Love is our new reality

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Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, February 6th, 2018

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio


When mice and men soon to be friends, all that has passed will become new again. Refreshed and refined, the infinite light, bringing wisdom and hope to your hearts and minds. New laughter to speak, gales of wind in your sails, for the love in your hearts to truly abound.

Infinite wisdom and grace upon your sweet angel’s face. Open your heart and your mind, walking into what it means to be Divine. Claiming your power, absorbing more light, finding your purpose and crossing the divide into the web of existence beyond all time. The hope laying forward a new way to find the light in your heart, a beacon of hope, springing forth the new vision of a world now afloat on deep sea of love from Great Mother Herself – the wisdom of God returneth to Earth – the hope and great blessings now poureth forth.

For you are but beacons of light, vessels of love walking out of the night, home to yourselves, the souls of great light – the harbingers of hope, Children Divine.

For I AM your Mother, great lady of light and you are my sacred children, holy and bright.

Free to choose which path to take – choose to help the ones with the most at stake – the weak and the vulnerable, set them now right, giving your right arm to hold them tight, for your light and your wonder and your sense of dismay is the bounty of love needed to sway – the masses of darkness now to give way to the legions of love abounding in great faith.

Finding your way to the life beyond this, the world of infinite bliss.

As Earth is your shepherd, know you are blessed, for happiness truly can exist.

Wrapping you in arms of de-light, I AM your Mother Divine and you are all the dearest children of mine.

Welcome home to the human angelic tribe. Welcome home dearest children of light for you are a blessing, holy and bright.

Peace, Love, and Blessings –

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!