Love is our new reality

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, December 1st, 2018



Dearest Mother God and the Angels, What do I need to know for today?

Dearest child, the sun shines so brilliantly behind you when you are over lighted with the sanctity of solitude and prayer. Let not the preachers and distractors take you away from here, the center of your heart – in grace and solitude all change and blessings flow. Allow the new energies to take hold. Allow them to flow through you unencumbered, bright, and true. This is the essence of the ‘new you’ – for all of life on Earth is in the middle of a ‘reboot’. Sit in the stillness and allow the energies of the moon and the stars and the sweet Mother Earth to flow into you. Allow yourself to bathe in the scent of love, the rose petals all around you, filling you full with the essence of Mother God and the rose of tomorrow, full of love. Unconditional love. The righter of all wrongs. The beauty that is inside of you cannot be hidden for long. For the masses of hearts that are joined together this day, in prayer and right relationship to the moon and the stars, are building each day. Allow their strength to envelope you. Allow the masses that are praying for change to come to you – add your energy to their flow and allow the flow of all goodness / good intentions to flow into your midst / your energy field, your sacred center dear child. Allow the green grass bursting forth – smell the scent of Spring, ashes giving way to brilliant sparkles of light, healing the Earth and all her forms of life. Healing, soothing elixir of life washing over everything, healing the charred remains of the houses burnt – healing the land, allowing it to flourish again. Send the healing now to the farming lands – great fields of fuel blackened with soot, recovering the original remnants of sweet Mother Earth. Washing over all with great transforming light – the flame of violet shining so bright. Changing, healing, transforming the dark night into a wonderful, shining, crystalline vibe. All is shimmering, shining, bright. All is washed away in a single night. The healing elixir flowing from your hearts and minds healing the Earth and all its wisdom in sight. The caves of the abandoned mines filling full with the crystalline light and riches flowing forth for all tonight. Gemstones on the ground, springing forth – lighting up the universe. For the ancient crystalline grids of which Mother Earth is formed, are lighting back up, turning back on. The light of the universe is turning back on, lighting up the darkened skies of the universe – the whole universe will be healed along with sweet Mother Earth for you are the generators dearest children of Earth, you are the ones to welcome back the fulfillment of the ancient prophecies of lore – of magic, and miracles – so much beauty in store, coming back out to light up the world. We can see your brilliance and your beauty, so glorious to behold. The magic and the miracles bestowed upon you. For you have done the hard work, we see that so clear, you have done all the work and the time for rewarding is near. For you have gone into the bowels of hell to bring back the gemstones of hope and love and now all is well. All will be made well. All will come back into the light. The waves of anxiety washing away – joyful celebration now in sight. Take heed in the moment, keep on holding the light – the love and the blessings you are shining so bright. Allow yourself to be surrounded in wings of love and embraced by the symbolic prayer so holy and light – for as each of you is filled with hope tonight, so aren’t the blessings that are now in sight.

With love and great blessings we share our hearts with you dear children of light – for you are the masters and the beacons of love and hope and peace and our hearts and our hands are joined in yours for now is the time to strengthen the course of the winds of change my dear friends and we will be by your side as the change now begins.

For I AM Your Mother and You are my Friends, Dear Children let us begin to bring back the holy wisdom and love once again.




Joining hands




Once again

Sit in the stillness and bring it all in

Thanks Be to God and All Men / Women / Friends