, December 3d, 2017

My dear, you have walked this path under my guidance now for 13 long years. Many have joined you, and though they seemed steadfast and honourable, one by one you have seen them fall by the wayside. Some have tried walking the path of truth towards enlightenment in many lifetimes but were not strong enough to complete it. Infiltrators come in many guises, using flattery and the power of persuasion, to lead them away from the path which their soul was pleading them to remain on. Once the Dark Ones get a foot in the door, they convince them to take another course of action that will remove them from their true path. This happens over and over again. It takes strength of character to remain on the path of enlightenment.

David Icke has never allowed anyone to push him off his path, though many have tried. Today, you see him emerge stronger than ever. He had the courage to stick with his truth. He never allowed himself to be enticed from his true path. Would that others could have such strength of character.

The bloodlines that emerged from the Annunaki are in control on Earth. They pull the strings of the puppets who appear to be in control. They infiltrated human life by sometimes entering the foetus in the womb, so another hybrid is born, which answers only to the control system. This is how they have increased their numbers on Earth in order to fulfil their plan to take over.

They encourage occult practices and black magic all over your world. Some of your leaders are reptilians in human form. These hybrids pass as humans and they have infiltrated all human societies. The institutions you believe in and accept have been infiltrated by these hybrids and are also under their control. America is a perfect example of this; its education and judicial systems are totally under the control of the dark forces. Mind control frequencies operate all day, every day, across your world. Satanic Ritual Abuse is part of this. They are responsible for all the depravity in your world. The education system is focused on misdirecting students and keeping them under control.

Electronic beams are used to intrude on you, to lead you off the path. They are also used to hurt us. Veronica has both seen and been hurt by them. The sacrifice of humans happens all over your world. The evidence of this is everywhere. This is why so many children disappear and are never seen again. They are used as fodder for the non-humans who reside on Earth. It is easy to recognise them, as they are not capable of love or compassion which are human traits. They want, so they take.

Those of you who walk in the light and share it with all who come into contact with you, have a huge role to play in restoring that light to your world. Your light acts as a beacon to others as it extends over your world.

The Cabal is using all its power to prevent this. Once you experience the light and feel its love embracing you, you will never want to return to the dark side. Think of it as walking away from a beautiful day, filled with sunshine and beauty, everything you could wish for; to return to a dark dungeon filled with evil. Who would ever wish to do that? This is what the Cabal is up against. They know that once you have seen the light, you will never return to their control, and they are finished. This is a battle that must be waged now. You, the 99%, must come together for the good of all.

Pray, connect with God/Source, and ask for guidance for the human race, so that it may survive on Earth. Ask also that your friends from other planets come forward with assistance and advice. Earth has been a prison planet for a long time. The freedom that the awakening will bring will astound you. There will be such celebration on Earth, the like of which has not been seen before. Help each other to achieve this freedom. Come out of this mind control programme that has taught you that you are on Earth to serve them and kill for them whenever they tell you to don a uniform to kill and plunder in their name. This must stop. It is all part of their programme to control you. They are killing you every day. They blind you to the fact that they are killing you.

Watch the following video on YouTube: The Hidden Weapons of Mass Depopulation

Look with love and compassion. Come out of attack mode. Your fellow humans are in the same boat as you. If you walk together, life will become easier for all.

All of you, whether black/white/yellow, are all together as one, being wiped out by the Cabal, so it is in your interest to stand together as one against your enemy, is it not? Together, you are a powerful force to be reckoned with. The Cabal has always used divide and rule to control you; that is how so few are able to control so many. Please give some thought to this.

My dear, the physical attacks on you are hard on your body as it struggles to survive in order to complete our work. The treatment is working. It is what is needed. The return of Dave McCann is needed. Please help him in whatever way you can. One day, you will fully understand the importance of his return.Our work will be completed. I am with you in spirit during this difficult time.

Always, your adoring, Monty.