Mother Earth via Ann Dahlberg, December 18th, 201

Mother Earth

December 18th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


It is Mother Earth who speaks with you today. It has been a tumultuous time for both you and me and it is not over yet. Much cleansing has taken place in my body as well as in yours. It is the time for it. I have moved towards the light and then the darkness that exists has come to the surface. This is true for your bodies also. There have been some eruptions here and there, where the darkness has been the densest. Now there is time for a reconstruction and a great healing will take place. It will be nice to get some relief for all the wounds now, after a long time of doing battle.

We all need to heal our bodies and lick our wounds. We need time for stillness and refection – time to find our origin and the love and wisdom that exist there. We need time to heal ourselves, so that our whole being becomes integrated. This is when we enter into the light and become the original light being which is your real self. This is what we have chosen right now – we have chosen to return home to our original origin and the original family that we belong to. They are jumping at your side right now. They are so happy that you are on your way home again. You bring with you your immeasurable treasures in the form of experiences and we can talk for a long time about them.

You have now reached the end of the road and it is meant that you are to enter into the light. You have of course your free will, but most of you have chosen to yet again become a being of the light. You have chosen to serve the light and loving and enter now again into service of the light. You now have many experiences in your baggage and can choose among every more areas where you can place your energy. There are now almost unlimited possibilities for you to choose what you want to help with in order to spread the light and love in the Universe. This will become your next big challenge, but exactly as on Earth you will have guides also here, but they are now visible and you can have a communication with them. It becomes a larger giving and taking and everything happens in love and unity. This is why you have battled so hard on Earth. This is why you do not give up. You have a longing within you about a different bigger, more beautiful and lighter life. You know you are on your way home – your heart knows that it is now time to set out homewards.

We have decided this together and I now fight intensively so that we can manage this together. Both your decision and mine was that we would return to the light. So please… all who are not yet awake wake up! Please wake up those that are asleep, as the time is here to yet again enter into the light that shines on Earth. I have taken small steps into the light and await with reverence how you will follow me – all of you who supported this our decision and took on a body in order to help spread the light on Earth.

Many of you have woken up and you spread your light. I am so grateful for this and I send as many light rays that I can in order for more to wake up. The light from our beautiful Source has also started flow down to Earth and a new consciousness is on the way of being born here on Earth. We are all One so we impact each other with our consciousness and our light. Those sleeping the deepest might need a push, but a great spiritual consciousness is now creeping in where there is a small door opening. The Earth is in the process of being retransformed and you with it, dear children. A new era is really standing at the door and the work of many is now starting to spread the light with its love and compassion across the whole Earth and to all its different inhabitants. We are now going to disperse the darkness in order to let the light gain a stronger hold on Earth.

I send all my light and all my love to you, my dear children and together we walk victorious into the light.


Mother Earth



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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