Love is our new reality

Mother Gaia Seventh Planetary Chakra via Suzanne Lie, June 11



I am Gaia, returned to be your guide as you merge the spiritual essence of your personal Seventh Chakra with the spiritual essence of my planetary Seventh Chakra. When we united our Sixth Chakras, we united your Personal Consciousness with my Planetary and Galactic Consciousness.

Now, as we blend our Seventh Chakras, we will expand into Galactic and Cosmic Consciousness. Hence, you will not only be united with the consciousness of your Planet, but with the consciousness of your Galaxy and the consciousness of the Cosmic Universe, as well. Your physical body, which was once imagined to be the earth vessel of your self, is now revealed as the 3D grounding point of your Multidimensional SELF.

The Seventh Chakra is a masculine/outflow chakra that functions in an androgynous fashion. It is from your opened Crown Chakra that you extend your antenna up, into the higher dimensions, for the reception of the Light Messages from your Multidimensional SELF in other planets, galaxies and dimensions.

Mt. Fuji, Japan is my Crown Chakra, and the area of my body from which I extend my antenna. Mt. Fuji is my “time keeper,” but instead of the passage of hours, it measures the passing of seasons, cycles and eras. The era of our separation into polarized, third dimensional forms is ending. Our “return to SELF” is initiated with the Mystical Marriage, which occurs as our Kundalini completes her journey into our Crown. Masculine and feminine are then united into our true, androgynous Lightbody.

I, Gaia, shall then become a Star, and you my people, shall become the Planet. When the polarities are removed, the illusions of separation and limitation, such as male/female, spirit/matter, light/dark, and love/hate, blend into “LIFE expressed as form.” It is then that my form will change greatly, as will the forms of all my inhabitants.

However, some of you may wish to continue with the 3D Game, which is your prerogative, and you will be re-located to another 3D environment. I firmly believed that most of you who receive this message will happily and willingly release the personal strife of the third dimension, and choose to return to the experiences of your multidimensional SELF in the fifth dimension and far, far, beyond. Our Crown Chakra is the area of our body that has always been detached from third dimensional strife. This chakra is the Light Bringer, just as my dear Mt. Fuji has always has been a spiritual center and beacon of Light.

The Seventh Chakra is the “spaceport” for my Planetary Merkaba and your Personal Merkaba, which are soon to be merged into an Interdimensional Chariot. Our “Chariot” is preparing for take-off. However, before we can “take-off,” we must “take-in” the fifth dimension and beyond. For, in actuality, there is no leaving or coming; there is only “rising” in frequency of vibration.


int_chakrareviewThe opening of the Crown Chakra represents the termination of your desire to live as a victim to the illusions of your physical life. Yes, you still look human, but you are no longer limited by it. Your Crown Chakra is ruled by your pineal gland, which allows you to take in higher dimensional Light. Through downloading this Light, you have expanded your consciousness beyond the confines of being human, or even of being a planet.

Your Home is now in the stars, galaxies and higher dimensions. Now that you have remembered who you are, you are beginning to remember the Mission you chose before you came here for this lifetime. There is one Mission that you all have in common, which is the mission to ground the vibrations of your higher dimensional Homes into your daily lives.

You each have many fragments of your total SELF that resonate to the frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond. Each of these fragments has a different base frequency and a corresponding higher dimensional Home. Now that you have integrated your Soul/SELF, more and more of your higher dimensional aspects of SELF will communicate with you, and even “download” their Essence into your “present human experience.”

The veils between the worlds will then become increasingly thin, and your perspective of reality will change greatly. Fortunately, your Detached Compassion will then be more accessible, as you will more deeply understand that each one must find his or her own Path and follow it from inside their SELF. You will no longer need to heal or save “others,” as you realize that there are no “others.” You are all One. Within the Oneness is only Compassion, for you are not only ONE with each other, you are also ONE with Spirit.

Your expansion into SELF also allows you direct access to the holographic control center in the sixth dimension. This sixth dimensional perspective further amplifies your Detached Compassion, as you can see the Big Picture for 3D “problems” and realize that each person’s Soul/SELF has chosen problems that best serve to awaken their Grounded One.

You will then realize that it is not your job to interfere with other people’s choices. If someone desires you to assist or heal them, you do so as naturally as you would say hello, but you give your services without the NEED for appreciation, or gratitude. You DO what you do because you ARE who you are; and you are—your SELF.

The third dimension has always been based on “learning through conflict.” However, with an opened Crown, that premise becomes obsolete, as you no longer need to learn; you need only to remember what your SELF has always “KNOWN.” Learning is then replaced by Being the Unconditional Love and Detached Compassion. This “Beingness” assists you in remaining detached from the dramas of the 3D Game.

As you have learned from your many Earthly incarnations, 3D dramas have a strong addictive quality. As you totally blend your Essence with mine, you will more easily be able to remain detached from these dramas. I, Gaia, have had to remain detached so that I could keep my balance and remain in my orbit. There was a time when I almost lost my planetary balance. In order to “stay the course” for the remainder of our planetary experience, I had to call for more Light from my Solar and Galactic family.

Many of you are the Light Beings who answered that call. I wish to thank you again, and let you know that your “tour of duty” is coming to an end. Soon you will be able to return to your Homeworld, but first I need you to complete your final mission, as I know you will! Join with me now, dear Beings of Light, as we merge our personal and planetary chakras.


One last time, journey into my core, in fact, OUR core. Feel your consciousness expanding beyond the limitations of your physical form, and even beyond the limits of our planet, to embrace the entire Galaxy. You have now expanded your mind to embrace, not only Planetary Consciousness, but Galactic Consciousness as well. Feel yourself in the center of our Galaxy. YOU are our Great Central Sun, Alcyone, of the Pleiades. Feel your “Seven Sisters” in your constellation. Yes, a Sun can also feel feminine!

Off to the edges of your Galaxy is a small Solar System. Take a long moment to extend your mind into this Solar System. You find the third planet from the sun, Earth, and project your Essence into it. You are that planet now. You are Earth. Feel our body pull you HOME, Home to Earth, the planet of your Soul, as you repeat with me:

“I AM the planet EARTH, from the depths of my core to the top of my atmosphere.

My mountains lay heavily on my body, and my wind rushes across my vast planes.

I feel my long grass being trodden upon and eaten by my hoofed ones and sense the disturbance of air as my various winged inhabitants fly through my skies.

My waters pitch and roll as the life within them searches for food, adventure and procreation.

My cities are vast centers of differing polarities, whereas my wilderness lives in the Unity of Nature.

I KNOW each creature walking, swimming, and flying through my countries and cities alike.

All around and within me, my many creatures and life forms are born, live, procreate and die.

Time has no meaning to me as I AM only NOW.

My many plants decorate and nourish my surface and my crystal world forms the foundation of my land.

From the smallest pebble, to the largest mountain
From the first drop of rain, to the raging ocean
From a tiny sprout, to my largest forest
From a candle’s flame, to an erupting volcano

I AM there, and I AM here, for I AM NOW.
I AM Gaia,
I AM Earth.”

Now, dear Beings of my SELF, FEEL OUR Crown at Mt. Fuji, Japan.
Feel OUR mountain heavy upon the earth as WE unite OUR minds and thoughts with the Father-God and OUR hearts and emotions with the Mother-Goddess.

WE are NOW a conduit, a step-down transformer, of Spirit into Matter. We are a great mountain with the Power of Father Sky, the Wisdom of Mother Earth, and the Love that united them in Mystical Marriage to create their Divine Child—humanity.

WE Feel OUR Third Eye in the Himalayan Mountain Range, Tibet.
With our opened Third Eye we see ALL life through the Eyes of Soul.

WE Feel OUR Throat at Mt. Shasta, California.
We speak only the TRUTH and create only from our Highest SELF.

WE Feel OUR Heart in the Haleakala Crater, Maui.
We Love ourselves, so that we can Love ALL life.

WE Feel OUR Solar Plexus at Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa.
We feel our Power Within and project it into our transforming world.

WE Feel OUR Navel in the Amazon Jungle, Brazil.
We carry our New Earth in our hearts and minds,
so that we can give birth to it TOGETHER.

WE Feel OUR Root at Mt. Sinai, Middle East.
We ground our highest vibration into the core of OUR planet
to create a firm foundation for our expanding reality.

WE are the planet!

int_angelplanetThank you, dear people.
Thank you from the core of OUR body
to the tip of OUR tallest peak.

I AM Gaia. And, thanks to you,
I AM/WE ARE ascending.

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