Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, June 12

The latest guidance for Lightworkers, from our friends, the fifth and sixth dimensional beings known as the Collective:

Greetings! We are glad to have this opportunity to speak with you in this astounding and joyful time upon the Earth.

We are aware that much appears to be in disorder.

We have spoken before of the negative slant of the news media and the entertainment media.

Yes, there is still a glorification of war on many levels, and a glorification, among individuals and communities, of a twisted sense of masculinity—that which deals in defensive, egoic posturing and threats, if not outright violence.

And we would say, that you are living in the very last moments of this patriarchal, unequal and unjust world, and that there is so much to celebrate now, that you would not believe us if we listed all of the blessings and good will being poured out upon you.

For we are here, your Galactic friends and family, your team members and fellow workers in the establishment of peace and prosperity, justice and equality, fulfillment and celebration that is now being created upon your planet.

We are working with you every moment of every day, creating that which you have chosen on a soul level, and which your planet has chosen on a soul level (for She is a sentient being, and cried out to us for aid).

And how can this be, you feel some days, when in my own life, I struggle with bitterness over past events, relationships, jobs, family matters, and larger political matters, that never bore the fruit of their early promise?

Bluebells in a Belgian Forest

How can it be that we would be so close to disclosure of the Galactic presence, of world peace that will not ever be shaken or ended, and yet the dark hats seem still to be in control?

How can we be so close to full enactment of NESARA law, when there is everywhere still a sense of struggle, of lost purpose, of sadness and futility?

And we would say, Look closerand then stand back, and look at your world from a far higher perspective.

Look closer, from the perspective that you are miraculously changed from who you were even one year or one month ago.

Your body is taking on the crystalline Light properties of the Ascended Master, though the changes can feel strange or taxing some days.

Your heart and mind are reaching higher, learning to speak the language of peace, of Light, of unity with all life.

Stand back from your Earth in your mind’s eye, and see the many millions of you who are becoming vegetarian and vegan, campaigning for the end of GMO foods and the end of corporate farming.

See that you are learning to grow or buy your own organic foods, and ceasing to support the corporate food products.

See the many millions demanding the protection of wildlife, of the forests, of the oceans and waterways.

See that you are consciously choosing to drink a great deal of pure water, and increasingly, using structured water filters to ensure that your bodies and your consciousness are given the chance to shine fully on a cellular and energetic level.

You are refusing to believe in drought or contamination as your reality.

You are refusing to believe in decrepitude and illness as your unavoidable result after decades of living.

Child with Llama - MED

You are supporting holistic natural healing methods, deciding to live and/or work in cooperatives and conscious communities.

You are deciding to teach your children the truths of what you know from the New Earth teachings you are delving into, rather than sending them to the corporate/government schools to be trained for a life of service to elite masters.

You are in fact, Ascending.

Dr. Keshe’s beautiful, Galactic-supported technological inventions, which will require that all armies cease firing upon one another, is yet another indication of the astounding move forward that humanity is taking—every day, another significant step up the mountain, and the top is coming clearly into view.

And so we would say, that though we feel and understand your impatience, do you understand that even that has become more joyful?

That the outcry against police brutality in the United Statesand the new technologies that have enabled mass witness of these actshas to do with the far greater, more joyful cry toward freedom, Divine government, justice and peace?

And do you see that you are creating this first within your own conscious awareness?

Otherwise, you would not be viewing such en masse, nor feeling and seeing the powerful resonance of these messages, as if a great magnifying glass were being placed upon the words and actions of the civil rights activists of half a century ago.

And so again, we must encourage you to rejoice, far more than to demand answers as to why it hasn’t all changed yet.

Because most assuredly, the day isn’t merely coming. The day is here!

Certainly you desire greater demonstrations of that, but you are the only ones to create those demonstrations, with your inner determination to see them, to celebrate them even before they are apparentand so, to create them, even though you may feel at times to be doing so from within the void of the old third dimensional world.

We assure you, that world no longer exists.

There is no going back now to the narrow preference for insanity, illness, violence and despair that you were long taught is the “only way” forward.

Cove in Corsica

Your entire race of beings (and most of your animals as well) are reaching toward the Light, and knowing with greater surety every day of your lives, that it is only getting brighter.

And we would say, that for those who doubt that things are moving quickly into the New Earth of fifth dimensional reality, that they will experience what they expect.

And sobe aware of what you make, Creators.

This Universe is your own.

It is you, and all your dreams, and your children’s dreams.

And because of this, the beauty of the New Earth and all Her joys cannot be taken from you.

Namaste! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2015, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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