Love is our new reality

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse, August 8th, 2018

Sanat Kumara via Mia Lighthouse

”Live from your hearts”

Sanat Kumara:

Dear ones,

we long for you and wish to converge with you. You are close now, believe in it, have confidence. Have confidence in yourself and your own power. You have great power, you have a strong energy. Center this energy in your hearts and be the love-beings you have the potential to be. Be centered in love, and let go of fear, worry and other negative energies. You are close, my dears. But this is what is required of you; let go of the negative and know that it is through love that you can change yourselves and all life on Earth.

This is all you need to do: open up for Love and be Love. This is all you need to know, that’s what you need to do. Let Love be the driving force in your life!

Mother Earth is the paradise and she is all around you. She is inside you, she is part of you, you are part of her. Go to her, be close to her. Connect to her. In a park, or in a forest, or by a lake, wherever she is around you. Listen, see, feel. Sit down at a tree, or lay on a meadow and open your hearts. See Mother Earth’s beauty. Appreciate her. Embrace her. Enter your inner love with her. Thank her for everything she gives you; the earth, the air, the water, the plants, the animals. All life and immense beauty. Love her and love yourself. Realize that you can not fully love another if you do not love yourself. So allow love to flow through you, in your thoughts, in your feelings, in your actions. Love yourself, now, at this moment. Do not wait for a future, be love now. In this moment and in the next and the next. This now is a state of being.

Be Pure Love. See the highest in that which surrounds you. See the highest in you.

The highest in you is pure love. Enter your inner heart and just be there. Let Love embrace your whole being. Let it fill each breath. Breathe in pure love. Let this Love flow in and through your physical body, your etheric body, your emotional body, your mental body. Let love fill everything that you are. Let love be all around you! If you are centered in pure love, everything will transform into pure love. Know this. Let this knowledge get hold of your heart and carry with you this knowledge in every moment.

Most of you are familiar with the power found in crystals. Crystals are pure positive energy and can help to clean and heal you, to stabilize and elevate your frequencies. Feel the power of the crystal, get a relationship with it. Keep it between your hands and love it, feel gratitude for it before you hang it around your neck.

Keep it in your palms and think “love” before putting it in the water you want to drink. Preferably in a big jug that will last you the whole day, so that this little ceremony is only needed once a day. Drink with love. As you know, the water is affected by your thoughts and feelings, and the water affects your bodies and your whole being.

I do not encourage to take more crystals from Mother Earth, they are in the ground for a reason. But use those that you already have in your possession. And those of you who have many should consider giving back some to Mother Earth. Give them your love and give them to the water. In a lake, or river, or sea that you feel have a need for healing. Hold the crystal between your palms and pray a sincere prayer of love for a whole and thriving Earth and give back the crystal to Mother Earth through the water that you pray to be crystal clear and clean. The power of the crystals travels through the water and your prayer will spread since all water is connected.

See the paradise beauty that already exist around you. Follow a bumblebee in its flight from flower to flower. Feel the pleasure for both the bumblebee and the flower. They love each other, they make love with each other.

Imagine Mother Earth whole, pure and radiantly happy. So fresh and vigorous. Where the plants eagerly stretch toward the sun and the crown of the threes move joyfully in the breeze of the wind. Soft white clouds move gently over the blue sky.

Take in the beauty of a flower. Hear the joy of a birds’ eager song. Imagine  that the water is crystal clear and so clean that you can take it in your hands and drink it straight out of the river. It tastes wonderful. Your body is made up of a large part of water and drinking this pure water of joy fill you with an energizing bliss.

Imagine that you are whole, pure. That all wounds are healed, spiritual as well as physical. Your body is vital and filled with life force. You are conscious presence, centered in your radiant heart and connected to the Creation. You walk through the woods and feel the energy of the trees. You can hear their telepathic conversations with each other. It fills you with great love and reverence, you realize that they carry a wisdom that is unique for them and that you can take part of this wisdom.

This is how a forest walk can be when you are in touch with your inner heart and with Creation. This is a vision of the future that does not need to be far away and you help it happen by seeing the highest in that which already exist.

Nature is truly the greatest gift you have and I urge you to spend as much time as you can in nature. If it’s just sitting at a tree in a park and watching the ducks swimming in a pond in front of you. See them, take them in, feel their joy over life, they will give you a lot if you open yourselves to them.

Some of you do not understand my point of connecting with nature. You want a spacecraft to come and that very soon, preferably it should have already have happened. There is an impatience in this desire, and impatience pushes what you long for in front of you. So you need to relax to let what you wish for come to you.

It is when you relax and appreciate what is in the present moment as the inner transformation can happen. And when the inner transformation occur, the outer transformation can take place. So always start with yourself and your life. Therefore, I urge you to be in nature and connect to nature. Mother Earth gives power, she gives wisdom, she helps you to get closer to who you are.

Your computers and screens are so lifeless, they take you away from life. Leave them and go out and embrace life!

If you want mass landings of civilizations of Light an Love to come to Earth and assist humanity in the transition to the new era. Then you have to be Love. Then you have to live your life in love and joy. Can you do that?


Those who hear these messages are the ones who have promised to make this internal transformation to open to this opportunity.

There are many who are drawn into conspiracy theories of various kinds. Why go in to these areas of fear? Its easy to get lost and loose track. Let go of confusion and focus on stabilizing yourself in love and joy. Realize that this is the best you can do for yourself and for humanity, for the future and for Mother Earth.

Believe in yourself. Have confidence. Center yourself. Love Life as it is in this present moment. Do not look at your neighbor, focus on you.

I give you tools for your journey, different ways to find your inner love. I want to show that it does not have to be difficult. Use the tools that suit you at this moment. Use one, use many. Find your way so that your heart awaken and shine more and more.

I love you and bless your path and pass the word to Mother Earth who wish to speak to you.

Your Brother in Light, Sanat Kumara.


Translated from Swedish to English by Mia Lighthouse