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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, October 22nd, 2017

I gave you food for thought last week. Now, you are looking at those who masquerade as human. Think, my friends, of when you came upon the line, “They came upon the daughter of man who bore children to them.” Women were ‘taken’ and returned pregnant. This is how they took on human appearance and the takeover of the Earth began. They protected their RACE and do so to the present day. They guard their BLOODLINE. You are aware of this every day in newspapers and on TV, but you do not understand the relevance of what you are seeing. You have been so mind controlled that you do not see or understand what is in front of your face. They have reduced you, the human race, to beggars on your own planet. They took everything from you, even your identity, and reduced your life on Earth to a struggle to survive. They created money out of thin air. They created laws by which you must live and they have taken control of every aspect of your lives. You live by THEIR rules.


Now, as you awaken, you can see clearly how the human race was taken over. How thorough that takeover has been, for it covered everything. They have rewritten your history, making you ignorant of who you are. They took control of education to ensure that you remained ignorant and in their control. They created and controlled governments to keep the masses down. Each and every one of you is a Being of Light whose light has been extinguished by the Jesuit/Cabal. The wars that you fight for them are on many levels. This is why, when armies return, you find many broken men, for they cannot understand what they encountered in battle. They only know that it was not human. 80% of humanity is ignorant of what is happening in your world. Their minds are being filled with trivia: sport, music, films; anything and everything that will prevent them looking at real life on Earth and who is running it.

How many times have I tried to make you aware of this since my passing, 13 years ago. What will it take for you to wake up to the plight you are in. Listen to GILED ATZMON. There is great respect and admiration for him on both sides of life. His life is dedicated to waking up humanity. Look with interest at those who attack him. They are not your friends. Their determination to hold on to their control of humanity is exposed when they attack him. You cannot afford to ignore these people who despise humanity and those who support them. This is a battle that is being fought on many levels. It is a battle that will be fought to the bitter end. Which side are you on? Humanity, truth, justice for all? Or do you hide away and hope it will all just go away? By ignoring it, you are complicit in it. Humanity must survive and those who serve it must survive.

Please pray for Dave McCann. He will be in court on the 26 October. Important decisions will be made on that day. One day you will know why.

Justice for Dave McCann. Irishman framed in California | Legal Expenses Fundraising with GoGetFunding

Weather technology is being used in America to wipe out many places. They used it in Ireland last week too. It was a warning to the Irish, to remain on their knees to the Vatican, to remain oppressed and never to look at who they are. Ancient Irish history is fascinating. Michael Tsarion has written so much on this subject. There you will find your answers.

Your education consists only of the last 2000 years when the Cabal/Jesuits took over at the Council of Nicea. What has happened to your real history? The truth will set you free. The parasites, once exposed, will lose control. They are but 1%; you are the 99%.

YOU CAN PULL THE RUG FROM UNDER THE FEET OF THE CABAL whenever you wish. It is your responsibility to do so. Do not allow them to remove the human race from the Earth. Do not allow them to take over the Earth for their own exclusive use.

The reason that humanity was split off into factions was to weaken it. This allows the Cabal to set one faction off against another. This is how they succeeded in taking over your world. Humanity has many facets but when necessary it must stand together. The Cabal/Jesuits and all its facets stand together. By working together they have succeeded in controlling the Earth. You were conned into believing that they served humanity and that they had your best interests at heart. WHAT A LIE THAT WAS !

My dear, every day is a nightmare, a struggle to survive. Everything is being blocked to prevent you completing the work that must be done.

Dave is going through a hard time also. We watch over him.

Keep strong, my dear.

Always, your adoring , Monty.

Gilad And All That Jazz – Film by Golriz Kolahi