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Mother Divine via Karen J. Vivenzio, February 8th, 2018

Mother Divine via Karen J. Vivenzio


Dearest of hearts, listen to me, you have your own unique song that you were born to sing. Each and every beautiful soul, a bounty of blessing to behold. For in you each is a Divine and special gift, a blessing from heaven for you to walk with. Not carrying a burden or drowning in despair, no need to wonder, there is a gift there. You must delve deep within your sacred mind, into the heart of deception to see all the lies. You are worthy, you are great, you are the dearest children of mine. For I AM your Great Mother Divine and I have saved many a life. Sending you the blessings of my heart, the light within you growing brighter each day, each day closer to the end of the play. New stage has been set, the script is in hand, it is up to you dearest children of mine, to find out what it means to be Divine. For you are the way-showers, the harbingers of hope, the ones who feel lost but are the saviors of the world. For the light that you shine when you sing your bright song is enough ammunition to collapse the darkness until the new dawn. Without you the world cannot sing. Without you the world is not anything more than a state of fear waiting to be overcome by the lightness of vibration – hold it now, clear. Shine your light, your sacred Divine, shine it so bright so that others may find the glimpse of hope in their own hearts and minds. Standing in the stillness to welcome the changing of tides. For now has come the moment dear children of mine, to welcome home the human angelic tribe. Tribe of light from the most ancient of times … alas it is ONE to UNITE and EMBRACE the friends you have made, to turn to your enemies and hug them now dears that is how the human vibration clears. Removing the remnants of the world that has gone wrong, moving into your hearts to sing a brighter song. For in the moment of time you find yourselves in it makes no difference where you begin. Simply step forward and ask for more light. Ask for the blessings of the daughters of mine, to hold true to your ideals and to balance the vibe, so that men and women both stand in line to welcome home the angels Divine (the angels inside).

For the truth must be known that no his-story is true, it hasn’t been this way since your youth. Stories re-written to keep you all smitten with tales of disaster, moving you away from your center. Forget all you know on the surface for what lies within is the truth of your glory. For so many tales have been spun, you no longer see the beauty that lies within and connects you to Me. For I AM your Mother, your Great Mother Divine, birther of heaven and all that is life. Life is nothing more than infinite light taking many different shapes and sides. It is time now to unify all the refracted, shimmering lights into one beautiful rainbow of light that shines and shines, calling forth the best in what it means to be both human and Divine. This is the blessing I leave you with tonight. Call on Me to comfort you and I will help you find the gifts you hold deep inside.

I AM Your Great Mother Divine and you are all dearest children of mine. Holding true to the highest of vibes, you are the harbingers of the infinite and universal mind. It is time to unite and shine your beautiful light.

Peace, Love, and Blessings –

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!