Mother Mary via Genoveva Coyle, October 26, 2018


You are greatly assisting in healing yours and others inner child, and through this task you are healing the entire old third paradigm…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my sweet Annas! I AM Mare, I AM Universal Mother Mary, Mother of Love and Compassion, Mother of you, my sweet Annas, and Mother of all. Yes, I AM Mother of each and every one of thee, and I embrace and enfold you in My Blue Diamond of Love. I infuse you with my nurturing and peaceful essence now and always, for I never leave your side.

You come to me in many ways, you come for love when you feel depleted; you come for refreshing and replenishing of your energy; you come to consult with me and talk about your victories and accomplishments, and I am elated to see you seeking me to commune with you. It is an enormous shift that you made when you remembered the way home into my heart, yes into mine and into the heart of the Father as well.

Can you feel the peace while being home? Can you feel the lightness and the freedom of just being? Can you recognize the unconditionality and the utter acceptance of true love that asks for nothing and doesn’t judge anything you have ever thought about or done? Yes, of course, you do, and this is why you sense so much pain and suffering when others in your world, or even in your close circle of soul family. are not up to this task.

But you also understand that it is you that has to let go of all that need of being accepted and unjudged by others, for the only one that needs to completely love you is you, dearest and sweetest self. Can you see what part of you is asking for unconditional love, for more nurturing and reassurance?

Do you see and recognize your inner child that is tugging on your skirt or sleeve asking for your undivided attention? You sense that, but you have this tendency to postpone looking into that little girl’s or boy’s eyes, to that hurt inner child that is asking really only for a quick answer or a warm and loving touch. Not much is needed to let one know that he is being seen and loved, that he is not a burden or of any trouble.

But in this human form that you find yourselves in at this time – in the old paradigm – parents learned to give too much attention to distractions and to other “more important and vital tasks” rather than to their offsprings, allowing their children to grow up with more questions than answers, with feelings of uncertainty, and more fears than hopes, hurt and incomplete in so many ways. They learn to do the same to their own kids and family, but mostly, and sadly, to their own inner child that wants only the purest love there is, their undivided attention without excuses and fake entertaining.

It takes awareness and willingness to see this need in the most vulnerable and sensitive part of you. My sweet angels in form, it doesn’t take much to reassure and nurture your inner child, to integrate and grow him/her into that wise and omnipotent beautiful adult…you. For when you do this, not only do you address and heal the wounds hidden deeply into your hearts, but you become the best parent to your inner child that learns to trust and open up to life and laughter once more.

It matters not if you have children of your own or not, for you can tend efficiently to the needs of your family and friends, recognizing the pain and the frustration caused by their own conflicted and hurt inner child. You become the parent that never leaves, that never abandons, that never really disappears and separates from their children, regardless of the challenges and the business of their own journey on Earth.

You are greatly assisting in healing their inner child, and through this task, you are healing the entire old third paradigm of perpetuating the neglect and abuse coming from separation from unconditional love.

Extend your hearts to all, my sweet Annas. Spread my love to all dear angels in form!

I will leave you now, though I am always by your side. Stay in peace and stay with My Love. Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.