Mother Earth via Zane Morgan, October 26th, 2018

Greetings Children,  I Am Mother Earth and I would like to bring forth a little meditation today to help you cleanse and purify my surface world.

Take a deep breath and sink into you heart children… Find the peace and stillness there and let it fill with love…

Feel the love that wells up in your heart as you connect to your Divine Source as your Divine Self… See this love as a beautiful Rose Gold Light filling up your heart… Sit with this for a moment..

Now, as you see and feel this love, see my forests and rivers that flow over and through me…Scan them for any dark spots, any places that have been upheaved due to logging and deforestation… Now see these forest’s sit within your heart space, see them sit in this place of light and love, connected to the Divine…See these areas now absorbing this beautiful rose gold light..

As they absorb this light see new growth start to appear, see the leaves uncurling as they stretch out for the sunlight, see new shoots start to appear from places that have been stripped bare and harvested with no concern of who lives there… See this beautiful new growth sprouting forth within your heart centre, fully embraced by the rose gold light… Sit with this vision for a moment children and let it guide you, let it take you on a journey..

Now children, let yourself drift back to your heart centre as you see my forest shining and glowing with this beautiful rose gold light, see them in full bloom and teeming with life, see the Elementals happily dancing around with joy as they have new homes to reside in and see all the animals of the forest living peacefully, just a we all will soon dear ones. Now slowly bring your awareness back in to your body, taking notice of your surroundings and how you feel, do you feel replenished? Do you feel full of life force? You should dear hearts as you have just done a wonderful task, you have helped bring the light into those places that need it most. And I thank you, thank you children.

I will continue with these meditations through this one until I feel they are circulating enough to really start making a change, but know that just by one person doing this you are still making change. I love you my children, I Am your Mother Earth and I am so grateful to have you with me on this journey back to the light. I love you all dearly.