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Mother Divine and The Creator’s Light via Karen Vivenzio, September 19, 2020


Mother Divine and The Creator’s Light

Dearest Hearts the time has come to unveil the secret ones – the ones walking amongst you and yet hidden in plain sight – the angels, the masters, and the guides. For so many have been following you and now it is time for them to step into the forefront and lead, to turn on the lights hidden deep inside. Some of them are you and some of them merely walk around you, hidden and unseen. When the lights turn on all will change. You will be awakened within a day. One day, one night and all the world will be filled with de-light. Sorrows of the past washed away in the stream of everlasting light and the blessings that we bring. For one by one you will be saved, surrounded by the blessings of the heavenly rays. For all that the Creator has sent forth is coming to you now, reaching and dismantling all discord. Releasing you from karmic bonds. Lifting you into higher state of Creator light. Allowing healing from deep inside.

Surrounding you now and sending you love and light, we are the Creator’s light and we are sending streamers of heaven to you tonight.

Rest. Absorb. Hold all in high accord. Allow yourself to experience the love and blessings – the angels holding you in sweet embrace, healing the wounds and suspending all in a state of grace. For you have been saved and you are safe.

With love and blessings from Mother Divine you are human angels shining bright – holy and wise. Bask in the love of the Creator’s light and know that now, finally, we are on your side. There is nowhere to go but up this time, allow and release and be at peace.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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