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Montague via Veronica Keen, December 4th

Montague Keen – December 4, 2016

The human race is in a state of confusion. It is being lied to from so many different directions. You have become accustomed to accepting as fact all that is written in ‘respectable’ newspapers; all owned by the Cabal, which also owns your news media. Even though, in your heart, you know you are being lied to, you are conditioned to believe what they tell you. This must stop. The Cabal is making you nervous of believing what is actually true. This is a game they are well versed in; they have been doing it for centuries. The Cabal loves it, as it proves to them that they can still manipulate you. You must be strong and do your own research. You will never find truth in newspapers or on TV. These are all owned by the enemies of the human race.

America has surreptitiously created a state of perpetual war. They are wiping out millions of people to satisfy their controllers. Is this what you want?

You are only now beginning to see the extent of the satanic killings that are an every day occurrence in America. It is big business. How many of you will close your eyes to this, too? It is horrific. Consider the poor innocent children who, through no fault of their own, are stolen or bought, and then suffer the most terrible crimes against them, by power hungry individuals. This goes on everywhere. Make no mistake. It is happening everywhere.

You have, in America in 2016, the opportunity to expose it. Do not weaken and allow this to be swept under the carpet once more. Those children need your protection. Are you prepared to stand up for the truth? This is a big opportunity for the human race to stand together and refuse to be manipulated by those whose only wish is to destroy you. You are only just beginning to see how corrupt America is. In years past, good people went to the USA to create a better life. But they were lied to from the beginning. They still do not know the truth about the USA. I say to the people of America, you have the opportunity now, to expose and remove all that is evil and corrupt in your country. You can stop the American killing machine that is destroying your world, and you can then restore peace.

Many within the Cabal, have plans to leave the Earth. Some want to remain here. Decisions must be made as to whether you should ever trust them. Facts must be faced. You cannot close your eyes to what is happening all around you. Your priority must be that THE KILLING MUST STOP.

Research your true history, not the fake history you were taught. Everything was slanted towards your oppressors being the greatest minds. This is not true. You were made to believe that only your oppressors have great minds. You were taught to look up to them. Your greatest enemies were held up as heroes to be revered. You have a choice. Raise yourselves up and become who you are, or cringe in fear only to be destroyed. All that you are, has been hidden from you.

The takeover of your world was clever and complete. They have left no stone unturned. They stole everything from you without your consent. Now they want the whole Earth for themselves, with only a few of you left to serve them. Is this what you want? You have killed your own kind in order to serve them. Religions are all part of this game of control. It is all based on lies. The truth is there, but you have to find it for yourself.

Please send love and protection to the one being illegally held in California. Humanity needs him to complete the work he is on Earth to do. The legal set up in California leaves a lot to be desired. It would not be allowed in the UK.

You have the power to create the changes required to make life on Earth peaceful for all. Be brave and believe in yourselves. You can do it. Together, nothing on Earth can stop you.

My dear, trust that the truth will come to light. The corrupt will answer for what they have done.

Forever at your side, my dear. Your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation