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Mother Earth via Inger Noren – Turbulent Times, December 16th, 2022

It is Mother Earth speaking to you. My child you are so infinitely loved for your love of the whole Universe and for your help to Our Lord in this difficult time.

It will be a turbulent time pretty soon and you should just rest a lot because there are many people who are being guided to you for help in their confusion in all that is happening.

It is a blessed time even if it feels difficult and dark for many, especially in the countries with severe drought and famine. People will help in these areas and helping others is so important in this day and age.

The very next year, 2023, the Earth will rise. Volcanoes, mountains and oceans are literally boiling with activity due to having to clear so much from the planet that simply has to burn up and be destroyed. Many dark places on Earth are thus eliminated or filled with light, which causes the entire Earth to be cleansed and healed.

It is so important to have an understanding of what must happen for all living things on this planet. This time is going to be difficult for everyone on Earth, but it is temporary and people get a push forward to come to an understanding of something bigger that will happen.

This insight brings a greater knowledge and wisdom to all people that has increased progressively in recent weeks. It gives a more real picture of what is happening but also a fear of the future when this change has taken place within all people. It will be a confused time for everyone, but when the realization becomes understandable for a different reality with more freedom in one’s life and a loving perception for everything that happens.

It will be the end of life for some, but it is also something that was decided before the incarnation on Earth. Others become aware of what they want for the future in the future and that is as it should be.

Your continued journey on Earth will be a fantastic experience. Your great gifts to humanity and the Earth are your signature and love is great for all living beings. You are the blessed one.

Mother Earth

Many thanks in love I serve. I AM

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