Love is our new reality

Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, May 28th, 2022


Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Dearest Children I am here to speak to you of all the courageous visions I have of you. For I see you not as you are now but as you have been up to this point and beyond who you will be in the coming days. I see your hearts opening, wearing them on your sleeves and I see who you are beyond this dimension of light, into the heavenly realms from which you came and in all the worlds and dimensions in between. There is so much more to each individual soul than you have been allowed to know. And at last the memories will come flooding back. As you piece together, recovering the stories from lifetimes then and now, your power will return to you one hundred fold. And you will emerge into a brand new world. This is a world of vision, of hope. Of glistening crystals in the ground, all of nature filled with light and you will dance and sing in your re-member-ing, of your becoming all that you are meant to be. You will re-member God filled symphony of angels and choirs of angels will stand by your sides. Open your hearts dearest children of mine, open your hearts for I AM your Mother Divine and I call to you now to open and rejoice for in joy all things are resolved in the highest and best manner possible. Miracles are created from joy so relax and enjoy and celebrate all life, for you are the beacons to re-member and embrace all living beings living in harmony and peace. State of grace surrounds you now, allow your souls to breath and re-member it all. So many journeys, so many lessons to learn, stand in embracement of all you deserve and allow the heavens to open and pour forth a multitude of blessings to all living beings on blessed Mother Earth. Allow Her song, song of your Earth Mother, to fill your soul, to dance and sing and breathe in a new reality – one of peace, abundance, and hope for all blessings to fill you full. Create from the space where you feel most healed and whole and journey within to the depths of your soul. Precious lessons to behold. Allow your souls to be cared for, to be nurtured by nature, to be healed by the light of the sun and the glow of the moon. Allow the trees to speak to you. Allow your selves (cells) to just let go, release the memories, let the tears flow. And when the storm is over, fill your hearts with light, with love, and stand with your fellow humans in sister and brotherhood. For what you have all been through will break down the barriers of the past, and you will communion with each other in holiness and grace, with love shining through each and every one of you. For what is the world if not filled with love dear ones.

Each and every soul has a mission to fulfill.

And now it will get easier for each of you.

Releasing you from the chains that bind.

Allowing your souls to breathe and bask in sunshine.

For all that has kept you from going deep within will be washed away and you will be cleansed from fear, standing free from doubt, there will be no distractions pushing the memories out, all will flow freely and you will re-member your past, you will see your future and you will stand strong in faith and love. This will be the journey you have dreamed of.

As the matrix continues to fall, re-member, you were here before it all began and you will be here standing strong as the new world is ushered in. You don’t need money, you don’t need jobs, you don’t need the evening news or the lights on. What you need is your connection to God. Your faith in the wisdom of your own soul and the spirit of the heavens to support you now. This is a new world you are stepping into – dare to let go of the old rules, the old constraints, and step into heaven on earth for this is the purpose of your journey. This is why you are here at this time. You have chosen to witness the turning point for all humankind. And we are so honored to share in this wonderful, amazing, light filled ride, with you, my dear children, the holy beacons of life, ushering in the legions of light.

I AM your Mother Divine and you are all glorious children of mine.


With love, light, and blessings – Karen, in union with my higher self

Via Karen Vivenzio, Author

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