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A Master from the Crystal Kingdom via Carina, December 18th, 2018

A Master from the Crystal Kingdom

December 18th, 2018

Channel: Carina


Dear Lightworkers, dear humans on Earth!

The most powerful waves of light you have ever experienced are now sweeping across Earth right now. It is high time for you to let go of the illusion and you will get much help from the coming winter solstice and the coming full moon. Many of you are extremely powerless in your body, at the same time as you feel an inner stress and have unpleasant feelings. The stress comes from the collision that arises within when the strong light encounters your old perceptions and inner darkness. The unpleasant feelings are the cleansing thereof, which passes through you when they leave you for good.

Many of you have together with the higher parts of yourselves chosen that you will reach a certain goal before the portals of the New Times open up more in the beginning of next year. You have determined to settle it with behavior, thoughts, frames of perception and patterns that have been a creation of the darkness of the illusion and it the reason why the intensity in your development now is so powerful that many of you do not understand how you will be able to carry on. Remember that you never ever are submitted to anything that you are not prepared to manage and cope with. The intensive cleansings will calm down after the new year and be replaced with an inner strength and power.

There are many different things that are cleansed out of you now, but most of you are busy increasing your own worth to yourselves. During the old times many of you Lightworkers have suffered from low self confidence and low self esteem just because you have believed that you should be in a different way than you are. Your collective perceptions about right and wrong, good and bad have been very strong in different ways in different parts of the world. This has misled you to believe that you must be in a certain way in order to have a high value as a human.

You now open up your channels of light, which has the effect that new parts of yourself will now be focused on – sides of yourselves that are fantastic and unique and which have always been there without your conscious knowing and which will make your lives take on a new direction. You will move from not believing in yourselves to feeling a strong trust in yourselves. You will start to feel strong within and you will have a strong desire to get to know yourselves – your true self.

Many of you Lightworkers have created an image of who you are from the perception of OTHERS of you. As all lightworkers are very sensitive and can “feel in” things you have perceived what others have thought and felt about you as your own truth and have been misled to think that it is the one you are. Many of you have also built up a strong protection around your heart in order to have the strength to live on Earth with all the low vibrating feelings and energies that you have felt from others. This in turn has made it hard for you to feel your own feelings in the heart.

What is now happening with you is that all the perceptions about yourselves that are not coming from yourselves are in the process of leaving you. Like a gigantic transparent plastic film others’ perceptions about you have been glued in your body and your mind. You have perceived and created yourself from other’s perceptions, which has made you unhappy. Many of you have stayed in relationships because others thought you should stay in them – not because it gives you anything any longer. Right now these transparent plastic films are being pulled off of you and that removes others’ perceptions of you. The process is painful as you initially experience it as if you loose yourself, but I can promise you that when the process is over you will feel a rising happiness from finally being able to get to know yourself as you are and also accept yourself precisely as the one you are.

When the light now is healing your perception about yourselves your perception about others will also change. Even this process can be painful for you when you suddenly see that near and dear ones and work colleagues and so on are not at all as you thought before. There are those of you who no longer will remain in relationships or in workplaces. You have believed that you were there because it was your own wish, but now you see perhaps that you have been there because others wanted you and your light there. Remember that this process is necessary for your complete awakening to joy and happiness. Everything will turn out very well for you and I can promise you that you will not want to turn back the clock.

In order to facilitate the process I suggest that you ask your angles, guides and light beings for help with your cleansing and insights. Talk to them every day. Tell them about your feelings and if it feels right for you tell them that they have full access to your energy to help you through this cleansing.

Dear Lightworkers, dear humans on Earth, as you see in the media it is not only your inner that is lit up by the light so that each little speck of dust is visible in the corners. In countries around the world people are protesting when the light sweeps in and the truth comes out. Trust the process. You will all find the love for yourselves. You are the first ones to ascend in your own light – the first ones to come home to yourselves after a very long journey. You will witness how others then will follow after. As more people come home to themselves, to the love in themselves, peace on Earth will spread. If you love yourself you cannot hate others.

If you wish to have my company along the way I will be here for you. I love you dearly.



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan



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