Love is our new reality

Inger Noren – A meditation for a new reality, december 15th, 2022

A meditation for a new reality

I fly over a wintry Stockholm away towards the horizon which has a different intention. The water is still but plunges straight down from the horizon like a waterfall. It stops me and I see above me a city in the sky where the light is bright.

I see people and it seems to be summer and sun. The energies that I see in this dimension are next to the Earth and the sea, but it will be a while before the Earth has transitioned to this dimension.

There is a darkness that separates the Earth from the higher dimension and I understand that it is a dividing wall that will be like a bridge over to the city in the sky. This darkness is something we all have to go through on our own journey towards ascension.

We are all at the end of the old era and must have confidence in Our Lord that we can handle this shift for the Earth. It is up to us humans to really want this and keep our high vibration as long as possible.

It feels as if we are in a vacuum before everything erupts and throws us towards another reality which for some means going to the other side of the web, while others are pleasantly surprised by the new insight into who they are and where they come from.

The difference becomes so great compared to how you perceived reality before against this new reality that is really unlike anything else you have experienced. The confusion can be great before the understanding reaches a freedom we have never had before. Even a sense of loss can occur when the old habit is no longer there and the uncertainty can be frightening.

Humans have been so controlled for many thousands of years and have no other perspective to cling to, but this new freedom is so liberating for the soul because this true reality only pertains to the love that pervades everything, that is, the unconditional love.


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