Mother Earth via Zane Morgan, November 22nd, 2018

Greetings dear one I Am Mother Earth and I come forth with the fourth instalment of my ‘4 Elements of The Mother’ meditations. As you should know, if you have been following the others, this one will be the element of Fire and I Am sure you can already feel that we will be working with the Violet Flame today. So take a seat children and get comfy if you can.

Take a deep relaxing breath.. As you exhale feel all your worries drift away with your breath.. Continue this for a few moments as you breathe deep and then exhale, releasing all that no longer serves you and letting all your tension and stress just drift away with the breeze.. Breathe dear ones and sink into your heart.. Find yourself becoming more and more aware of you heart centre..

Your awareness is now in your heart.. feel your connection to Source.. Feel the love and light that resides there..

As you sit within your heart centre, see a beautiful Violet Flame starting to burn, see this beautiful violet flame grow bigger and brighter… Continue this until you see a beautiful violet flame encompassing your entire body and aura… Sit with this and feel it as it burns away all that is no longer needed.. A beautiful, bright Violet Fire burning through you and around you.. Breathe children..

Now as you feel comfortable in this Violet Flame, see it start to expand and grow.. See it now encompassing the area you live in.. See it burning away all that is no longer in alignment with the light, with the love.. Once you feel comfortable that your area is now clear, see it covering your country burning away all that is no longer part of our journey back into the higher vibrations.. Sit with this as you see it purifying and cleansing your area and country..

Now see this brilliant Violet Flame now expanding until the entire planet is covered in this beautiful Violet Fire.. See it stretch up into the atmosphere and right down to my crystalline core.. BE this Violet Flame.. Feel the love and purification it carries as it heals and transmutes all that is no longer part of our journey.. It burns bright now dear children as it stretches across the planet, up into the atmosphere and down into my core.. You ARE this violet fire dear ones.. Feel it.. See it cleansing and purifying all that is on and within me.. It is a beautiful sight to see as my Earth now looks like a beautiful ball of violet fire..

Sit with this.. Let it take you on a journey if it wants, otherwise just feel and know that it is cleansing and transmuting any dense and dark energies.. It is all about intent children, pure intention and focus.. BE the flame..

Once you feel that you have held this long enough and you feel the process has had great effect, feel yourself now returning your awareness back to your heart centre, bringing with you this violet flame, keep a place for this flame within you, within your heart.. Carry it with you wherever you go and if you feel there is a situation or energy that needs transmuting, use it.. All you need to do is have pure and loving intentions to clear what ever it is that you are guided to, see it burning away what ever it is that you feel is out of alignment or of a dense energy.. You are the Violet Flame children so BE that Violet Flame wherever you go..

I love you so dearly my precious ones, my dear Earth children. I have watched you grow for a long time children.. I have seen all of your ups and downs, your rises and your falls, please know that they have all been for this lifetime, this moment of realisation, of bringing the light here and anchoring it fully.. Your deeds have not gone unnoticed and the reward will be having a pristine paradise to reside in once the heavy lifting is done. I love you as any mother loves their child, you are my children, you are my protectors and my keepers and you are to soon fully step into the role of my Guardians, The Guardians of Gaia, that you came here to be. I Am your Mother Earth children and I thank you with all my love and Light, I look forward to the beginning of our new journey together. I love you, hold that in your hearts dear ones.