Love is our new reality

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Montague Keen via Veronica Keen, October 2nd

Montague Keen – October 2, 2016

In this time of confusion, you cannot accept as truth anything put forward by Church or State. They work together to enforce their agenda for your destruction. They are in a hurry, as many more of you are waking up to their takeover plans. It is most important that you connect with your Soul Family, as this is more important than your blood family. The soul connection is far greater than any blood connection. When you meet your Soul Family, you know beyond a shadow of doubt that this connection is eternal. Nothing can alter it. You stand by each other through thick and thin. Soul connection goes back to the beginning of time. It will survive as it cannot be destroyed.

It is essential to research the truth. Your government’s agenda is NOT FOR THE HUMAN RACE. They plan to take everything from you in order to create an Earth where they alone own everything. They have been planning this takeover for thousands of years. They created an education system that would dumb down the population to such an extent that you automatically obey their corrupt laws. THEY CONNED YOU, but now you are waking up to this deception and you are prepared to stand against it. You are refusing to accept the Cabal’s decisions. Every week, you are growing in strength, and your numbers are growing every day. As your minds emerge out of the mist of confusion and camouflage, you see the truth and you stand by it.

You hold the trump card, for without you fighting their wars, they are helpless. Refuse to do anything that will hurt your fellow man in any way. Stand together. Do not prescribe their drug-based “medicines” that kill so many of you. It is all part of the plot to remove you from what they want to see as their Earth.

You will see what will happen in America very soon. This will be the first country to be completely taken over. The American people are refusing to open their eyes to see clearly what is being done to them. The USA is responsible for the death of millions of your fellow human beings. Its Government is desperately crying out for World War III. The US Government is trying every trick, black magic or otherwise, in order to start another war.

Do not accept their propaganda as there is not a word of truth in it. They are fighting for their corrupt survival. Live only from your heart, not the head that has been corrupted by their so-called Education System. For the last 2000 years, you have struggled to survive because of what was put in place by what you now call the Vatican, which is 100% corrupt. Its ceremonies, fine clothes and fine words, cannot hide its dark deeds and plans.

You now have the opportunity to change all that, to replace it with justice for all. The truth can be exposed so that just action can restore humanity and the Earth to what they once were, and to what they should be. You have nothing to fear except fear itself. Refuse to cooperate with the forces of evil that have controlled you for all of your lives, and the lives of your forefathers before you.

The takeover of the Earth will cease, the moment a sufficient number of you refuse to serve the Cabal. Then peace will be restored. The Banks are a product of the Cabal. They have served their purpose to enslave humanity. Banking is the product of evil minds: those who do not belong on Earth but who want it for themselves.

You sing about love, you write about love, but do you live your lives through love? Love has been degraded by your controllers so that you will not truly connect with it. Love is above and beyond everything else. Its importance and its value are priceless. When you connect with another in love, pure love, selfless love, you connect with the Source. You have it all . . .

Open your eyes and your minds. Do not accept anything without researching what you are told through government, religion, TV and newspapers. You are told only what your controllers want you to know. Do you wish to continue to live your lives as mere puppets, always obeying without question all that your controllers command of you? Become free, free to think for yourselves. Free to connect with Source and become who you are. You are beings of light having an experience of life on Earth.

There are so many of you on the Earth at this time and you are recognising each other for who you were in other lifetimes. You are all on Earth to ensure the Transition will go smoothly, for it cannot be prevented. It will be difficult for many of you. The Cabal will fight dirty in its attempt to hold on to power but its days are numbered. Be prepared, my friends, to take control. Firstly, ensure that all war stops immediately. There must be no more killing. Destroy all weapons of war to ensure that they can never again be used. Then enjoy your newfound freedom. Work together to restore the Earth by ensuring clean air and water, as well as food that is good and wholesome for humans and animals alike. It will be hard work, my friends, but I can assure you that it will be worthwhile. Make plans and be prepared.

My dear, we are concerned that your health is suffering. Please take care. We have plans that cannot be disclosed as yet. Trust, my dear, trust !

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation