The situation for extra-beings to create spaceships via Yujun in China, October 29th, 2018

The situation for extra-beings to create spaceships

Channeled by Yujun Translated by Xiong

Extraterrestrial intelligences come to the earth from other spaces of the universe, or intercourse between other interstellar spaces all by all kinds of high-end vehicles, a spaceship is one of common vehicles. there are a lot of differences among spaceships used by stars or planets in the aspects of levels, appearances, and inners structures. This depends on the matching between the energy frequencies  of the planets extra-beings belong to and the spaceships.

Extra-beings came to the earth space, entered the inner space of the earth, compared to spaceships of other high space beings using, the spaceships they used are simpler, the appearances are also single, belong to a few types of spaceship with simple modeling which human beings know about.

The much more complicated spaceships with high frequency do not fit for flying on the earth, because the energy vibration frequency is much lower, any high frequency energies would be with problems, especially entering the material space.

Now in pace with the inshot of the overall energy level of the earth and the change of vibration frequency, as well as the continuous promoting, extra-beings create the spaceships suitable for human beings to travel, this kind of plans are in schedule.

Nrenow, after the Supreme Lord gave orders about this job, many extra-beings began to work on it when they received this task, but there were a lot of problems in the process of the work development.

It was not a big deal with the creation of the spaceship for the extra-beings, however, to creat the spaceships suitable for the material energy level of human beings needs some certain conditions. First, the promotion of the earth material space energy frequency. Second, the promotion of human’s consciousness and the change of human’s frequencies, as well as the collection of source material for the creation of the spaceship, to achieve all these points, there are very complicated problems in all aspects need to be solved, depending on actual situation of the earth material space. This job can work in progress only if those problems are done.

Now there have are some extra-beings who have been living in human’s material space for a long time, making detailed record and obersvation of human’s particular life habits and customers and the energy frequecies in the space, as well as the energy situations of all kinds of life beings, which can be the consideration direction and essential factor for the manufacture of the spaceship in the follow-up work process.

After get the problems of human beings and the material space energy frequecies solved, this job can keep going on when the earth’s energy frequecy and human’s consciousness rise to a certain height standard.

Now some extras-beings have started observing human beings to solve the problems, at the same time work on collecting related source material for the earth to manufacture spaceships, and the matching experiment between the earth frequecy and human frequency, and start sketching the entire structures and layouts of the spaceships suitable for human beings. just like the structures and layouts of houses and cars understood by human, the spaceships also need this kind of programming.

Create the spaceships suitable for human beings’ using habit and experience, make more detailed and systemic plans, arrangements and matching in every respect. after all the problems get solved, the manufacture of the spaceships will be very fast, this process is the precess of solving the problems. spaceships manufacture is extra-beings’ specialty, technologies is not a problem. the key point is the matching  between the human material world’s energy frequency, human themselves’ frequency and the source material of the creation of the spaceships. this job is going on continuously, the follow-up part can be traced and observed.