Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, June 3d, 2019


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest children of the infinite light – change is upon you ever so bright shining forth into the abyss so that you can see what the truth really is. A figment of your imagination my dears. For what is reality if not created from your deepest fears. That is what you see displayed on the screens – your deepest darkest fears coming to the surface to get ready to leave. Once you have confronted the darkness of your collective past, you will find the courage to let go and create only what you want to last.

For you have been journeying for many many years, through the world of dreams and fears. It was part of your journey to go down into the bowels of hell creating without regard of whether you would do well. Fears running rampant in your subconscious mind, re-creating the dramatic circumstances on which you learned to thrive. But that is not what was intended dear child, you have let your imaginations run wild. It is time to return to a state of control, minding your emotions instead of letting them control the old show.

The wild wild west has been laid down to rest. Now is the time for peacefulness.

No longer the shadow side raging out of control but giving way to the fortitude and peacefulness of your own souls.

For the ego has run its course, with all of its manifestations making life appear at its worst. You would do well dearest hearts to return to your centers and make a fresh new start. Turn off the radio, the tv and more. Sit in the stillness, allow the silence to envelope you once more. The outward expression fed from your inner light, a beacon of hope for others to keep in their sights.

For the crumbling of old, you need to let go. Let the chips fall where they may but stay in your centers each and every day. For conflict and fury, just walk away. Allow only your own inner energy to process and the fear falls away. For you have come so far to see life in a new way, do not let the machinations of others make you sway away from the duty you know and love – to beautify the world with blessings and to hold the others up.

For your life mission, all of you who seek, is to garner the holy spirit within you so that others may also learn to be free – to shatter the notions of rules and control and to heighten their own inner awareness. You are not travelling alone. There are many who seek and dare not to be meek – their voices soon to be heard, and so shall you, each learn to speak – of the many journeys you have taken along the way and the triumphant spirit that rises to the challenge each and every time you are in need.

So take your cloaks and your daggers and put them away in memory’s chambers.

Remove the curtains and the blinds, fully embrace your own sweet light – ancient and wise, the teachings shall arise within your field of inner knowing. Sit with this and know you are strong, wise, full of wondrous hope – this is your pardon, your rest, your time of great bliss.

Step outside the abyss, do not fall in with it.

Know you are rising up now to the higher dimensions where only love exists.


You are embraced, you are loved for what you have become is the saviors of the world and the universe to come. For you are my shining lights – my honor, my respect, and the signals of what comes next.

So lift your heads above the fear and know that we are near.

For I AM Your Mother Divine dearest hearts, and you are all dearest children of mine.


With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,

Author: EARTH ANGEL: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

How to Embrace the Divine in YOU!