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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, January 17th

WORD MAGIC THAT BINDS US – Breaking the Spell!

Waking up is never an easy process, having to face the fact that you have been conned on every level is extremely difficult for you. When we referred to WORD MAGIC, many of you were up in arms, dismissing it as nonsense. Now we share well researched EVIDENCE of Word Magic that is used against you every day of your lives by Church and State.

It is something that you will have to take on board if you want to survive. The 1% who control your world are experts on Word Magic, they constantly use it to their advantage. This is precisely how the Human Race has been dominated and controlled for Centuries.

You live life like hypnotized zombies rushing from one carefully designed disaster to another. This must end, you must stop blindly accepting what “they” tell you as truth for that is the last thing that it is. What “they” want will never benefit Mankind no matter how “they” dress it up to confuse you. Even the most brilliant minds were taken in by the Magic Speak, they too fell under its SPELL, just like everyone else.


You all need to raise your consciousness, walk in nature, that always helps. Remove the propaganda, become more discerning in what you choose to read or view. Have more respect for yourselves, you are better than all the rubbish that is forced on you constantly to hold you in control.

“They” are rushing through “their” final plans as “they” fear you waking up and preventing “THEIR FINAL SOLUTION”. The destruction of Europe is happening right before your eyes and you are not seeing it for what it is, all your Governments are colluding in this, what they say is shown to be false. Who do you trust.???? Only those who with eyes wide open who research it for themselves and so find the truth. The Human Race is in dire trouble, it needs to awaken, refuse to continue to be an accomplice in the destruction of the Humanity.

2016 = 9, it is an important year, decisions must be made and action taken, there is no escape from this, you do not have a choice. You must accept that everything you ever learned whether through Education or Religion is NOT TRUE, you were lied to. You have been led like sheep to the slaughter and you are blindly accepting it. What will it take for you to open your eyes and see what is being done to you.??? You are sleepwalking into extinction, is this what you really want? Have you no backbone left, do you intend to meekly accept all that “they” have planned for you. “They” cannot hide their plans anymore, “they” are being exposed , this is why “they” are trying to rush things through before any more of you wake up. The Police and Army are responsible for what they do to further the Plans of the Elite to exterminate the Human Race, they will be held responsible for their actions.

Nothing is hidden, it all in front of your noses;” Great Draco, the God of R K M – the largest parasite of Humans in History is proudly displayed for all to see in the City of London. R K M have held the world to ransom for 300 years. “R K M the biggest anti Human Parasite, deceptive, inter-generational crime syndicate, worlds largest merchant of Drugs, War, Death, Poverty and Misery. It will not go down easily, it never keeps agreements. R K M hijacked US money system in 1913.”

You see the evidence all around you, yet you continue to accept what “they” tell you rather than accept the evidence of your own eyes. Time is of the essence, action is needed, accept the responsibility that is placed on you to challenge what “they” tell you as fact. It is your lack of interest in the future of Mankind that has brought about the situation you are facing today.

The”I’m alright Jack” attitude is responsible for your present dilemma. All Humans whether rich or poor will perish if no action is taken. Money will not protect you from the parasites you are programmed to revere. “They” revel in the suffering of the Human Race, it is the oxygen of life to them, it takes them closer to their goal, total domination of the Earth. It gives me no pleasure to write these words but I have to be honest, to share what I see from this side of life. I cannot stand by and ignore the destruction of the Human Race and the Earth that was entrusted to them.

Continue to release the ENERGY from the Ley Lines and sacred Places, this will assist you in your battle for survival. Everything you need to assist you is there, you just need to connect with it once more. In ancient times Man was connected to the Universe, he understood how it worked. All this important knowledge was removed from you, your heads were filled with trivia that disconnected you from Source and left you in the wilderness of ignorance and helplessness. There is nothing stopping you from re-connecting once again with Source, dealing directly, assistance will be given to those who ask.
When you do this, the parasites will loose their power over you, THEY HAVE ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE GIVEN TO THEM. Withdraw your assistance, then “they” are rendered helpless and useless……. It is up to each and every one of you to consciously decide which course of action you will take. Do nothing and you will be wiped out. Act and protect Humanity and the Earth. The decision is yours.

My dear, the powerful and the ignorant who feel powerful when attacking the truth continue to try to destroy our attempt to protect Humanity and the Earth. They attack because they FEAR people waking up to the TRUTH. It will not be for too much longer my dear. Our objective is the protection of Humanity and the removal of the parasites. There are good people who fully comprehend this, they will come forward to assist.

My love, stay strong and resolute, we will succeed.
Always, your adoring, Monty.