Love is our new reality

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, July 16th, 2017

Progress continues to be made as yet another veil is lifted and you become more aware of the structure of control. It is alarming at first glance, until you realise that they are but 1% of the population of the Earth. That puts it into perspective immediately. They are no match for an awakened humanity and they know it. It is now your responsibility to open the eyes and minds of others. So much is out in the open now, it’s just a matter of pointing people in the right direction. Those within the Cabal are fighting amongst themselves. They are driven by greed. Do they not realise that they cannot take it with them. They use clones to infiltrate and trap people. The production of these clones has been perfected and they are widely used. They use advanced technology which is unknown to ordinary people.

Black Magic is as widely used today as it was in ancient times, except that today it is used by those who control you. They use off-world beings and artificial intelligence, etc. Secret societies use it all the time. It is kept hidden from you. They also use contracts from past lives, so it is important to clear all contracts from the past. The Cabal creates traps that you then fall into and are held captive. It is important that you release yourselves.

Take back your power. It is yours and yours alone. You were conned into giving it away. Always remember that all secret societies are ANATHEMA to the God of Love. Each and every one associated with a secret society, no matter his origin, is guilty of a crime against humanity.

Propaganda is flooding the Earth. The Cabal is desperate and it fears its demise. It will promise, plead, persuade; do whatever it takes to hold on to power. Do not fall for their lies. Tell them that when they stop putting poison in your air, food, and water, you may consider listening to what they have to say. Your Earth was infiltrated and taken over. Now you have to deal with the consequences. However, help is all around you. You just need to ask for it as it cannot be forced upon you. Do not lose this opportunity to create a world of peace and harmony for all.

Look with open eyes and minds at all the control structures. See them for what they are. Refuse to stand by and see them destroy all that is good and pure in humanity. Education is destroying the minds of your children. Why do you turn a blind eye to this criminality? Why is this being done at this time? Who is responsible? Why is poison being forced into the veins of innocent children without the consent of the parents who love them? Only DAEMONS could devise such a plan to harm the innocent. Not everyone walking the Earth is 100% human. They may look human and act human, but many are there to remove you and take what is yours. Do not be fooled by them.

As you connect with who you really are, all is revealed to you. You can see with your eyes the real beauty that surrounds you. You become aware of the energy of the ley lines beneath your feet. When your feet are bare, you can feel this energy entering your body. The beauty and energy of the trees becomes part of your life. There is the amazing energy of the rivers as they flow; for they too, share their unique energy with you. The majestic mountains share their power with you. You are surrounded by such splendour. Connect with it and share the energy.

Your minds only see your struggle to exist. This has been done to you by money. It is created out of NOTHING by the Cabal in order to enslave you. Only evil minds could have conceived such a plan and operate it with such success. But their days are numbered and the banks are already losing their power. It is the banks that create the reasons for wars, and all the misery and hardship that accompany them. That was the past.

The future is in your own hands. It is for you to create a future without war, banks, drug-based medicine, and GM food, etc. When the evil is removed, help to rebuild life on Earth will be available to you. We will connect once more to help rebuild all that was destroyed. Remember that all the religions have removed your direct connection with the God of Love, the Source of all that is. When this connection is re-established, you will become the Beings of Light that you really are. Many have dreamed of this moment when the Light of Truth, Love and Peace, removes all traces of darkness. The dark cannot exist in the light. The dark fears the light.

You see, every day, the lengths the Cabal will go to, in the hope that they can hold on to power. Their crimes against humanity are legendary.

Our young man in California is still without help, though more information on the Illuminati crime against him is being released. EVIL PEOPLE in the UK and the USA are involved. We need your prayers, your thoughts, your love of humanity, and your desire for justice, to create enough energy to help him. What he will do for humanity will reverberate in every corner of the Earth.

My dear wife has been under severe attack. An attempt was made to steal her soul but it was foiled. Protection and healing is now required, so please help. Every day is a greater struggle than the day before. Our work, which includes the young man, must be completed as soon as possible. Ask yourselves why the Illuminati would go to such trouble to locate and trap an ordinary young man. Why would they go to such lengths to have him imprisoned for 15 months without charge?

That is justice, US style.

My dear, it was brutal. They did not succeed. Rest is needed in order for you to recover. Please take the time to do so.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation