The Galactic Federation of Light via Ria Gilliani, November 22nd, 2018

The Grand Universal Event :

Telepathic Communication From

Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree

Of the Jupiter Command & CounterPart Of The Ashtar Command & Galactic Federation Of light .

The integration and Energetic Merge with All the Great Central Suns within The Universal Central Sun Of MotherfatherGod force.

The Grand Event : 

Blessings beloved family

Much has been Expressed through many beloved Avatars and star-seeds of light on Mother Gaia regrading The Event – That’s is both individual and external .

The Grand External Event effects all in the multi-verse.

This is a great mighty wave , a force . A mass projected Photonic love light derived from the centre of the god force of the universe ( The Great Central Universal Sun ) We call motherfather God .

It is a Point of Integration of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos, and a Central Concentration of God Consciousness from the Universe Centre Sun God Force and the release of Light and Life and Love to all creation.

I now speak of the external implications of This grand Event That is to take place within You, within your planet and your Galaxy’s Great Central Sun , and All Central Suns within this Universe.

I wish for you all now to close your eyes ……. and breath …… breath in the breath of the creator force  ……. relax your chalice ……. and open your (3rd Eye ) that is your 6th Chakra your Ajna in your 12 sacred Chakra System That is now coming into being in your physical Avatars .

And Visualize The Center Of The Universe ……  Visualize a Great Central Sun in the centre…… what you see is the (MotherFather God consciousness) of the whole Universe , it is a Mass Central Sun .  It is ( The Father Mother ) The Sun Of all Suns ….. it is the Sir Yantra moving in a clockwork spiral Trajectory….. Now See all the millions of Galaxys moving in a spiral clockwork direction around the Central Universal Sun and see them all Coming into perfect alignment with each other on an energetic scale.

Now Visualize a mass coronal injection of Photonic light blasting out of the Universal Sun and connecting with all the other Central Suns in the centrefold of all the Galaxys within this multiverse.

Now Visualize and see your Galactic Central Sun in the centre of your galaxy , see your Solar system moving along the Photon belt and aligning in perfect alignment with the centre of your Galaxy .

Now Visualize your central Sun merging and connecting with this grand Photonic blast of God Force emanating from the Universal Central Sun God Core .

Now beloveds…..  you can see , all the Central Suns are now lining up – just like a planetary alignment – but with all the Central Suns aligning instead ………Now see this Photonic Energy moving through the central suns…. moving into your galactic central sun ….and then moving into your planetary logos (your Sun) then though your Sun Into your solar system through the necessary Stargates …. And then down to your planet Gaia – And Into all microcosm & macro-cosmic elements – shifting the consciousness of the planet and the individual souls into a higher state of being .

At this point in your Now –

This is the Event –

This is the changeover-

This is the external and internal Event –

The Macrocosmic Rainbow Bridge-

Now ‘ …. There are Fragments of this phonic light that is being anchored into the planetary core in your Now – it comes in waves through the inner and outer stargates and portals of the Planetary bodies within this Galaxy and solar system and then into the human avatars that act as a conduit of this light that is then projected into the mother Gaia.

But There will be a moment , in your perceived Linear time – That all ( Nows ) merge within the zero point field of this Mighty alignment.

When the consciousness of Man has reached a point of completion ….. Individually and externally…..  this we cannot and will not give a time and date on , this Grand Event … as we operate in the ever eternal Now , so there is no time and dates in the zero point field of Oneness …

All we Can say is the more light consciousness you integrate on a daily basis into your core being, The more the planet and her inhabitants will trigger the creator MotherFather God core that will send forth the final Mass Coronal injection of Photonic love light that will Emanate from the Universal Grand Central Sun – and align up with all other great Galactic Central Suns In the multi-verse.

And this , is to be the most grandest moment in your human existence and of our existences as we all are Aspects of this divine God Force .

Earth is at the epicentre of this grand momentous force that is coming into play now , it is the prophecy of Old That has been spoken throughout your ages.

So Be the change beloved brothers & sisters , know your planet is giving birth to this new expression of higher consciousness , Know that you have been given the opportunity to join with her and move your your physical forms into this Higher state of consciousness.

We of the Jupiter Command & The Ashtar Command are with you , we have never left you , we are not separated …. we are all One , know that we love you all so much Beyond measure , As you take on this Journey of physical Ascension , Know That we take this on together as One .

We feel you beloved light warriors we feel your hearts weighing heavy.

We can feel and see your journey can be drudgery at times As this storm around you is getting stronger & stronger .

Know this , beloved hearts, we are with you , many of you can see us in your skies now as we manifest into your reality, many of us , of what you call” Galactics “ .

But we say ‘to you , we ‘ are your extended family and aspects of self , That are here in force in support of this grand experiment coming to an end as You move into the golden age.

The more of you that Visualise the light pulsating from the universal central sun down through your central sun and through your Solar Logos –  into Gaia , is needed more & more now .

As this storm around you Grows in strength , many of our light warriors and light workers are visualising and sending their intent of this manifestation of light daily , and we Thankyou beloved hearts for your Love light and tenacity.

Continue on keep your light shining bright around you continue to spread and Be the light that you all are are.

We are here inforce now – in your skies – look for us – call upon us – we are here and in your hearts always🙏🏽

All my peace and love Remember our divine love is with you always.

Commander Ash’Tar’Ke’ree Of the Jupiter Command- Counterpart Of The Ashtar Command.