Love is our new reality

Mother Earth via Mia Lighthouse, August 8th, 2018

Mother Earth:

Dear children. I love you all and I urge you to take your mission seriously. I beg you to enter your hearts and live your lives from your hearts. Let every word, every action be of love.

I’m waiting for you my dear!

I want as many as possible to participate in this journey, this shift that we are now going through together. Therefore I’m waiting. I’m waiting for you my beloved children. But I can not cope much longer, so I beg you: focus on Love! Let go of your fears! Let go of everything that burdens you and open your hearts to Love!

Be love. Be happy. Appreciate life. That’s all you have to do.

Forgive yourself if you fall, if you get hurt or angry. Forgive, forget and move on! Lift yourself again. Center yourself again. Take step by step into my embrace of love.

Come to me. Visit my gardens, my waterfalls, lakes, meadows, mountains, forests, seas. Sit and meditate in these places. Fill yourself with Love and imagine a clean earth, a whole earth. A Earth where we all live in peace and love together. Send your love to me, let me feel your love. I need you now. I can create my paradise all by myself, but I would love to complete this journey together with you. Come to me. Lift your vibrations and live life centered in love!

I love you.

Mother Earth

Translated from Swedish to English by Mia Lighthouse