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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, October 1st, 2017


To play those millions of minds,
To watch them slowly respond
To an unseen stimulus, to guide
Their aspirations without their
Knowledge -all this whether
In high capacities or in humble
Of ever extraordinary EXCITEMENT.

Sydney West, Leader of the Fabian Society.


The Fabian Society was established in 1884 in London. Today, it is still driving the agenda towards the New World Order. It is just one of many around the world, all hiding under different identities. Their philosophy is what is imposed on you. It is just a game to them. Humanity itself counts for nothing in their eyes. Now, you awaken and find the courage to say, “NO, this is not what I want. I am not prepared to be your slave one moment longer.”

Think back to a famous Fabian, a certain Tony Blair, and his “Weapons of Mass Destruction”. He conned the world into war. A war that continues to this day, wiping out the human race.

Whom do you trust? You only know for sure what you, yourself, stand for. Never again allow yourself to be led into war by these so-called ‘thinkers’. Refuse to accept what they say as fact. Do your own research. Think for yourself and learn to say NO when necessary.

What is the Fabian Society if humanity ignores it. It would soon fade out of existence in its present form; but be assured, it would pop up again under another name. The Cabal has many guises. They are everywhere, hiding behind innocent sounding names and societies. As they scurry around, trying to hold on to what little power they have left, they become more vicious than ever. How the human race is surviving is nothing short of a miracle. The Cabal is spraying toxic chemicals in your air. They openly poison your water and food, and they force vaccinations on you that are deadly, and what do you do? Where is your voice? Why do you elect these people? How could you possibly trust them?

The whole structure of life on Earth must change, and change quickly. Why are your governments systematically killing you? Who are they taking orders from? Who are they? Everything in your world is controlled by a hidden hand. Nothing, absolutely nothing, is as it seems. In a world of plenty, the majority struggle to survive. This cannot be right. I do not want to hear “What can I do about it”. You have a voice and you have a vote: use them. When you stop supporting political parties, the right people will come forward.

Look at what the Cabal is doing to humanity. Children are now so confused about who and what they are. They are not allowed to be children anymore. Satanic Ritual Abuse is everywhere. The Cabal thrives on it, it gets its energy from it. It must never be accepted as normal. Children must always be protected.

Pray like you have never prayed before. Meditate, do whatever it takes to take back your power into your own hands, and use it to remove all that is dark from the Earth. Pray for justice for all humanity, especially those whom the Cabal has imprisoned. Please continue to pray for Dave McCann and all those who are locked away unjustly.

Each one of you is a spark of light. When you connect with the spark within you, your light will shine brightly. When all of you do this, YOU WILL LIGHT UP THE WHOLE WORLD. Where will the Dark Cabal hide then? Every one of you has a part to play in lighting up your world and removing the dark control. It cannot survive in your combined light. The solutions to your problems lie in your own hands. The Cabal is there because you allow it to be there.

Once you take the time to step off the treadmill and look with eyes wide open at life on Earth, you will see it as it is, not as you were told it was. Who is controlling it? Banks are high on the list. Their corrupt control of all aspects of existence on Earth is unlawful, totally corrupt. The whole concept of the Federal Reserve was designed to have a stranglehold on humanity. How they laugh at the goyim, who struggle to pay interest on what never existed in the first place! Banking is the other powerful method of total control. How they have enjoyed seeing you suffer while they strut around in their designer suits. Banking is corruption in action.

The Vatican and all its offshoots is, of course, the first control system, instilling in all the fear of death. I stated quite clearly in my own voice shortly after passing over, “Death is the most beautiful experience one can have. You quickly pass from one state of being to another. Glorious, yes glorious is the only word for it.” I, who have experienced death, tell you that this is the absolute truth. All the nonsense taught by the Vatican is used to create fear, and it is through that fear that they control you. They want your soul.

You are all that is, so why do you listen to those people. Stop being the victims of banks, religions, and governments; you are the human race experiencing life on Earth. Once you release yourselves from those controls, you become free. Free to think, free to live without the restrictions of religion. Free to connect with God the Supreme Being. Free to make decisions based on your own research concerning whether or not you need medication of any sort. The human body was not designed to cope with drug-based medicine. Living by your own conscience is a wonderful thing. It is highly recommended. Become who you are !

Message from Veronica

Please pray for the success of something of great importance. Last week was so traumatic, one disaster after another. As I was dealing with one, the next one was happening. All organised to cause extreme stress. What was done as I tried to sleep, last night, scared even me. I thought I had seen it all but you never get used to it. They are brutal in attack but they will not stop me. Please send me the strength to cope and to remove all the obstacles which the Cabal has put in my way.

My dear, your life has become a battle to survive. Losing your car was a big blow, even though it was 16 years old. You needed it to keep going a bit longer. Your will power is what keeps you going. You will succeed.

Always by your side, your adoring, Monty.

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