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The Collective of Guides (channeled messages)

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, January 13th, 2023

The Collective: This is the Turning Point, the time of Rebirth

January 13, 2023 

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today. 

Today again we speak with our writer, who asks:

COR: My friends, is there a “new normal” that empaths, Starseeds, Light Bringers, and other sensitive beings can tap into now?  These energies are so high. The highest that human bodies can withstand, from what I hear.

So many are having trouble sleeping, or they feel exhausted yet wired and stressed throughout the day, as if they are sleepwalking and sort of electrified at the same time.

Is there a new normal in the middle of all this? A new way to be, so that we feel a bit more balanced and reassured, even in the midst of so much happening with extreme weather, armed conflict, economic and political turmoil? 

So many are saying, “I thought the fifth dimension was going to be more calm, not less! What is happening?”

And I know you have said that the density is rising to the surface to be released, and this is a good thing, I agree.

But how do we cope in the meantime, when we feel to be between two worlds—the old and the new? 

THE COLLECTIVE: We are very glad you have asked this question, as it is indeed highly relevant now.

This is the turning point, the time of Rebirth we have spoken of before.

Yet what makes it quite different from the past, is that you are all working hard to expunge or resolve the old, unhealed places in your own consciousness, as well as in the Earth.

And so you are both patient and nurse in this scenario, and that is extremely demanding.

You are all working very hard in the etheric all the time, both in your sleeping and your waking hours.

Many of you work side-by-side with Angelic and ET forces of Light who may appear to be human outwardly, but who are not.

This work extends to both what you are actively doing in your sleep state, which you do not usually consciously recall upon awakening, and the work you are doing energetically with your presence on the Earth, 24 hours a day.

Many of you are now increasingly performing tasks of your Earth mission in your daily waking hours, not only in terms of energetic resonance but in terms of actual actions taken.

And so you might be moving into an area of work now that entails, for example, healing, transforming, brainstorming, encouraging, counseling, building, teaching, or creating in ways that directly connect to the work you do as you travel both Earth and space in your etheric body each night.

You may be thinking that your Earth mission is unknown to you—a mystery that is not connected to your “real” life, yet it is, and greatly so.

That mission has become exponentially more powerful and expressive over the past year, and particularly these last few months, as the solar flares continue to send powerful Lightwaves forward. 

The energies are such that they are awakening in you long-dormant aspects of your DNA that connect you to your Divine creativity, higher insight, and healing and purification of Earth and your own and others’ energies.

And so, you are becoming increasingly aware of intrusions in your energies—beings, energies, influences, toxins, that do not belong there.

This will increase your discomfort at times, yes.

Yet it also brings far greater clarity of your inner life and increasingly reveals to you your true nature, your true path, and your real (soul) family and origins.

We would say to those who feel they are not in touch with much or any of those experiences, to understand that what is coming to you now is not something that the left-brain will easily grasp.

That is not necessary at this time, in fact.

You have long been trained to be suspicious of that which the left-brain cannot grasp. Trained to think only in narrowly defined parameters of what is acceptable, possible, or advisable.

These narrow constrictions have been applied to every area of your life, in every Earth life you have ever lived, since the fall to the third dimension.

And now—What is happening? Your thought processes are asking.

Are these new ways of seeing and experiencing life safe to trust?

Is it possible to go through life and not stress or worry?

Is it true that we live in a giant hologram, and that there is no need to become stressed over the appearance of an issue—because appearance is all it is, and not reality?

Am I also a holographic illusion? Or just my outer life?

Many ideas will occur to you now, friends! And often they will seem strange, unacceptable, or unlikely.

And yet—you cannot return to the old life. That is over and done with now.

Each day now, you are accepting increasing levels of higher Light into every cell of your being, and becoming a new being—one who does not live at the survival level, and who does not fear “the future” because they realize that all Time is now.

All times are now, as we spoke of in the podcast last evening.

While the old Earth aspects of the human mind are swimming in confusion at how quickly life is changing on this planet, the New Human mind is coming forward. 

They explain now that “even bigger than the fact that I create my own life, is the fact that my responses to that life, and to all else, can live in a Peaceful acceptance of what I experience—that which I consciously created, and that which I unconsciously created to learn from.”

That New Human within you will also find increasingly now, that “There is no need to engage in negative emotion as an automatic response to creations I do not prefer. I can accept them as threads of color in the fabric, release all judgment, and focus on what I do want to create. All is well.”

You can no doubt feel how entirely different that kind of response to life is, compared to the old, fear-driven, self-protective outlook.

This is You, admitting to your power!

This is You, releasing the need to have only “good things” happen in order to be at Peace!

And this is You, denying release of your co-Creative power to individual people or experiences, as if they had some sort of influence on who you are at your core. For they do not.

Decide now: Will I welcome these changes as part of the great shift into enlightenment for myself and all others? And will I accept the shifts Mother Earth Herself is experiencing, without panic?

Will I accept that the old Earth structures must fall and fade before the New can fully anchor?

Or will I shrink back from that very Transformation that I helped design before incarnating?

We know you will accept the challenge before you, dear ones, just as you have accepted the demands of hundreds of challenging Earth lives. The one very marked exception, is that this particular challenging time on the Earth is the one that changes the vibration, experiences, and reality of an entire planet in unprecedented ways. Which also shifts the vibration of the Universe.

Am I that powerful? you may wonder.

We are happy to confirm: that powerful, and even more so.

Namaste, dear ones! We are with you, always.

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, january 7th, 2023

The Collective: The Current Energies

January 7, 2023

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today our writer has a question or two for us:

COR: My friends, these energies are completely out of hand.

Many are experiencing extreme dizziness, exhaustion, erratic emotions, old anger and trauma rising to the surface, disturbed sleep . . .I can’t even count all the symptoms people are experiencing.

Many will wonder if they’re suffering a serious illness of some kind, or re-experiencing old shocks and upsets over issues from their past that they’d thought were resolved.

If you have any insights on this, we’d be happy to hear them!

The news cycle is likewise in a state of confusion: A young pro football player collapsed with a heart attack on the playing field the other day, a former president is probably facing tax fraud charges, which will only increase the extreme divisiveness in the US.

And the US House of Representatives in disarray over the House Speaker vote, among other even heavier issues, such as deaths and imprisonment from the human rights demonstrations that women and young people are holding in Iran.

The façades that are usually held up in front of the old systems look to be crumbling at a phenomenal rate.

Even if all this symbolizes a time of awakening, many of us barely recognize the world now from what it was even a year ago.

Even if that’s a good thing, it’s still hard to watch.

If you have any insights on these issues as well, we’re more than happy to hear them!


What you are seeing, dear ones, is the end of the old order.

Some of what you mention here has to do with false government structures, and some of it has to do with the brutality of the capitalist system.

Other issues have to do with the attempt to silence the Divine Feminine. And much of this has to do with race.

We will speak of race, as you mention a young man nearly dying on the field.

This is not to vilify the game of football, but to assist those who are unaware of the exploitation of professional players, who are predominantly persons of color, and mainly African American.

And as well, all contact sports mimic war in intention and strategy.

The professional level of the game in particular, presents its players as avatars on a field of battle.

This appeals powerfully to the wounded masculine in the human psyche, and supports the desire for aggression and revenge amongst those who would like to feel vicariously that they are warriors seeking glory.

The warrior archetype does have its merits, but in this context, it represents subjugation, not freedom or strength.

Regarding government, the United States is a country that has long presented itself as a democracy, yet is covertly run by a dark experiment of both subtle and overt racism, economic separatism, a sharply divided social hierarchy, and suppression of human rights.

Most of those who are offered up as sacrifice in the war game (whether actual war enacted by the military or the simulation of such in sport) are too often nonwhite persons, whether male or female.

You will see a parallel to this in who is chosen to perform slave labor in for-profit prisons around the country.

Many will say, “But professional athletes are paid so well!” to which we would say, Yes and No.

Looking at professional football, we see a cultural fascination with violence and brutality, and a sacrifice of nonwhite lives, that the white supremacist stance in the US and elsewhere have systemically placed upon nonwhite persons.

Particularly amongst the white elite, the idea of bringing Black persons from one continent to another to retrain their DNA for intergenerational trauma, slavery, and dehumanization was part of a long-range plan for control of all races and social classes.

To put nonwhites or some other “minority” in an arena to watch them harm or destroy one another for the entertainment of the elite and the masses is a very old idea, friends.

It goes back thousands of years to the Greek and Roman empires, and before.

The prevailing energetics now reaching the planet are such, that it is impossible that the forms of exploitation that one sees in the arenas of professional football and elsewhere would continue without recourse.

It is time to regain the dignity and humanity of those being exploited—and of those in the masses who are being lied to regarding the kinds of life experience that these players maintain.

Severe and long-lasting head injuries are only one aspect of the issues faced by these men.

You will also have heard how few Black men are chosen as coaches and quarterbacks.

This is due to the overriding philosophy within the professional league (and the power structure that controls it), which has long been based on the idea that Black men are not hired for their mental capabilities, and should not be put in positions of power and influence.

Though there are there some Black coaches and quarterbacks, they are still comparatively few in number, because of the overarching philosophy that seeks to retain white male control of the sport, due to both social and psychological influence over the populace, and the tremendous financial wealth that flows from the league’s many channels of commerce.

It took many years for the league to drop its nonprofit status, or rather, to be persuaded to do so.

That is the very definition of white privilege, in ways that would shame any organization.

Moving on, we would say, regarding the House of Representatives, that the United States Congress is also based on white male privilege.

It was established as an expression of such, to guard and ensure the protection of group and private commercial interests, independent of “the mother country,” an experiment which has failed in many respects.

Despite the increasingly powerful presences now of women and nonwhites in that body, many of the Old Earth control measures, including the propagation of a pretend democracy, have nevertheless remained—until now.

The presence of the Divine Feminine is now powerfully amongst you.

This beautiful energy flow will only grow stronger now, upending the old structures and revealing their inherent density, as they flow against Divine Law, and all that humanity and Earth are rising to now.

What you see disintegrating in the Old Earth structures now, is the façade of respectability and authority, crumbling before the eyes of the world to reveal service-to-self density beneath the rhetoric and heroic images.

So long as these institutions, built on destructive capitalist structures, social division, and cruelty to Earth and humanity, insist on remaining in place, as if the world had not changed, the cohesion of their general makeup will continue to crumble in the Light of the powerful solar energies now flowing to the Earth.

What is coming to you now, more powerfully than ever as the astrological alignments signal the beginning of the Sat Yuga, are the eye-opening Truths of the Divine presence, both Masculine and Feminine, which cannot now be denied.

Most assuredly, many have obeyed for thousands of years the false structures of a dark world government, false religions that demanded the sacrifice of millions, and exploitation of both humanity and Lady Gaia.

The old powers-that-were prefer to continue to lie to themselves now, however fruitless that may be, thinking that to reap the energies of human misery and to steal human thoughtforms and life energies, is still a viable business.

It is not. Their time is done.

The young man who collapsed on the field chose to do so, on a higher level, before incarnating.

His soul and higher self are watching over him as he seeks healing from his injuries, and his life mission continues unabated, as millions awaken to the uselessness of slaughter, whether on a real or simulated field of battle.

We send Light to that young man’s journey now, and we bow to his bravery, as we bow to yours!

Know that on a higher level, you fully support the disintegration of the corruption in the US and other governments, as these continue to catapult themselves over the very cliffs they themselves created.

You mention also the Ascension symptoms, or Ascension responses, one might call them, of body, mind, and spirt.

This occurs as the solar flares continue to increase now, causing much upheaval of Earth and human energies, and as the movements of the stars and planets break through with powerful influence that is no longer possible to ignore.

We would call this a breakthrough moment, though we realize that many are indeed feeling ill, dizzy, exhausted, emotionally disrupted, and unsure of what is next.

What is next is your continuing realization that you are remaking your very lives, and all of human life, and consciousness, in this unprecedented moment.

Are you aware of changes lately in how you are feeling about your life, and realizations regarding changes you wish to make inwardly and outwardly?

Are you feeling increased desire to heal and rise above the fray of your past?

To clean out every belonging you no longer need or reap joy from?

To refresh and revise your daily diet so that it contains more live foods—foods that grow and hold Light, rather that than which is food product, and not alive?

To spend more time in Nature and to use spiritual practices such as yoga, qi gong, and tai chi as ways to connect more fully with your own life essence?

Are you feeling some days that you are every bit as powerful as any billionaire, politician, or celebrity—simply, that you express that power in a different way?

Are you increasingly realizing when to use your voice to state your Truth, and when to release the moment and move on without comment?

Are you feeling the need to move to a new location, or to create a new job or business, or change your current one?

All or any of these or similar shifts signal that your very resonance as a powerful Light force is reaching higher at every moment.

One might say that humanity is cleaning house, and the thrill for all of us, is to see it happening en masse.

Ten years ago, as you celebrated December 21, 2012, we saw Light Bearers of every description, all over the planet, calling forth Divine Light and powerful shifts into fifth dimensional living.

Now that it is actually coming forward—amidst the tumult of releasing 3D—would you shrink back from the power of this moment?

We see all of you stepping up now, and saying Yes to great changes, despite the discomfort and strangeness of the hour.

We see you accepting the shocks along with the more obviously positive developments in your life, your culture, and the world at large.

We see you allowing others their path, while venerating and accepting your own with new and unprecedented levels of grace and heart-based integration.

So many have disliked the lives they chose before incarnating once more into Earth life, at Her most tenuous and difficult time.

Yet we see you now “forgiving” your own choices for this life, so often burdened by episode of illness, abuse beginning in childhood, and heavy emotional losses.

And so we see your field of battle entailing so much more now than who wins or loses, but who comes to fully Know themselves as rays of Light—the Universe expressing as human, to know itself in new ways, including Ascension.

We cannot pity you, dear ones, despite all you journey through now!

You are so much closer to your highest expression now than you could ever know.

And so, carry on with inner Knowing that though the world is in turmoil on many levels, the Universe is at Peace, and holds this troubled child Earth in Her arms, till She is Rebirthed into the beautiful, miraculous goddess she has dreamt of being.

And you, the midwives to this Rebirth, must carry on!

We say often that you are never alone, and to see the higher beings flowing onto the Earth now, the ship sightings, and the firsthand meetings between humans and Angels, and humans and ETs, we will say again—you have never been less alone!

We bow to the Divinity within you, and we ask that you allow yourselves to see that Divine presence within yourselves.

Even the slightest glimpse into your own increasing Creational power will astound you now.

So tell your Spirit team, Give me an image of how far I have come, in joyful ways! And know that is on its way to me.

Namaste, dear ones—Light Bringers and Light Warriors, carrying the banner of Truth forward in Time.

And in all of this, we are with you, always.

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, December 31, 2022

The Collective: You Can be Your Higher Self

December 31, 2022 

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

[This week’s Message is taken from the talk that the Collective’s gave on December 16, 2022, for the Hope Interfaith Center’s annual Star Gathering event.]

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

You are reconnecting with your higher self now, because it is time to awaken! The Earth knows it, and you know it.

Yet you are in great discomfort, many of you, because you feel the fifth dimensional energies flowing in, and you are processing and integrating those sentient Light particles.

The Earth appears to be still mired in low, third dimensional vibrations. You feel the pull of the old life, within and without, and much confusion and exasperation results.

For now, let’s work with the side of that 3D narrowness. Not so much the survival drive, but more the ego-mind, the smaller personality self that doesn’t feel it is safe to shine and to be their true self.

That aspect wants to hide a bit, and doesn’t want to come forward very often and use the beautiful gifts you’ve all been given.

And this is where the bitterness, resentment, sadness, maybe feelings of helplessness will come in.

You’re looking at this inner self, who is wanting to thrive, but feels like they’re pushing against a mountain some days, trying to move the mountain in entirely physical ways.

Yes, mountains can be moved, but not with physical force. And yes, you can clear up the things that have brought real difficulty to you in your life.

It’s only just now that people are beginning to awaken that all is energetic in nature, and must be addressed that way.

For instance, physical healing, including dropping unnecessary weight, comes down to energy work, in addition to any outer work.

This is why so many are using Emotional Freedom Technique. They’re using Tapping, because they want to speak directly to that quiet yet powerful subconscious mind that holds the old patterns, thoughts and behaviors in place.

Some part of their subconscious is nudging them now, to start listening to their higher instinct, and saying, We want to come out of the dark! It’s time we healed.

Yet to heal anything, you must deal with the subconscious aspect of that situation, as it is very powerful and determines most of your outer life through inner controls.

So we’re flowing energy to your subconscious now, to assist with the healing, and release where needed.

You’ve been punished in many lives for thinking for yourself and doing for yourself, and having beautiful gifts you wanted to share with others.

You’ve been oppressed—threatened, jailed, even executed in some cases.

You’ve been vilified and ostracized by your people, your village, which is very hard to process. The thought of losing one’s clan, one’s village, is terrifying to the subconscious, because for many, many thousands of years, you couldn’t survive without them.

So we’re drawing that hidden self to us now. It prefers to stay small, prefers to feel that they’re a victim some days, prefers to feel like, “There’s nothing I can do” about this life situation or that.

We’re drawing that unconscious aspect forward, putting them into that beautiful Violet Light, that beautiful Violet Transmuting Fire of Saint Germain.

Say to them, “I know you’ve done the best you could, I appreciate you for that, but it’s time to move into the Light now.”

And now we hear the smaller selves of the subconscious saying, “Is it safe to do that?”

They’re taking a tentative step forward toward the Light.

[Speaking to subconscious selves] It’s 100% safe! Yes, dear ones! Just step into that Violet Fire! It’s cool and harmless.

It just transmutes energy. It lifts everything to a higher level.

We’re bringing a little whirlwind of Light into everyone’s energies, and it’s going up through the body, through all the energy systems, up through the crown chakra, releasing energies that are holding you back.

Interferences, old pain, old sadness, a small self-concept—that’s not really you!

That whirlwind of Light is going up through the crown chakra, into the Light . . .

Yes, you can be powerful, and you are already beautiful!

You can be your higher self.

As Earth beings who are openly in contact with Star Nations in the heart-mind and in the etheric, you understand Earth’s role in this galaxy.

You realize that this is no time for playing small! That time is well over.

We see some of these smaller selves running toward these beautiful Angelic beings who are with us here.

All these legions of Angels—welcome them! Star Nations—welcome them!

Are you ready to light up your own consciousness, just by understanding that you’re completely loved?

All is well! You don’t have to react to outer circumstances in ways that pull you out of your calm center.

Even if you’ve got a physical issue you’re a little unsure about, or frightened by, you can know you are guided perfectly to perfect resolution of that issue.

You don’t have to live in reaction to it, or identify with the illness or the disorder, whatever it is. That’s not you!

That’s the body releasing something because it doesn’t need anymore. And the energetic flow or blockages within the chakras come powerfully into play here.

So we’re sending a lot of Light into all the chakras, spinning out any attachments that shouldn’t be there.

Sending a lot of Light to those two lower chakras, which have to do, yes, with manifestation in 3D, and with survival as well.

Your heart can now be your manifestation center, as you are moving in the fifth dimensional forms of living now.

You may wish to say, “Yes, I release all this old density. It may have served my path once, but now I’m going to grow with Joy.

“I’ve come here many times to learn from density, from difficulty, from the contrast of the good and the bad, the dark and the Light.

“And I release that now! I release duality, as Earth Herself is releasing it.

“Higher dimensional galactic cultures don’t live in duality. They don’t need it. Neither do I, and neither does my planet.”

Just breathe in, then breathe out, dear ones . . . let it go.

You might want to say, “I’m willing to remember that I have lived in higher dimensional frequencies while still in the body. My cells can hold that kind of Light.

“I’m releasing everything that gets in the way of that. And I’m encouraging the Light, encouraging my beautiful Transformation and Transfiguration back into living as a Being of Light.

“I welcome it now! And it happens only with beautiful grace, calm, ease, and flow.”

We’re putting a special Light around all of you now.

Your higher selves are working with you, to show you inwardly at a very deep level that this is not only possible—it’s already happening.

You’re releasing the smallness of the ego-mind and all the attachments to survival tactics.

You’re releasing the smallness of the personality, and all the attachments to cultural and family norms and requirements, in this and all the other lives.

You’re releasing separatism, the feeling that “There’s them over there, and me over here.”

Now there’s only One. There’s just One beautiful consciousness!

You happen, all of you, to be at the forefront of that transformation, because you very willingly and joyfully are stepping into the Light in a conscious way.

So now we’re going to move into that galactic awareness, that Ascended self, your higher self.

See yourself enveloped in a beautiful column of Divine, sparkling Light. You might see it as the Blue Ray of Archangel Michael, or the Emerald Green Ray of Archangel Raphael, of the Rose Ray of Mary, mother of Yeshua.

It might be the sparkling gold of the Divine Masculine, or the sparkling silver of the Divine Feminine. It might just be Light, with no particular color.

You’re surrounded by it . . . it’s permeating all your cells . . . it’s beautifully grounding you into this Earth.

Now it shoots way down into the Earth, connecting to inner Earth, lighting up Lady Gaia.

Then it shoots way up into the air, up into the cosmos, connecting you to the higher realms.

Now you’re going to travel a bit, and we’re going to ask all the Star families, all of your soul families, is it best that these dear ones meet you on a planet? Or on a ship? . . . [Listening]

They’re saying that meeting on their ship is fine, because “We’re all right here, gathered right around the Earth!”

They’re all very close. Some of you have a ship right overhead, over your home.

So this beautiful Light is drawing you up into one of the ships, and this particular ship you are coming onto now belongs to your Star Nation family.

You might image that you’re “beaming aboard,” that suddenly all of the particles of your physical self have transported from Earth onto the ship.

You might find now that you are in your quarters, such as one might find you at times, when you are visiting that ship in your sleep state.

You might be at a table discussing things with others, perhaps in sick bay, because you’re a healer. You might be on a commander on the bridge.

You might see a great gathering of many Star Nations, many cultures galactically—maybe you’re a part of that.

But for now, find a quiet place to sit and speak with a few of your family members.

These are people you’ve known for thousands and thousands of years. They know you completely, and you know them completely.

Your twin flame is sitting right to you, and they are thrilled to see you.

If you wish, say to them, “I would love to receive a message from you. I know my conscious mind might not take up that message. I might not hear it inwardly.

“But I ask that you send it to me etherically. It will reach my heart-mind. It will come up in my consciousness.”

Say to your Spirit team, “I count on you to assist with this, please!’

And they are giving their assent.

So just open to receive. If you’ve got a question to ask these dear ones, your soul family, ask them!

It might just be “How am I doing?” Or “Could I please have more help and support from all of you, in integrating these higher energies?” Or whatever you wish to ask.

Or “When will you land on the Earth? We need help on the planet!”

You may hear them reply, or not. That’s all right. Just listen inwardly. Even if you feel it’s just your imagination, that’s all right.

We’re sending a lot of Light to this process . . .

For those of you asking for help for the planet, we are hearing from everyone’s Star Nation family, that the transition to you becoming a 5D planet and becoming galactically intercultural, interconnected with other galactic cultures—all of that is already occurring.

The transition is already taking place.

No one can stop it, any more than they can stop this powerful Light pouring in from Sol, your Sun, or from the Great Central Sun.

The Kali Yuga has ended! The old age of destruction is over.

The Sat Yuga, the Age of Peace and Prosperity, is being ushered in stronger and stronger every day.

What we hear them saying is, “You could not avoid this great shift of the ages, even if you tried!”

What we now see and are assisting in, is the energy of their messages going straight into your heart-space.

We’re going to say to all of the guides and higher selves, Would you assist, please, in letting this message come up to the conscious mind of all of those requesting a message now? Thank you, dear ones.

We’re going to ask everyone’s Star Nation families, What do you see is the biggest thing moving Earth forward right now, in Her evolution, and in Her people’s evolution?

And we hear them saying, “The realization that you are not alone [in this Universe] .” Excellent!

There’s a quiet, soft disclosure happening regarding both the criminality of the old crowd, the old “powers that were,” as they say.

And at present, a soft and quiet disclosure of the ET presence. It’s not being announced with the blaring of trumpets, but it’s there.

One can certainly find videos on the YouTube channels of these beautiful craft flying over numerous parts of the Earth.

There is also increasing realization amongst the masses, that there are higher technologies that are being hidden from humanity, particularly in the areas of communication, data storage, free energy, medicine and healing, and education.

These have been long hidden, and people are requiring that they come forward and be revealed now.

Another breakthrough, they’re saying, is that even if people don’t call themselves galactic citizens, they’re beginning to understand that everything in this Universe is energetic in nature.

They are realizing, I can change a situation by shifting the vibration of it, even just within myself, within my own consciousness.

Whether that has to do with my healing, or finding a new partner, a new job, a new home. And a new, higher level of consciousness to live within, to be more joyful, to be more fulfilled.

Or to help my community in some way.

And if groups of Light Bearers / Starseed decided to work together to shift the energy of a situation on the planet?—well, you can envision the endless possibilities!

All of this has opened up the realization that you are here to learn how to work with energy! And that even that which appears to be solid matter, really isn’t.

So we’re going to keep drawing in this absolutely beautiful Light. We’re sending it to all of the Star Nation families, to send our Love and encouragement to all of them.

There are amongst us here in the Collective many wonderful leaders, and yet also many who appear to have quieter, “smaller” jobs that are nonetheless as vital as anyone’s.

These are those ones who are awakening the crystalline energies on the planet, in people, in water, in the rocks, in the soil, the air and water—everything—awakening those sacred sites, and you are likewise engaged in this work, many of you.

And so, time to remember who you are!

So now we are enveloping the Earth in the beautiful Divine Golden Light of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Silver Light of the Divine Feminine.

We have the Earth in that wonderful Transmuting Violet Flame of Saint Germain.

That Light holds the sentient request and requirement that the Galactic Star Nations increase the number of landings and contact with humanity in your waking state.

In fact, this Light holds the sentient request and requirement that they roll out the mass landings in ways that are safe for them, disabling and nullifying all Earth weapons, revealing themselves in dreams, in images, in meditation and in outer physical life to Earth beings, in ways that are calm and positive, benevolent, and helpful, as the au regime topples.

We welcome in the NESARA Law! We welcome in your galactic families!

“We are here!” they are saying. “We are with you!”

Many of you have seen these lenticular clouds, which in fact are cloud ships. They appear to be clouds, but they are not.

Ships can shift their molecular density, and go not only into very deep water, but also flow like air through rock, through mountains. Or appear very small, when in fact they’re very large.

Say often to your galactic loved ones, “Come forward now, in whatever way will most easily and joyfully integrate your presence with all here on the Earth!”

Get an image of your consciousness right now. It might extend a number of feet out from the body.

If you can now, spread your arms wide, and image opening your consciousness as wide as possible.

So that now you’re able to get messages from Angelic Beings, from Star Beings, from your twin flame and your Star Nations family—you receive them easily!

You speak inwardly with them as easily as you speak with anyone you see physically in front of you.

Just open that consciousness wide!

We would say to humanity, Awaken now, friends! The time of Ascension is here!

If you want to image wave upon wave of Light going through the Earth right now, awakening people not only to their higher selves, but to the fact that there’s no Us and Them, or Me and Them.

No more duality! No more good or bad.

See one wave of Light after another, erasing millions of years of oppressed and narrow thought. Erasing it, removing it from the timeline.

And image that Light erasing from your timeline all the pain, the shock, the feelings of loss, the stress and worry, the unsureness of life—all of it.

Grief and and fear and anger, getting cleared!

The Light is flowing perfectly now, cleansing your own timeline, not only from this life, but from all other lives you have lived.

It’s erasing and removing trauma, sending it up into higher Light. You’ve got huge whirlwinds of Light in your energies now!

Just accept that and allow it to do its work, if you wish.

All of your higher selves are working with us. It’s all going up into the Light, up out of the crown chakra, up into the Light of the higher realms.

Everything dense is being transmuted. Anything that feels dark and gray—heavy, like a heavy leaden cloud of density—put it inside the Transmuting Violet Flame, and see it turn to pure Light!

This is your birthright, dear ones, this kind of empowerment. This is who you are! And it’s so beautiful.

We welcome you, all of you, to this new life you have built, that you have declared is yours and always shall be.

There is always more Light to move up into. That’s the beauty of it. The upward path never ends, and it can be Joyful every day.

We see your beauty, and your strength and your power, even if you yourselves aren’t feeling too powerful at times.

We see that in you, and it’s just the most stunning image. And we’re very full of thanks for all of you. Yes, indeed!

And in all of this, dear ones, we are with you, always.


The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, September 17th, 2022


The Collective: Being in Crisis Mode

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

COR: I’ve come out to the park today here in Santa Fe to connect with Nature for a bit.

And to ask all of our higher selves, the Collective, everyone who is cheering us on right now, to send us some beautiful healing and supportive energies, because we’re going through so much that it’s just astounding.

I do see great changes happening on the Earth. I think everyone does.

But I’m going to ask our friends to speak, whether I’m relaying their words or they’re speaking through me—I’m going to ask them to speak about how so many feel to be in crisis mode.

And it’s not only due to some physical issue, or a financial one, or a job or relationship, or whatever it is.

There are many, many reasons now—many, many situations that require a higher viewpoint, so that we don’t feel lost.

I’m wondering if something special is happening that we haven’t even thought of yet, in addition to these astounding energies coming in!

So just open to receive—I’ve asked the Collective to flow energies to all of you, and likewise, the higher selves working with each individual, to let you know how provided for you are.

How beautifully supported you are. How precious and invaluable your presence is. I don’t think I could say that enough!

And I completely understand that there are going to be moments of, “All right—I’ve done this third dimensional thing. I’m finished now! It’s gotten too weird.”

I would just beg you not to [let yourself] feel like giving up.

When you do that, you leave yourself vulnerable to the intrusion of many entities and energies that will happily take over, and they will only make your life plenty more miserable.

And your life is well worth living, friend. It is!

So I’m asking the Collective if they’ve got a word for us, as we’re looking at the Sun through the leaves.

And they seem to be saying:

“We are aware of the difficulty, dear ones, of these tremendous changes. Aware that you feel sometimes that it’s all a bit too much.

And [wish to say] that when you hit a moment of crisis, that crisis is not meant to unseat you, and to move you in such a way that you are no longer rooted on this Earth, because you are.

Even more beautifully rooted than this lovely tree—even more beautiful and more precious and invaluable.

It isn’t a sign that “things are only going to get worse from here on in”—not at all!

It’s a sign that the changes are so great, and the upleveling of your own vibration is so powerful, that you’re having a hard time understanding why you’re still struggling.

Why you haven’t moved so completely into the fifth dimension that everything flows to you: your perfect health, beautiful Abundance, wonderful loving relationships.

All of that can happen!

All of that is unfolding! Absolutely it is.

It just takes understanding that the majority of the work happens in your sleep state.

And that the majority of the realizations are going to come up in unexpected moments and not necessarily the moment that you feel you most need them.

So it requires that you stand back, dear ones.

It requires that you open up—open your arms right now, palms up. Or do it in your heart-space.

And say, “Yes! I receive all things that are good and perfect for me! I AM never alone.”

It can be very demanding to go through all the changes you’re going through, and witness all the changes happening on your Earth, and witness all the changes happening in your government, and in your media, and in your “social circles,” shall we say, to include the royals—the so-called royals—in that.

They know their time is up, all of the old crowd.

All of this old symbolism—it no longer serves.

What does serve—serve you and all humanity—is this beautiful realization that the New Earth is not ephemeral; it’s not just a dream.

It’s coming forward right now as quickly and fully and powerfully as possible, without these energies coming in leaving everyone incapacitated!

They’re coming in as powerfully as they can, and the changes are occurring as fast as they can, without a complete failure of all Earth systems, which would leave millions upon millions of people utterly bereft.

You knew all this before incarnating.

So now that you’re facing it “in reality,” as they say—in the outer world—you’re beginning to understand that the shifts you have prayed for couldn’t happen until the old structure was brought to the ground.

And we say that often, as we realize, and many are a bit tired of it, understandably!

And yet, all of you are participating in that—in the dismantling of the old structures, and the rooting and construction of the new.

Some of it is going to resemble the great civilizations of the past, and some of it’s only going to resemble this new fifth dimensional Earth.

It is nevertheless still being rooted.

So when you feel there’s not enough health, or money, or jobs that pay well, or good places to live that aren’t overpriced, or “good people to become my new partner or friend,” or what have you—when you are feeling a lack, you want to rise up above, in your thinking, the Earth you have always known.

Because all of the dark, older [survival] teachings are going to come through now, and they’re going to seem some days pretty sensible.

Because it’s what you’ve known, and what you were taught.

In fact, they are not sensible, and they are not going to help you.

So in your thinking, you rise up above this Earthly plane, and into that powerful stream of energy that is constantly flowing through the Universe.

And let that become your reality.

Stand in the middle of that incredibly brilliant sparkling Light, and draw to you the energy of that which you desire.

And give Thanks as if it were already here.

You can do this right now if you’d like, dear ones.

Go up that stream of sparkling Light that connects your consciousness to the higher realms . . .

Enter into pure Light, and as you look around you, you realize that you are pure, brilliant Light as well!

And nothing can hold you back!

Then see that beautiful sparkling stream of energy flowing toward you.

It might be green . . . it might be gold or silver, or all of that.

We know you seek healing, dear ones! We know you seek your freedom now.

All of this, an absolutely beautiful and sacred journey.

So now allow that Light, that stream of Light, to flow into you. Breathe it in deeply—let it go into every cell of the body.

That stream of energy that is exactly what you desire. And only require that it come to you in the way that is for your higher good.

There are no emergencies, dear ones, even if it feels that way.

The more time you spend concentrating on the energetic value and energetic underpinnings of everything you call outer life, the less you will stress, and the more you will give Thanks.

Because in time you will come to realize, “I AM that Source from which all beautiful and fine and good and loving things and moments will flow!”

“I AM that beautiful Light! No one can put out this Light! Nothing can dim it!”

And so we send much Love, dear ones.


The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 22nd, 2022

The Collective Through Caroline Oceana Ryan: The Transmuting Violet Flame


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:  Today’s message is from Lady Master Portia


COR: I’ve been thinking about how difficult it is for Starseed, who come from planets, in terms of soul origin—come from planets that are Just.

That don’t have millions upon millions of people starving, or several million people subjected to the horrors of war at any one time.

They don’t have lack. They don’t have people living in their cars.

They don’t have people shut out from jobs, or held at the border for a year or more in unsafe conditions.

All of these unjust situations, and those are only a few—they just don’t exist on other [higher dimensional] planets.

So Starseeds come here, and they have to deal with a lot that just does not make sense to them—it makes zero sense.

I speak with Lady Master Portia at times—keeper of the Violet Flame, Goddess of Justice and Opportunity.

I asked if she would speak to us today, because I feel like it’s just so difficult at times to make sense of what’s happening on this Earth.

And I know we love this Earth, whether we originally come from Her or not. Probably most of us come from elsewhere, in terms of soul origin.

And it’s just difficult, isn’t it, to see all these situations where you want things to be on keel, and you want there to be Peace and fulfillment.

And you’re thinking, “Isn’t this the Sat Yuga? And where’s NESARA?”

And “What about all this Light pouring in? Shouldn’t things be OK?”

And people will email me, and ask me these questions—“How can we be in the fifth dimension, or How can we be moving into the fifth dimension, and yet there’s all of this madness going on?”

So let’s call in Lady Portia; let’s see if she will speak with us [about Divine Justice].

Let’s go into our breathing for a moment . . . breathing in through the nose with mouth closed . . . breathing out through the open mouth with sort of a “haaa” sound . . .

And we’ll call her forward—just a moment . . .

LADY MASTER PORTIA: Well, greetings, dear ones! We are quite honored to have this moment to speak with all you.

And we are aware of these inequalities that this dear one was just speaking of.

We are aware of how strange it is; how it feels as if the fifth dimension is very far away indeed some days!

And this is understandable.

But all of us in the higher realms—and we are both in the higher realms and upon the Earth—we multilocate, as all of you do as well at times, without realizing it—but all of us are desiring very, very much that you come to understand that you didn’t come to this Earth for perfect outcomes in the same paradigm that you view the issues and the challenges, and what people call problems—which are generally of their own design.

So one might as well look at an issue, a problem, a challenge, and say, “No, that’s not a problem. It’s my design! It’s humanity’s design.

“We decided to learn in this particular way. Yes, it looks like a mess, we realize! But we’re not going to trouble ourselves about the actual form of that mess.

“We’re going to move into a space where we remember that we didn’t come here just to move things around outwardly, physically, and fix issues physically.”

Perfectly wonderful to help others. Look at this lovely garden—beautiful things can be built outwardly, certainly!

But in terms of the larger issues, dear ones, you came in to shift the vibration that created them to begin with.

That’s a bigger job, but it’s also the one that’s going to do it for you. The one that’s going to really work for you.

So in my capacity daily, working with the law, working with issues of Justice and working with issues requiring certain shifts and changes on this planet, and opening portals for that—

Not fixing everything, not rescuing you—you don’t require rescuing—but just helping to shift things a bit vibrationally to where all of you are capable of waking up a bit more.

And realizing you’re being assisted, and realizing your extreme and complete empowerment, which you haven’t claimed completely.

And you haven’t claimed them, all those beautiful gifts, because you’ve been thinking that “Isn’t NESARA going to happen?

“What about my Star Nation families?

“How about the fact that I feel so disabled on this planet? Things are so strange! Things are never what I expect them to be.

“It’s just strange, feeling to be out of sorts. Feeling to not fit in.”

And we understand this completely.

All of the Ascended Masters come from elsewhere.

They come from planets of Peace, and galaxies of Peace, and they came here not to feel discouraged any more than you did, but to feel empowered by the realization that even when one is in the physical—a beautiful gift; an astounding experience—no one could talk you out of it!—but even when one is in the physical, one still has the ability to shift vibrations.

This is not at all unusual. You do it all the time without realizing it!

Now take an issue that is difficult for you, dear ones, and put it into that transforming and Transmuting Violet Flame of Saint Germain.

He is by my side as I speak.

And now put in your entire self—step into that [cool] Violet Flame.

If you’re not good at imaging, that’s all right. Stand up and take a step forward. Image that flame in front of you in that moment.

Or if you can’t do that, that’s all right. Just know that you are moving into it.

You can do this at any time!

Put whatever heaviness you are carrying now, dear ones—put that into that Flame, and say, “I command you to move to a higher level. Your vibration increases daily!”

And you can do this with the issues that are plaguing you—on the Earth, and the issues that plague you personally.

Doesn’t matter what they are, how they began. Do what you can to come out of self-blame, self-criticism.

Release all that, dear ones! It’s not who you are.

Who you are is pure Love. Who you are is Divinity Itself!

And call out to your Star Nation family. You know they are constantly with you—you know this! You visit with them so, so often!

In your sleep state, you are reaching out to them. They are there for you.

You’re aboard the ships.

You’re doing so much, dear ones! You’re doing so much to assist the Earth. You’re doing so much to grow and to Ascend.

You must give yourself beautiful credit for that.

And know how loved you are. You’re not left behind for an instant.

So use that Violet Flame, especially when you feel nothing else has worked—wonderful! Perfect!

That means you’re really moving up.

So all of us, we send much Love, dear ones!

And I extend a special line of Light to your heart, that you will feel encouraged in these days, and allow yourself to come Home to Who you really are.


The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, August 3d, 2022

The Collective: We are Asking that You just Relax, regarding the State of the World

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and higher beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! Another quick message from the creek side.

We are asking that you just relax, regarding the state of the world.

You might want to think of something that’s difficult for you, about how the world’s economy is going, or how it’s going politically, or global warming, high temperatures—whatever it is that’s troubling you, [as you’re] wondering, “Where’s NESARA? Won’t it ever come?”

And breathe in for just a moment as if all of that were finished, and NESARA was actually here—you were hearing it announced in this moment.

And do what you can to capture the Joy of that!

Put your hand on your heart, and say “Thank you . . . Thank you!” many times over, if that works for you.

If you prefer to jump up and down, or dance or sing, that is fine!

And so, do whatever it is that you would do if NESARA had happened, and the planet was already being assisted by beautiful higher technologies, and higher energies of the Angelic realms and the galactic realms.

For indeed it is already being assisted, it’s just that it will be a far greater level of assistance, once NESARA is fully announced and enacted.

So give yourself that moment, dear ones!

Breathe easily, fully . . . but not too deeply. And there’s no rush . . .

You’re breathing into the calm and the Peacefulness of NESARA, as much as the Joy.

And as you’re watching this water rushing past—look, these are your life energies! Flowing so beautifully.

Does it get stopped by the rocks? No!

It runs over them, and in time it wears them down. No problem!

You are at least as powerful as thousands of years of water, racing away. And at least as Joyful!

So allow yourself that, dear ones!

And with you, we also cheer on NESARA now!

We send much Love, and many blessings.

You are never alone, in any of this.


The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 25th, 2022

The Collective Through Caroline Oceana Ryan: Creating Solutions to Earth Issues


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Today’s Message is a video with an energy-embedded visualization. The transcript is below.

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

Something that we have noticed, and that you have also noticed lately, is how powerful the energies are, that are flowing to the Earth at present.

So let’s just work with those for a little bit . . .
Breathing in slowly through the nose with mouth closed, then [slowly] breathing out with sort of a “haaaaa” sound through the open mouth.

Continue breathing this way . . .

And if you can, image a beautiful stream of Divine Golden Light flowing down from the higher realms . . . wonderful . . .

It fills your entire being and all the space around you. It takes in your aura, and takes in your radiance beyond that.

And it flows deep into the Earth as well—deep into Inner Earth, so that you are perfectly anchored into Earth, as well as being connected to the higher realms.

[Now send your inner awareness up that stream of Divine Golden Light, up into the higher realms.]

And now let’s all stand in that beautiful Circle of Light that we create as needed.

You can hear the chimes perhaps in the background, or the bird song.

Know that the essence of Mother Gaia is always with you, even when your spirit or consciousness is in the higher realms.

And this includes when you are in your sleep state, and traveling a bit, doing your beautiful Earth mission work.

Just place everything troubling you about these powerful energies, including some days perhaps, your doubt that you can integrate them fully, or integrate them peacefully—place all of that in the Circle of Light.

It doesn’t negate the growth and expansion you are experiencing from this powerful Light.

It simply assures that you are receiving assistance in the integration of that Light.

These are sentient Light codes—they speak directly to your spirit, to every cell in the body, every particle of your being.
There is going to be a fear [due to this process] from the subconscious that you are being asked to give up portions of your spirit or psyche that are important to you, and that you don’t want to lose, that you don’t want to forget.

And so put that into the Circle of Light as well.

You don’t have to figure everything out! You don’t have to say, “Well—how’s that going to work?”

You just put it into the Circle of Light, dear ones.

And that includes your questions about things such as, “What’s becoming of our healthcare? What’s becoming of our economy?

“What’s going on with education in our schools? Are children safe in our schools?”

“What’s happening with our government—it seems to be sort of imploding.” (And one could say that for a number of governments on the Earth!)

Put all those questions into the Circle of Light, as well as anything that’s troubling you right now.

Because so much is in flux, that it is easy to feel at times that things are a bit out of control, and just too unpredictable for you to feel comfortable.

So as you’ve put all these items into the Circle of Light, and anything else troubling you, or a loved one whom you are concerned for, and any other issue—

Know that we are working to assist you in moving all this up to a higher level vibrationally.

And to assist you in releasing that unconscious feeling that it’s just not safe to be on the Earth right now—that things are too uncertain.

Or there’s too much change being required of you at once. Very easy to feel that!

This can come across as a feeling of pressure, almost of a shock, some days.

Almost as if you’d sort of put your hand into the Light socket accidentally, and received a sharp jolt there.

And so you have your moments of wondering, Am I going to be perpetually in shift?

Or is there going to come a moment when things seem to calm down and even out, and I can be easygoing again?

Really, you haven’t had too many [Earth] lives where you felt very sure of things!

For the most part, you have had religious structures or spiritual rituals to carry you through moments of unsureness, and to call forth from the quantum field (although you wouldn’t have called it that then, probably, in other lives—in past centuries, at any rate!)—to call forth from that endless quantum field the most beautiful outcome possible.

So draw into your heart right now—we’re producing the energy, or calling forth the energy into the Circle of Light, of the highest, most benevolent outcome of every single issue you have put into the Circle of Light.

So just draw that [energy] into your heart right now.

It’s sparkling silver, or sparkling gold. Or it might be sparkling emerald or rose, or cobalt blue, or bright yellow—you decide what feels right to you.

If you have issues of the heart occurring, perhaps it will be the rose ray color.

But draw that cloud or mist of sparkling energy—tiny pinpoints of Light—you’re just drawing those into your being—into your spirit, into your consciousness.

It’s all in and all around, above and below you now. Every bit of it.

You don’t have to think hard. You can know that your [Spirit] team are going to relay to you ideas [to assist you on these issues] in the coming hours or days, or a week or so.

Any time you feel a bit insecure, you’re going to go back to this image of drawing in the Divine Solution or resolution, or the perfect upgrade.

For many of you, that has to do with health, Peace of mind, perhaps finances—your whole Abundance vibration.

And Abundance, dear ones, encompasses many things. Many, many things!

Many of you have sent in questions recently about Abundance, asking different questions.

And we are more than happy to engage with you on that, and likewise the gods and goddesses of prosperity, good fortune, gold, and all forms of health and well-being.

So that’s what the new book will be, but for right now, you are just drawing in that beautiful Light to assist you.

Drawing in that beautiful Light to comfort and support you.

This is where you begin everything!

[Everything in the outer world] always begins with an energy absorption; an energy draw, and formation [of an outer form] from pure raw energy.

So you might just breathe it in right now—as you’re breathing in, you’re breathing in that energy [of the solutions and new forms you want to create].

If you can’t image it very well, that’s all right. Just breathe in, and know that you’re perfectly supported in all ways.

Check in with your team occasionally: “Is there anything I need to do to address any of these issues I brought forth to the Circle of Light?”

And if you don’t hear them directly, just say, “Fill my thoughts with your wisdom, and I’ll know it all comes from you!”

Wonderful, dear ones!

So when you’re ready, come back down that beautiful pillar of Light.

Back to the Earth . . . down fully into your body, into the room . . . stretching a bit . . . very joyful to have taken this journey!

And you can do this at any time; we are happy to meet you there. Likewise, all of your beautiful guides, Angels, and higher self.

Wonderful, dear ones! We send much Love.


The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan: Time Grows Shorter to NESARA Full Enactment, July 6, 2022

The Collective: Time Grows Shorter to NESARA Full Enactment

By Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

We have spoken a great deal lately on the great renewal and rebirth that this Earth and all Her beings are experiencing now.

Not surprisingly, this has created expressions of upheaval on the planet that are also unprecedented for this era.

These events require an unusual form of calm, of allowing and accepting, on the part of Light Bringers.

In fact, you are many days expressing levels of inner strength and resilience that you might have preferred to have never needed!

You are aware that the past 10 years or more have represented a noticeable shift in the Universal era, and that the passage out of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Destruction, has not always been a smooth one.

And so, now you are wondering, Is this becoming a way of life?

Or is there a final Light at the end of the tunnel? One that’s not an oncoming train?

Ah, some humor in this question! Yet also a tiredness, that so much has been happening, without obvious victory on the part of the Light.

We will say, that the time grows increasingly shorter between all of you and NESARA’s full enactment, yet there are stresses you wish us to address.

Recently we were asked what would become of everyone’s finances, if the banks decided to absorb their customers’ funds to save themselves, an action allowable by law in the United States, and many other countries.

And of course, laws protecting the old power structure, including the old economic forms, were created by those who feel they have the most to lose, once their own machinations brought forward one form of economic collapse or another.

Many of these are movements orchestrated by the old power structure, yet the collapse is occurring far more on that very crowd.

They have schemed to once again bring things to the dust, so that they are in a position to pluck whatever assets remain and claim them for themselves, while the rest struggle.

Understandably, you have all lived many lives where you saw this occur, time and again.

Much practice at seeing familiar structures fail, in one life after another, has taught you caution, stress, and even fear.

Yet this time, you are aware on a very deep level, is different to the nth degree.

This era carries a Light and a higher purpose, breaking through the old facade of deception, that no other Earth era has known.

So then the question becomes, Which do you really belong to—the old Earth, or the New one?

It is so that very little of what is occurring now will make sense to you, or seem to be acceptable.

If you expect that the delusions of regularity and sameness would continue—that the outer structures of Earth life would simply carry on unperturbed, till one magical day when NESARA is announced, we can tell you—

This cannot be so.

Humanity’s increasing loss of freedoms was intentionally permitted by your race long ago, when the great experiment of duality was allowed in, for the experiences and new forms of self-knowledge it would bring you as individuals, as cultures, and as a planetary species.

It may feel unbelievable to you now, that you could ever wish for the violence, destruction, and despair that humanity has endured for centuries.

And indeed, you did not wish for the extremes of the third dimensional experience!—not to the level which you and your planet have experienced.

And so a call was sent out, by Earth and by your own soul groups, asking for assistance in freeing the planet from those forces who had carried things too far.

And you yourselves were amongst those who answered, to assist the planet and protect Her from further destruction, and to assist humanity in taking part in the Light frequencies reaching you now, originating from the Great Central Sun.

These frequencies could have been enough to break up the human construct, to be too powerful for the Earth to sustain Herself within, while the usurper power structure worked its greatest density—and so, you came forward to assist.

It is the work of Light Beings such as yourselves that has sustained humanity as you have moved from a place of dark despair, and unsustainable forms of life—one that was leading to your planet’s disintegration—to a form of life that is transitioning to a fifth dimensional level.

This is not “magic.”

Not some unexplained, unexpected joyful moment that suddenly erupts and lifts everyone witnessing it to new heights, without explanation, and without any guarantee of permanent change, without active engagement on your part.

This is very real.

As sure as you breathe in this moment, dear ones, you are saving your planet, your human race, and your own souls’ own integral structures, by the Light you carry and install deep into the Earth and all living systems, purely by your presence.

We will not describe what would have occurred on your Earth, had you and many others not come forward at this time, enjoining many in the higher realms to assist, along with millions of benevolent extradimensional and extraterrestrial beings.

From all over the galaxy, and throughout this Universe, you and they have answered the call to come forth and assist at a time when life hung so precariously in the balance.

Your presence and that of others, including the Ashtar Command, has meant the avoidance of the extremes that Earth life might have been brought to, had you not come forward at this time.

Yes, you are that powerful and yes, this was your intention, on a higher level.

And so again we ask, To which do you belong? The old Earth, or the New one?

And of course, you will say the New Earth.

Yet you are feeling some days that the loss of the old Earth is too extreme—too much of a jolt.

You would desire that economic systems remain as they were, as that is most comforting—that all remain as they always have been, however unequal and unjust those systems were, as that is what you have known for centuries.

You would prefer that relationships, jobs, health systems, even governments, remain as they were for the most part, till that lovely moment when All Is Well.

Yet we assure you, the roots of the old system have had to be pulled up fully before the New, living constructs could be planted.

For one, the soil, air, and water must be purified, and the obvious need for the change made plain to the vast majority of humanity.

And so then the challenge becomes not only to remain patient and calm during great shifts and upheavals, but to welcome or at least accept the quakes and shakes of great change.

These shakeups are those exact reorganizations that are bringing in the Divine New Earth social, economic, environmental, and political structures you have long envisioned.

Amidst the tumult you see now, note how those who have long corrupted your systems have created a structure that has served only a tiny minority, suppressing the natural Joy, gifts, intentions, dreams, and inherent rights of the great majority.

Be aware that many in that majority would greatly doubt and dismiss the importance of great change—the need for it—without first being made aware of why a new Divine Law must be established now.

Most of the human race would have preferred to stay in struggle, as that is all they have known for thousands of years,

The power and pull of the familiar has been their safe refuge from the uncertainty of change.

And yet—Change has come, and far more on the way!

You who stand quite consciously in the Light are aware of this, yet judge the changes that are occurring as too much, too dark or difficult, too strenuous and full of uncertainty—and where is that beautiful New Earth so many have dreamt of for so long?

We will explain, that it is within you, friends!

You are the ones birthing it in the present moment.

Bringing it in with your expectations, your warmth and kindness, your being “illogically” happy (for no reason), and your dedication to establishing calm and inner quiet each morning, before you begin the day.

You have invested your life energies not in the unchanging sameness of the old (which has been your cage, not your comfort), but in the New!

Celebrate the shifts—the revelations of a congressional committee’s interviewee, the growing awareness that this country or that must come out of constant war with itself and others, the developments that put the old controllers out of the seats of power, the new level the awareness that human beings must have control over their own bodies.

Much of this is born out of pain, shock, disbelief—and yet, out of these agonizing birth pains, the New Human is born.

You have come to anchor the Light, and you are doing that very thing.

This is a far greater journey than sitting and waiting for things to get better!

It is greater than feeling unhappy at seeing the old, false, familiar structure being made to dissolve.

Despite the oppressive reactions of the old power structure, despite the outbursts of violence or bad behavior—open your eyes more fully, and look!

The Awakening has come, as evident from the loud clamor the old crowd raise as they are being pulled off of their self-appointed thrones.

Yes, the view at the moment can be grim—and allow it!

Accept it as a cleansing; the most logical and necessary end to a dark era that has lasted thousands of years.

Let these events awaken the masses, while they remind you to remain grounded in a finer, inner reality, without constant reference to outer appearance.

For appearance is all it is, friends!

You live in a kind of hologram, where co-Creation of outer life (including Peace and Plenty) await your projected thought, imaging, and expectation.

The rest is up to you.

Namaste, dear ones! Look to the skies, and remember Who you are!

You are never alone.

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, June 26th, 2022

The Collective: One is to be Prepared, Not to Panic about the Conditions of Present or Future

by Caroline Oceana Ryan


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This week, we speak to another issue that a Light Bearer asked about, one that is troubling many now:

COR: My friends, several people have written in asking about the issue of storing food and other supplies, in case there is a major food shortage, or another lockdown scenario, or civil unrest at some point, later this year or next year.

I feel that these are too often fear-based messages that people pick up in the media, yet I would never say to someone, “Don’t be prepared for an emergency situation,” because you never know what location will be troubled by extreme weather or some other situation that has people buying items like mad. Or a breakdown in the supply chain, which we’re already seeing for some items.

Strange times we are in! So much Light coming in, yet the upheaval can be a bit much at times.

What is your answer on this issue?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends! We are very happy to have this chance to speak with you today.

As we noted last week, this is indeed a great moment of renewal and rebirth, spurring on a level of upheaval on your planet. An unprecedented moment, in all ways!

This is cause for celebration, and yet on another level, also this is also a time to tap into an inner strength and resilience, such as most prefer to practice only rarely.

Yet it is now, for many around the world, an everyday form of living.

When one hears that there may be food shortages coming (though one does not need to experience such), or other issues, there is a feeling that one ought to “get ready” for an upcoming time of hardship,

The storing up of food and other provisions is a very old survival practice which humanity has used for thousands of years, often out of necessity. Storing grain, water, and other long-lasting foods was often a very wise measure, insisted upon by the leaders of a clan, community, or nation, as they knew that even if the weather, crops, or hunting or fishing was in positive form for the moment, this would not always be the case.

Always your Earth has sought to renew Herself, to turn with the tides of the stars and planets, as your oceans turn with the pull of the moon and change with the seasons.

All is in constant cyclic motion upon the Earth, as it has always been. And so, yes—there is in many still, the pre-ancient desire to store up goods for thinner times. This is quite understandable.

With the emergency situations of the past few years, many have felt the ephemerality and fragility of life far more than usual. They may have lost loved ones to illness, or lost the expected presence of ongoing income, work, home, schooling, or other everyday structures in their life. They are not aware of, or not believing in, the efficacy of calling upon higher dimensional and extra-dimensional resources for help and support.

Yet you on Earth are surrounded now by billions of ships from throughout this and other galaxies, as the tide now also turns regarding the end of Earth’s ruling factions.

These persons and their false government structures are being removed now, at a pace at which stability in Earth systems can be maintained. In some cases, some persons are choosing to step down from their positions of false power, to either return to the Light or to attempt to escape that Divine Justice that in truth, they cannot escape.

Though much upheaval and disturbance has been occurring, these are reactions on the part of the outgoing power structure, and not indication of a permanent downhill trajectory for human life.

We would say that there are two perspectives on this issue, and that only one of them is based on a Peaceful and Divinely led vibration.

What many are experiencing now is not a wise gathering of stores of food, water, and other essentials, but a panic or fear-based reaction to misinformation offered with via fear vibration.  In these cases, what people are doing when they gather stores for future use, is unconsciously paving the energetics of their life for long-term shortages and uncertainty to enter their experience on a deep level.

We do not blame these persons for reacting to fear-based messages.

The temptation is great to believe misleading news reports and pseudo-authoritative forms such as blogs, videos, social media messages, and interviews and commentary from self-appointed experts on the future. Yet these messages too often hold the intention to entrain people’s energies into feelings of panic and lack, therefore assisting the departing power structure’s aims of holding the masses in thrall to their messages, and not to a higher reality.

Yet that higher reality awaits all who make the conscious choice to experience such. In that reality, there are no shortages of any length that disturb, frighten, or harm those who might experience them.

For those who consciously choose to live in expectation of Abundance at all times,, there are no shortages that have any real impact on their lives; these are taken to be an inconvenience, if they occur at all.

These ones have decided that if they do put by canned or frozen foods and other basic supplies, it is not done out of fear or expectation of lack.

It is carried out in a spirit of a celebration of Abundance, of the thought-feeling that “I always have more than is needed at the moment. There is always a beautiful flow of Abundance in my life!”

This is similar to viewing savings accounts as a affirmation of the flow of Abundance. Not as a rescue operation in times of emergency, but as an affirmation that you always have an overflow of Abundance in your life.

The one who views their savings as being “for emergencies” is unconsciously expecting and in a way, planning an emergency in that moment, as part of them will understandably always desire to use that money for one reason or another.

Now clearly, if one quite calmly ensures that they have a first-aid kit, flashlights with active batteries, and some nonperishable food, blankets, and water stored—this does not invite emergency, as it is done dispassionately, and not out of fear. This sort of action draws on the common belief that, like the kings and clan leaders of old, this is a simply a wise measure to take, in case these things are ever needed.

One puts them by to be prepared, not to panic about the conditions of present or future.

Extra food stores can be viewed in the same way, yet we would consider them more to be affirmations of Abundance than anything else—not a fear-based plan for facing a presumed future of panic and lack. In the same way, a wise person eats as healthfully as they can, exercises often, and takes vitamins and supplements as needed, to support their health. The higher choice being not to do these things out of fear of illness, but from a love of good health and all its benefits.

We would say, that in this time of ongoing misinformation meant to confuse, misinform, frighten, and control the minds of humanity, that it is vital that you protect yourselves from the density of dark intentions and their many outlets.

Steep yourselves in positive messages, in life-affirming supports, and in frequent breaks from the onslaught of screen images and projections about “what is coming,” whether internet or television, or any other outlet. We understand that the lure of these messages is powerful.

Those who create the “alternative news” sources are aware of what words and phrases to use, what level of urgency to include, and what tone to take vibrationally to entrain their audience in low frequencies that trigger very old subconscious fears, often ones that relate to disaster scenarios experienced in this and other lives.

We encourage you to become highly conscious of what is happening on these television and radio shows, films, videos, posts, and articles.

Do what you can to realize that these are not your true authorities, in the greater sense, and that the only true authority in your life, if you need one, is your own higher self, and Divine Love itself.

No presence of a higher vibration wishes for you to live in fear, to expect calamity, or to feel nervous about potential futures.

And so we would say, most assuredly, have added items on hand if you wish—yet do so to confirm that you are constantly watched over, blessed, guided, and assisted at all times.

You are never alone, dear ones! That could never be. More assistance appears now, and of a greater magnitude, than you can even yet grasp, though soon enough, you will see it with your own eyes.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, June 18th, 2022

Lies, Misinformation, False Constructs and Discernment

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

This week, we answer a question sent in by a Light Bearer regarding which news articles and reports to take seriously, and which to disregard.

COR: My friends, a community member has written in about an article they read recently, that stated that two powerful countries have a plan to attack the United States, then occupy it.

There are so many articles and videos being released now that dwell on Armageddon-type scenarios of large-scale destruction. People are hungry for information, and it’s to know what information to trust.

Even the alternative media is too often controlled by corrupt sources.

In this time, humanity has the chance to focus the energies we are receiving from our Sun Sol and from the Great Central Sun, to shift the energetic vibration of the Earth and human life to a much higher level.

Yet after thousands of years of disempowerment, millions are looking for predictions about what is coming, as if they had no determining influence over Earth life.

Many of us feel that all in the heavenly realms are assisting us now, and that humanity has not been abandoned. Yet the misinformation continues.

What is your answer to those who see these kinds of articles or interviews, and wonder who or what to believe?

THE COLLECTIVE: Greetings, friends! We are very happy to have this moment to speak with you today.

This is indeed a great moment on your planet, and an unprecedented one, on all levels.

The very chemical / molecular makeup of Earth elements, including the human construct, are shifting so powerfully that you may have moments when you feel to be somewhere other than the Earth you have known for eons.

Some are reacting to these shifts and changes with feelings of great uncertainty, which is entirely understandable.

They then unconsciously follow the training humanity has been locked into for thousands of years, to look to those who proclaim themselves to be well-informed or authoritative, to try to grasp what is happening.

Even the darker predictions seem to support the idea that this person or that is well-informed, and that at least some information is attainable.

And indeed, some of it is, yet we would not look to most of your media “sources” to reveal such.

There is an entire construct, created long ago, to put forth forms of information that are in fact a lie.

They are created to misguide human thought and energies, and provide only energetic disruption and entrainment, a lowered vibration, and mental distraction.

You may correctly sense at times that some of those who speak from places of influence, including leadership positions, appear to be human, yet are not.

Their role is to spread confusion, fear, chaos, and dependence upon the old system of enslavement.

Misinformation tends to be built on forms of psychological and energetic manipulation, including provoking trauma responses.

Much media will therefore use a variety of means, including symbolism, violent images, certain tonal frequencies, and neural-linguistic programming, to promote their message to the masses.

Many of these messages bring up long-buried memories of the traumatic events of humanity’s past, including wars and other devastating events and circumstances.

These may not be consciously recalled by human beings, yet they nevertheless stir old fears, and feelings of a need for self-preservation.

These are orchestrated attempts to hold humanity in fear, so that the higher frequencies flowing to you now will have less or an effect, or a far slower effect, on the human spirit and heart-mind.

We would say, that these attempts, as loud and constant as they are, with entire film industries and other media behind them, are nevertheless failing to keep the human construct from evolving into the new Light being consciousness and the crystalline cellular structure.

They fail because that which is built on deception and density no longer holds the same influence and presence in human life that it held during the era of the Kali Yuga, the Age of Destruction. 

Though you still see destruction occurring in some places on Earth, you also now see new forms of birth and rebirth occurring, as new constructs come forward.

New forms of energy and communication (including telepathy), new forms of healing and health awareness, the creation of conscious communities, increasing levels of spiritual growth—all this and more emerges now, as well as the understanding that you are not alone in this Universe.

We will speak briefly to the misinformation offered in the article you refer to, which is a part of an overall dark construct to keep human thought locked inside of sectarian separatism and duality.

As that time is at an end, even those who have been raised to live in constant suspicion of any culture that appears to be at odds with the West, are beginning to awaken.

They are becoming increasingly aware of the mental deceptions and energetic traps that have permeated the so-called free societies.

Hierarchies are a construct created long ago by those who benefitted from the use of advanced technologies—ones that appeared to be magical or Divine, to those whose planet they had invaded, or were ordered to govern.

Though you may feel that invasions from other planets and star systems occurred long ago, and have no bearing now on Earth life, we would say, there has been little interruption of certain forms of that influence for thousands of years—until now.

Now the higher Light flows forward, and the determination of human soul groups to move forward with Earth’s Ascension and liberation has broken through much of the old forms of mental and emotional manipulation.

Though not yet fully removed, you are now increasingly conscious of those manipulations, and how they are affecting you.

The assertion that one country could either annihilate or invade and occupy another can appear to be true outwardly, yet the greater truth lies in the soul determinations of those involved, whether they are in the role of aggressor or the role of defender.

What one chooses to experience in any one Earth life can be a complex undertaking.

It cannot be judged from without, though certainly, the experiment of duality that Earth and humanity took on eons ago has gone further in its extremes, and gone on longer, than could be called fruitful or positive.

We will say that it is not so that the United States will be destroyed, or overtaken by any new invader—that was decided some time ago.

Of course there are those who, in a last-ditch effort to entrain humanity to the duality of “good vs. bad” thoughts and beliefs, will spread the idea that such events are not only possible, but imminent.

In truth, this is an old story, not a new one.

The United States has long labored under the occupying forces of the old power structure, as has most Earth life.

That structure has managed to either destroy or enslave not only the nonwhite, but also the white residents of that continent, albeit in different ways, as they have on every continent.

Energetic entrainment can be a powerful form of enslavement, and that method has been carried out against the human race en masse for thousands of years, with only a few indigenous cultures, small and well-hidden amongst the natural environment, managing to escape that long reach.

Given that, you may see that the answer to humanity regaining its sovereignty and soul-based freedoms does not lie in any one political construct, as you know them.

This is one great reason why we speak often of NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, which though passed into law, is not yet fully enacted.

NESARA is based on the precept that the principles of Divine Justice must be the baseline for all judicial and legislative constructs—all of Earth life.

It does not matter which country “believes” this or that, or that they have this army or this or that political construct, which clearly puts them in the category of “dangerous” and “aggressive” militarily or otherwise.

Any aware and conscious person in the United States or any country that has had its turn at being a “great empire,” will know that their own country has been judged by the world as dangerous and acquisitive, moving into others’ territories, destroying lives and properties at will, and stealing resources they judge to be valuable.

Human life has followed those paths for many centuries—should you only now notice this, and stress over it?

We would say, the best news source is your own higher mind, your own higher self and their powerful wisdom, and that which you command forth from Divine Wisdom itself.

Ask to be shown what is truly happening on the planet. The answer will amaze you, in beautiful ways.

The trees will tell you. The air, soil and water will tell you.

Your own heart-mind, if steeped in the peaceful practice of meditating on what is a fifth dimensional and higher reality, will reveal much to you.

Realize that whatever occurs on the Earth now—you have a powerful say in all of it!

Your energies, your intentions, your point of focus, whether mental/emotional or otherwise—all of it goes into the great pot that is stirred by the movement of stars and planets, and answers to the requirements of what you say is real, or not real!

What is it you would prefer to see upon the Earth now?

Release all ideas that proclaim you “don’t have a say” in what is happening, or that such things are “out of your hands.”

Perhaps, centuries ago we might have agreed—to an extent—as humanity still lived under a group agreement and within an astrological era that noted the destruction of the old forms, before the new ones had yet come into view.

Yet we would say, that is no longer so, friends!

This is your time to sweep aside all dire (and false) “predictions” from those seeking to influence your heart-mind to unwittingly support an old structure that is crumbling even as we speak.

It has lost its place of power and influence, and its wails of rage and desperation can be felt throughout the cosmos.

Yet do we weep for these, who chose such a dense and difficult road for themselves, and who now are welcomed into the path Light, if they will choose such?

We cannot weep for them, or for you, dear ones.

Neither of you is without choices, without determinations or agency in creating your path.

Most assuredly, complications in Earth life still exist.

Yet so does your own co-Creative power to determine your own group and individual experience—far more than you assume, and far more than any government or religions would want you to know.

These powerful persons you fear, these armies you feel impressed by—

They are false constructs, and you can erase their importance (and eventually, their presence) on your planet, the moment enough of you decide it is time for them to go.

And so we would say, tune in only to that which you find encouraging, positive, beautiful, and empowering now.

Your nations are not disappearing, nor giving way to some new invader.

You are busy throwing off the shackles of the ones you have suffered under, and who put out these misleading videos and articles, to teach you to live in fear, and dependence upon them!

You are the ones you have waited for, and you are here upon the Earth, fully arrived and ready to lead Earth life into the new era.

So announce NESARA as real, your Ascension path as real, your full empowerment as real.

If not now, dear ones—when?

Namaste, friends!

We are watching with you, in these days of great change, as the skies fill with your star families’ presence. Great change is afoot!

And we are with you, always.

The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, April 19th, 2022

The Collective: Higher Vibrational Hue

by Caroline Oceana Ryan

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you again today.

We are aware of the tremendous situation of powerful, ongoing change you are seeing—in yourselves and others, and in your world.

This latest large astrological event, of Jupiter and Neptune becoming conjunct in Pisces, has opened up whole areas of possibility that in other eras have not been immediately available to you, or that took very great concentration to even approach.

Now so much opens up, and beckons you forward! As with Her inhabitants, your Earth’s inherent, ever-growing Light is nearly unrecognizable from what it was even one year ago.

Humanity itself has taken on a whole higher vibrational hue, and we are full of joyful appreciation for what this has meant in terms of your physical bodies, as well as your inner life.

Your very cells are “upgrading” and moving into a new and higher form of expression.

As they do so, your thoughts are also taking on a higher form of expression—untangling from the lower order of life that they had taken on for so long.

That condition was partly due to dark programming, and due to the fact that Earth Herself could only hold so much Light in third dimensional terms, on Her old timeline.

Much has changed!

Though the same old games are being played by the former powers-that-were, humanity is continuing to gain in inner sight, so as to see through the pretenses, energy traps, and false messaging.

You are also gaining in the inner strength and individuation needed to use your collective voice, and to stand your ground as you increasingly relate to the higher Light, and increasingly disengage from your previous forms of living.

You have not as a species experienced such individuation and feelings of empowerment for millennia.

Be aware that your Star families are seeing this shift and realizing what it means not only for your individual soul progressions and expansion, but for the group experience of humanity itself.

It is the path that leads directly to your seeing, knowing, and convening with them.

They will no longer be a mysterious, nearly ghostly presence that is “out there somewhere,” yet not part of your everyday life.

Being a visible, positive, active part of your life is their main interest at the moment, along with assisting you in establishing permanent Peace, free energy, and a complete healing of the planet.

Your healing is also vital to them, and they stand ready to assist on all levels, with healing technologies that are both physical and etheric.

Many even now go into meditations where they image that they are in a crystal healing chamber, whether onboard a ship, in Inner Earth, or in the etheric.

They are inwardly seeing forward to a time when anyone can seek healing, or a realignment of their life energies to a more balanced and enlightened level.

Of course, the path of becoming your higher self will continue to unfold as you direct—there will be no complete shortcut to that rebirthing.

Yet you will be then, as you are now, assisted by mentors, guides, and the higher energies of your Sun, as well as the movements of the stars and planets who also seek a higher level of consciousness.

Each has a heart and a soul, and these cry out to know a more refined, more beautiful reflection of Galactic Center, and Universal Center, Creator Source.

And they are finding such.

We do not doubt them or their path, and we do not doubt yours, dear ones!

You may doubt your path at times, or on days when it feel that the old shock and trauma of many Earth lives has come up to the surface, and it all feels to be too much to bear.

You may feel that the sadness, anger, or listlessness—the “This isn’t my Home” feeling that so many of you have felt since childhood—is a heavier weight than you wish to carry.

And you may chastise yourself for “not being spiritual enough” as some would say, that you are not automatically clear of all dense thoughts and energies to begin with.

Yet that is only so much nonsense!

It is a very old lie you must release now, en route to accepting your Galactic and intrinsically Divine nature.

It is so that many have been feeling the weight of their other lives, triggered often by events and situations in their current Earth life that make them feel less than the Divinely made Beings that they are.

You are defined by that which is endless, in beauty and in Light, in Truth, and in Divine Justice.,, when you doubt you will ever completely heal or release all that has taken you out of your higher expression, remember that you are defined by None of this.

You are defined by that which is endless, in beauty and in Light, in Truth and in Divine Justice.

You are not here to appear to be automatically perfect, fully aligned, or fully Ascended.

You came for the imperfection, and the misalignment, to discover Who you might be during and after the process of returning to pure Light and higher Love.

And so, respect that decision, friends!

So many call this time of year a time of Resurrection and Rebirth.

And so—accept such, without recrimination for yourself and the density you chose to wade through.

All higher forms of renewal and revitalization reach out to you now—open arms wide within your heart to accept this!

Know that we are always by your side, and that none of us judges you for your chosen journey to become a Being who is well-traveled in this Universe.

A Being who has developed great strength and expansiveness on a soul level, due to that which all sentient beings crave—the Truth behind Experience, wherever it may lie.

We are aware that some may not feel the power or presence or relevance of our words. This is in part why our Messages hold energies designed to align with the aims of your higher self, and all the assistance they constantly flow to you.

We likewise, dear ones, send those energetic forms of higher Love that best assist you now. And we give Thanks for all you are experiencing on your path to realizing your true Nature—which, once forgotten while in human form, can only grow all the more powerful, as it is rediscovered.

We send the highest Light to you now, friends!

Your journey has taken an upward turn, and nothing can delay your arrival now.

Namaste, friends! In all of this, you are never alone.


The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 16th, 2021

Caroline Oceana Ryan: The Collective – Light Traveling

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

At this moment, you stand just inside the 11-11 Portal of Light, which your galaxy is experiencing at this time.

It is part of the great wave of Light traveling through this Universe, affecting all in its path.

You are aware that your vibrational resonance, your field of awareness, and your spiritual capabilities, such as being able to read energy, and to shape it into outer events and conditions, are all developing at what some call quantum Lightspeed.

You may feel at times that the pace is too fast, that the requirements are too steep, as you deal with involving dreams at night, feelings of tiredness, headaches or dizziness, heart palpitations, and other symptoms most medical practitioners cannot explain.

We will say, that your forward movement is like a fast-moving whirl of energy that sweeps through your physical, mental, and emotional energy bodies now, as a small tornado would.

And yes, this most assuredly has far-reaching effects on your outer life.

Yet notice the degree to which you are increasingly seeing that there is no “outer life”!

Notice how you are grasping so powerfully now that all is in a constant state of flux—fluctuating vibrational resonances—yet somehow, rather than feeling weakened by that fact, you are emboldened by it.

More assuredly, some days the weight of your fast-moving shifts and evolvement will feel to be heavy and burdensome.

You may wish for the days when, though a dark shadow covered the land, at least life was a bit more predictable.

Though you labored hard for little in return, at least you could count on certain things—a particular job or income, loved ones who were well, freedom of movement.

Now the loss or uncertainty of those things seem to be part of a landscape that appears to be growing darker, not Lighter.

We see all this, and we offer all of you our loving support at each moment, as we desire that you hold your increasing empowerment at a higher level, and more readily, than you hold any perceived losses or hardships.

We do not say that what you are experiencing is purely your imagination—that the current upheaval is a “new normal” or that “life will return to normal” once this or that happens. That is not what your vibration has come to Earth to achieve.

You did not come to bring ongoing tolerance of an intolerable situation.

You came to assist in the energetic evolution and revolution of the ages, and you are doing that very thing.

And are you accomplishing that by wrecking buildings of your governments, declaring that you are establishing the new order, and are willing to fight any armed resistance that tries to stand in your way?

No. These are the old ways of doing things, and you have come in to withstand the dust and wreckage of the old structure as it falls, not to engage in the kind of resistance that mires one in the depths of the old structure.

It is so that for thousands of years, intergalactic criminals have controlled your world, and these must be apprehended—a process which began years go, and is still in motion.

And it is so that certain symbols, brands, logos that bow to the dark realms and therefore consecrate buildings, institutions, and belief systems to the dark aspect of this Universe must be removed from public buildings and spaces, and new symbols of a freed planet put in their place.

And it is so that the lies, coverups, false histories, and corruption of all kinds must be uprooted and ended in your Earth cultures, for all time.

Yet it is not so that this is a time of increased struggle and resistance, whether within or without.

We do not ask you to go into active resistance to what you see happening around you, though you are holding fast to the Universal principles you came in to defend.

Most assuredly, you do not have to celebrate the hardships or the losses.

Added to personal hardships is the disappointment you may feel at seeing persons in the public eye whom you have long respected, who must now toe the line and support a dark agenda, for the sake of preserving their and their loved ones’ lives.

Your task, though clear, will feel complex many days. And that is, to hold fast to those Universal principles that the Divine has given you and which you love more than anything—the Love of Peace, of Tranquility, of Equality and Universal Justice.

The fruits of these being the Abundance, fulfillment, Beauty, and Joy you desire all living beings to experience, not only in the higher realms, but for all their days on Earth.

In the midst of that, we encourage you to do what will feel to be impossible. Yet we say this only because you yourselves have marked out this path before arriving upon the Earth this time.

And that is, that we encourage you to remain in nonresistance in your heart-space.

We encourage you to neither hate nor fear those who appear to be removing what few liberties you have been permitted inside their unjust system for thousands of years.

We ask that you neither hate nor fear those who support the dark side’s false rulers, as many of those persons carry the same desires for freedom in their hearts as you do in yours, but simply see a different path toward it than you see.

That nonresistance will lead you to feel there is a Divine Plan at work in these moments, even when you see no outer evidence of such.

We encourage you at all times, in all ways, to understand that you were born inside Illusion. Physical form is simply a dense gathering of that constantly flowing and re-forming stream of Light that is the atoms and molecules of pure energy.

And that now you face an even deeper illusion, telling you that the situation you see around you is all there is.

And yet, dear ones, you know this cannot be so!

Go into your heart-space and declare Peace there every day, reaching for inspiring images of the most positive forms of Freedom, Justice, Abundance, Equality, and Sovereignty that you can image within yourself—an expression of free will at its highest level.

Yours has been a civilization long held back from the effects of the natural Universal forward flow of evolvement and Ascension into Light.

Yet that stoppage can no longer hold.

Know that the hour is yours, if you will take it! Remember Benjamin Franklin’s words to the woman who inquired of him, in 1787, as he and the delegates were leaving the Constitutional Convention in Independence Hall in Philadelphia: “Well, Mr Franklin, what manner of government have you bequeathed us?” And Franklin replied, “A Republic, madam, if you can keep it.”

We wish you to understand that keeping true democratic freedom—and in the case of your current moment on Earth’s timeline, establishing it for the first time in thousands of years—requires that you first hold its precepts deep within.

Otherwise, it cannot hold. A mere shifting of outer forms will not suffice. And that guarding those precepts requires that you go into the full strength of your Ascended selves, in which you are in nonresistance of the process required to anchor your new world.

That process requires that you remain at Peace, without judgment of the present moment, and call upon the power of the highest law, which is Unity and Divine Love in all circumstances, come what may.

NESARA Law can be enacted the moment the majority of Earth’s people call out for and require that their liberty to be fully established and then upheld as the permanent law of the land. And that moment speeds toward you as realize your readiness to no longer fight what has no true power over you.

Far from being a mere dream, dear ones, that is under your control; that is well within your reach.

Far from being your time of loss and defeat, this is your moment to finally break free. Quoting the poet Amanda Gorman, “. . . for there is always Light, if only we are brave enough to see it / If only we are brave enough to be it.”*

And so it is!

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan , November 25th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – November 25, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And so again today, we answer a question sent by a Light Bearer:

How will the rest of humanity wake up? 

I feel that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters will show themselves to humanity in a big way. 

They are doing so already, but I cannot help but feel this is leading to something bigger. 

Those of us who believe and know on so many levels would accept this.

However, it would be an absolute shock for much of humanity, as they have been programmed to believe that nothing exists outside Earth. 

Will they be spiritually prepared for this beforehand?

THE COLLECTIVE: We would say, that this issue is one of the main reasons you and so many others of the Light have incarnated onto the Earth plane at this time.

While still in the higher realms, you saw the upcoming astrological configurations and knew they signaled a great time of Awakening.

You foresaw the creation of NESARA Law and its unfolding.

You saw the beginnings of an increasingly higher consciousness in humanity, decades and even several centuries before you were born into this life.

And you foresaw humanity coming to accept that it is not the only race in the cosmos.

And so you commented to those whom you knew would agree to accompany you on this Earth journey as guides and mentors, “I think it is time to hold the Light on Earth, as an Earth being, once again.

“I see this as a time for maintaining a vibration that will help others move into calm acceptance of the Ascension process. 

“And so I am volunteering to come to Earth to serve in whatever way I can, to assist others on that path, while I myself likewise Ascend once more while in a physical body.”

The preparation you speak of is not only psychological.

The inner realizations that you and other Light Bringers have been experiencing for many years are also occurring to those around you who do not identify as a Light Being in human form.

It is only that those realizations are taking place on a very deep level that may not have yet traveled to their conscious minds.

And yet—you would perhaps be fascinated by the number of those who have never (in this particular life) meditated, or engaged in discussion about “what else might be out there,” or thought of Angels or other Light Beings as real, yet who have commented to a friend, “Something big is about to happen.”

We see this occurring round the world now, and no doubt you have yourself caught wind of something along those lines.

It has little to do with those few tidbits of political news, and propaganda disguised as news, that reach you over the airwaves, and everything to do with the awakening and evolvement of your race of beings.

We would say that yes, the vast majority are being prepared spiritually for Full Disclosure of the ET presence, on Earth and well beyond, in that those who are open to such on any level, including a subconscious one, are being shown a great deal in their sleep state that will assist them in accepting this “new reality” as it unfolds in the months and years to come.

Humanity is also being prepared energetically, in terms of the increasingly crystalline structure of your physical cells.

The Light that those cells contain now is a form of intelligence that assists long-buried memories in coming to the surface, or near enough to surface thought that they are more easily accessible when the time comes for Disclosure of the ET presence.

All of this, and the work of millions of Light Bringers, as they plant the New Earth consciousness into everyday Earth life, helps to create a path in an otherwise thick woods full of half-truths, traps, and disguises.

You have seen as well, how the Light now coming to the planet is dissolving the veils that once made possible the machinations of the old power structure.

That Light is making it increasingly harder for people to lie, to hide who they really are and what their motives are, or to sustain the roles and behaviors of the former power structure as if all is as it once was. For it is not.

You may be wondering on a deep level now, “Is my job then, to hold Light by being my true self, with Love and kindness? To sing my own song, with dignity and grace?

“To meditate on the purity of good things and the vibrations of the higher dimensions?

“And to call forth Divine Wisdom to meet the challenges of this time of transition?”

And we would say, Yes, all that and more.

In particular, you all came in to do the illogical at this time—to laugh, to sing, to dance whenever and however you can, even if only to hold that intention within your heart.

In this way, you override the denser messages that caution people that all other races of beings, if they exist, are to be feared or avoided.

You dissolve the impressions left by the shadow aspect of experience, that all is difficult, that transition always means death, or that only a few are worthy.

Widen the circle, dear ones!

Invite all inside that place of Light that are your collective dreams and visions of a New Earth, so that they may know that they have come in at this time to claim their wholeness, their healing, their miraculous co-Creator self.

And so that they remember increasingly that humanity is never alone in this Universe.

Remembering slowly and with increasingly levels of Joy, that they have themselves seen that this is so, and are here now to stand with those who wish to celebrate the Disclosure of loved ones who, on a deep level, had seemed lost to them forever.

Your own beautiful Presences are that which prepares this planet for what is unfolding now, and we bow to you, as always, for your sacred purpose unfolds in such fine and shining ways now, in this very hour.

Namaste, dear ones!

You are never alone.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Collective Of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 17th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – November 17, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

And we wish to say, that there is great movement afoot now to bring each nation, each person, each community to a place of sovereignty in all ways and on all levels of life.

You may feel that the passage of NESARA law will solve only certain problems while producing others—too great a shift for some to adjust to.

Yet what you many call “problems” are generally the result of the particular way in which the ego-mind receives an event or situation.

It is a form of resisting a situation, rather than sitting with the discomfort or newness of it, patiently, until a resolution or adjustment can be found that is for the higher good of all.

The unfolding of this shift, which has been a long time (in your Earth time) in the making, is not something that will bring you into a similar situation to that which has already existed on the Earth.

You have before now built and sustained highly advanced societies and civilizations, yes, and some of these are still operating, such as those in Inner Earth.

Yet we speak of the liberation of surface Earth life, which has not yet been achieved (on this timeline) in terms of raising life from a dark and difficult third dimension to that of a higher, less dense form of reality.

NESARA’s enactment, though powerful and inevitable now, cannot do the real work of Ascending humanity or the Earth Herself. It is a sign of Ascension, not the completion of it.

Each day, each of you sees to the requirements of your particular paths, answering to different aspects of your Earth mission, while your soul family and Spirit team actively support you.

Though it may feel that they are quite distant, in fact you are powerfully connected to them in such a way that in essence, they never leave your side.

You are each of you facing inner forms of growth—the requirement for healing those fractured parts of your spirit and psyche, as well as new insight into those aspects of your spirit that do not require more spiritual “training” and left-brain learning, so much as more quiet, more calm, more acceptance of that which modern life drives you to ignore or neglect.

And that is the presence of your inner spirit, which does not fade, does not forget you, does not turn away, though you may unconsciously turn away from it many times throughout the day.

It is the authentic self, without the ornamentation the ego is so engaged in, that calls to you now.

The authentic self will take the news of NESARA and these days that lead to it with calm, with the kind of Joy that is open and in-the-moment, without feeling the need for all explanations and adjustment to all new situations occurring all at once.

The true inner self, if you will allow that to come forward now, is able to show you the depth of your own spirit in ways not known to you in nearly all your Earth lives since the fall of the great civilizations into the third dimension. 

If you are to live within what is called fifth density, you will need to know yourself—minus the constant chatter and distractions of what passes for an average day for most.

Can you sit with your own company, without checking the phone, or the email, or other devices, for several hours or even one hour each day?

Can you sit quietly with a friend and allow them to speak of their troubles or their happiness (or some trivial matter) and not think up a reply as they are speaking, but simply allow their energies to dance out in front of you, neither judging nor trying to shift where they are?

Can you be out in Nature and note the intricate patterns in a leaf, the twist of the blades of tall grass, the birds calling to one another, and be unafraid of the stillness you locate within yourself in those moments?

This too is your Ascension! This too is that New Earth you came to establish—firstly, from within.

For the consciousness you seek is not only that which is a matter of the “winning” of the Light Forces upon the Earth, and the removal of the oppressive systems under which you and others have labored for millennia.

It is not so much a political victory as a moment of heart-based realization—a coming home—and forms of growth that no oppressive structure can weaken or remove, even in their last desperate gasp.

This is who you have become over many centuries of Earth life in which you took part in the Great Experiment that was to be the fall of humanity from those forms of Grace, which held you in full awareness of your Divinity, into a loss of that awareness.

You are now awakening to that which you have always been—that brilliance your soul has thirsted for you to know and live within as easily as you breathe, and as necessary.

Can you now turn from the training you have mistakenly thought to be the self, to discover in the quiet, in the calm you intentionally create at crucial moments throughout the day, that which you were told must come from without?

That which you were taught can only come from certain beliefs, certain ideas, certain rituals?

Can you accept that the Universe and all its mysteries exist within you, whether you “ask the right questions” or not?

Can you accept the shifts NESARA will bring in terms of the necessity of facing yourself in ways you may have felt unnecessary, or too self-centered, or too intimidating?

Can you live within as fully as you live without?

We would, as the old saying goes, “bet the farm on it,” for we know that each of you in your high heart would ask for nothing less than the great adventure of that inner journey, and have come forward to be on the Earth at this crucial moment, in order to take on that very thing.

And so, we as always bow to your bravery, dear ones.

Yes, the au regime have made it difficult for you to know Truth from fiction, and yet—here you are, master poets who have taken their metaphors and written your own masterpieces, nevertheless.

Namaste, friends! You stand at the threshold.

Accept all the beauty you have created with your visions and commands.

And yes, we (and the Source) are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 11th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – November 11, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

The Collective share here what they spoke on the Ashtar Legacy Call on Tuesday evening, November 10, 2020:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you today.

And we do encourage you to look up on your YouTube this beautiful piece of music, titled “One Last Time,” from the Broadway musical Hamilton.

And we wish to say that it’s interesting—the phrasing of the lyric, where George Washington says to Alexander Hamilton, “I want to warn about partisan fighting.”

And he doesn’t say it in the way that demonstrates political preference.

As he is speaking that, dear ones, he is speaking it from the heart.

And we wish to say that the healing of the United States—of any nation—will not occur due to the winning or the losing of any one partisan preference—the winning or losing of any one party.

And that the healing, the freedom you seek within the heart can only occur fully once Divine sovereignty is established upon the land, and that is the thing for which NESARA is to be announced.

Now, you may be impatiently waiting for NESARA, and that is completely understandable.

But do you realize your own power in this moment, dear ones?

That you can anchor the energies of NESARA Law—of the National Economic and Security Reformation Act, and all it entails, in your own energies.

And so we encourage you in this moment to put your hand on your heart, and to release this tendency of “I belong to this party or that” or “I belong to this social strata or that” or “this economic or political theory or that.”

Put your hand on your heart, and say, “I AM of Divine Love.”

Go ahead and say that right now—just give yourself a moment. Say it a few times, and declare yourself sovereign:

“I hereby declare myself a sovereign and independent Being of Light.”

Go ahead and say that—”a sovereign and independent Being of Light, answering to my higher self and soul, to the intention of the Light Forces, to the intention of Divinity Itself.”

It is so that St Germain was physically present at the time that the Declaration of Independence was being drawn up and signed.

A lot of the Founders wanted to back up and, as the British say, “scupper” the whole thing.

They knew they would be burnt or hanged [for opposing the British].

Certainly it was a frightening moment for many.

St Germain encouraged them to stick with it—to sign the thing, and to draw up a constitution.

Now, it didn’t take very long before that process, as with so many other efforts to establish a democracy, became utterly corrupted.

But does the seed, the core Truth of what was sought in those warm days in 1700s Philadelphia still exist?

Of course it does!

Look down at yourself—do you exist?

And you don’t have to be in the United States to assert this—that you stand for the freedom and sovereignty of every individual!

There are several interesting things that the character of George Washington says in that lovely scene, in which they sing “One Last Time.”

Alexander Hamilton, who wrote much of the content of Washington’s speeches, is reading out that [farewell] speech:

“I anticipate with pleasing expectation that retreat in which I promised myself to . . . ”

And then Washington himself takes it up, and says:

“I promised myself to realize the sweet enjoyment of partaking in the midst of my fellow citizens”—and “citizen” here means citizen of the Earth—”the benign influence of good laws”—Divine Law, we can call that!—”and a free government, the ever-favorite object of my heart.

And the happy reward, as I trust, of our mutual cares, labors, and dangers.”

Whether you realize it or not, dear ones, each of you in his or her own way, contributes to the whole which is indeed a matter of mutual cares, labors, and dangers. Most assuredly so.

And now let’s introduce a new element . . .

Let’s introduce into the mix Divine Light.

Your mutual Divinity; the Oneness which you carry unconsciously within you at every moment.

And the Unity consciousness now being birthed in every cell of your being.

The mutual Divine Light into which each of you has invested your life blood.

There’s not a woman or man amongst you who would not give up their life for a cause they wholly believed in.

So all right—let’s look at an even tougher situation than giving up one’s life.

And that would be giving up the ego-mind.

And we wish to remind you, as we have in our recent channelings in the Messages to Lightworkers, that there are many identifications wishing to claim you, due to this old system that has gone on for thousands of years on this planet.

That system is dissolving now, but it is still in place enough to rattle one a bit, with these old identifications and labels which are meant for no other reason than to degrade, to divide, and to disappoint.

And so again, and again, and again you will go to the polls, and you will vote for someone whom you think is some sort of savior.

And what we wish to impart, dear ones, is that the “savior,” if there is one, or the hero, is the one you look at in the mirror every morning.

You’ve all come in with the crystalline consciousness burgeoning, blossoming forth now—just pouring in.

And we’re bringing in a lot of Light now in this Message, and opening the heart-space, as this 11-11 Portal will also do for you.

Bringing in a lot of Light right now to assist, so that your consciousness catches on to the significance not only of that date, and the coming Winter Solstice, and all they portend, but a full awareness of the importance of your presence on the Earth at this time.

And so to put it down to, “Well, this is all about winning and losing. This is all about who’s Right and who’s Wrong,” is almost funny.

Because you came in to break up that ridiculously narrow, confining, insulting paradigm into a million little pieces, all over the floor, from which it dissolves into dust, and blows away.

And so you have seen your world, dear ones, increasingly given to extreme weather, increasingly given to extreme disasters such as these massive fires out West in the US, increasingly given to natural disasters, and conflict on the streets—between nations, between groups.

Yet in the midst of that—all that melee—a miracle is still occurring, dear ones!

Will you see it? Well, this is up to you.

Do you see it, right now, is the question!

We are asking you to look deeply into your own heart-mind at this moment.

And ask yourself, Do I mainly see Divine Light there, or shadow?

Now, we can tell you that we already see much beauty, much Joy, much empowerment, and certainly a very powerful form of Divine Light.

And can you birth new forms of Divine Light in an Earth life?

Of course! It’s called Ascension, and it’s what you’re here for!

So let’s put down all of those banners and all those labels under which one tends to line up in Earth life.

Put it down! It’s the old paradigm. It’s a crutch. You don’t need it.

And just sit for a moment with palms facing up.

You need only stand under that star which is your beautiful stellar guide, and your own Great Central Sun, and your Sun Sol. 

And image Divine Golden and Divine Silver Light—the very power and Presence of our Father/Mother God/Goddess pouring in to you now.

And understand, dear ones: You didn’t come in to “get it right.”

You didn’t come in to “do things the proper way”—the way in which your own ego-mind or your culture or your family would approve.

Most of you have caught on that that’s not going to happen. And let us assure you that it doesn’t need to happen.

You came in to express that which is beyond being right, beyond being sure of yourself, beyond winning the argument.

You came in to truly know yourself in the context of Ascension, and to anchor that beautifully, right into this entire planet!

And so when John Lennon announced quietly, as he held his baby boy—he and his wife were looking at this miraculous child, born after she had had so many miscarriages—and he said, about his little son Sean, “He’ll be a citizen of the world”—we would say, the gentleman had the right idea!

Now, are you all willing to consider yourselves Citizens of Earth?

And to, for heaven’s sake, let the rest go?

So we send our Love, dear ones.

And as always, we are so thankful for your beautiful Presence upon the Earth at this time!



Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, November 6th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

We wish to speak in particular to those involved in or watching (rather anxiously) the elections in the United States, which are still unfolding.

Many of you have noted that this year’s elections feel increasingly to be a sign of the last gasp of the old power structure, as their former ways of doing things are increasingly exposed and made transparent for all to see.

It is to a great extent your own consciousness which has birthed this new atmosphere upon the Earth.

It is very greatly due to your own requirements for Truth, for transparency, for openness and honesty, in matters of leadership and government, and how those leaders are chosen, that has spurred on this shift.

Were your own consciousness as a human race not developing now at Lightspeed, the old regime would still be pulling its old tricks and getting away with a great deal, unseen.

Note that in this particular race, both sides accuse the other of various illegalities and of low intent.

Voters on both sides accuse the other camp of not seeing the real dangers afoot, not knowing a candidate’s foibles and true motives, and not seeing the real issues with awakened awareness.

Merely the fact that people are desiring certain candidates who seem to them to be a “rule-breaker” and a paradigm-buster is actually not something to bemoan, even if you yourself do not care for that particular politician.

Likewise, the fact that others desire a candidate who represents the average person more than the interests of the corporations (though both sides will claim that is true of their favorite), is also nothing to bemoan.

It is so that the old power structure is falling now, and that even as they continue to put forward politicians in every country who represent their interests and follow their orders so as to squash, not support, the will of the people—even then, much has changed since you last went through this highly faulted process.

Millions are now unconsciously feeling the weight and power of the unfolding of NESARA law.

So much so, that there is no way that the current elections or government actions in any country could fulfill the open space that the coming of that great change has opened within humanity.

It is not so much a matter of, “When will it happen?” now, but “How will we be when it happens?” which is a beautiful, rather astounding development.

People are increasingly preparing for paradigm-breaking change, not because of the actions of one politician or another, but because of the importance human beings are placing on the particular shifts already occurring on Earth Herself and within human consciousness.

You are correct, if you are thinking that there are very few politicians or candidates in the world currently who could flow seamlessly into NESARA’s enactment without themselves ending up facing an intergalactic Court of Justice.

A large number of them will, and some are already awaiting trial during this time of the gathering of individuals who have broken the laws of this Universe in their treatment of the Earth, humanity, and other races.

We assure you, they will face their judges and answer for their deeds.

Many are already held in custody for such, off-world.

Yet still you are watching the news, attending as anyone might to the present moment and its demands, and wondering what will occur in the immediate future.

That is understandable, as you are living in the present, when so much that is shifting has not yet fully come to Light.

We wish only to assure you that none of this—not this or that political appointment, not this vote count or that “winner”—is truly the issue here, so much as that a record number of people in a troubled country came forward to make their voices heard, and to involve themselves in how their country is led.

The anarchy that appears to be taking over the country is only partly dark in intent.

There is much Light in it, though of course we do not speak of that which is a matter of violence or disrespect toward others.

There is Light in that which has decided in the heart-mind that the old system does not work for everyone, and therefore, does not work.

Have people always made the right decisions, expecting that this “leader” or that would be their savior, and that that person will undo the damage done (or allegedly done) by those who came before them?

Most assuredly, many have accidentally voted for chaos rather than the freedom they think they are reaching for.

Yet we assure you that deep in their hearts, most do not want chaos.

They want normalcy, balance, decency, and Peace in their world, and have only to awaken as to the higher ways in which to create that.

And so we ask that you not feel downtrodden, angry, or demoralized if your chosen favorite does not “win.”

For that which you are actually (energetically) voting for was quite clearly not on the ballot.

Yet still, your desires for freedom and sovereign choice have quietly birthed a new reality, amid the melee of all else occurring now.

So much is shifting powerfully, with the Spirit of Divine Justice, and the Goddesses of Justice and Sovereignty rejoining Earth energies now, that we cannot convey in words the depths of the power of this shift.

Be aware that something far greater than what you immediately see around you is unfolding now, and will continue to do so, until that moment when you truly know you are free.

And in that moment, you will understand much that exists in a haze at the moment.

Reach out to us, to your guides and Angels and higher self, and know that every step in the journey is sacred, and not only that which appears to bring you to the threshold of new beginnings.

That moment is here, when you see Who you have become in the journey—the rest of the story will tell itself, in perfect ways.

Namaste, friends!

You have birthed a New Beginning, and you are never alone.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, October 23, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – October 23, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you today.

We wish to speak to those whose countries are experiencing political unrest and division, for this is a time in which the energies of divisiveness and opposition are being magnified for the purposes of weakening humanity’s collective sense of itself—its unity consciousness.

Be aware that the divisiveness would not be so sharp and so obvious if it were not for certain groups realizing “what time it is” in the greater sense.

The energies of Divine Justice are streaming onto the Earth in increasing levels now, as humanity begins to experience an increased desire for sovereignty, clarity of vision, and independent thought.

The veils that once the true status of Earth life from most people have dissolved, leaving them with two choices: Cling desperately to the lies you are still being told by mainstream channels of information, or allow yourself to see what has been hiding behind a cloak of respectability for thousands of years, and claim your sovereignty.

The idea that there is no “master race” such as you have been taught for millennia, is a frightening idea to those who have invested in their connection to a supposed master race and to patriarchal rule in general.

In addition to these pressures, we see your struggle with the idea that perhaps only half of your population seems to be awakening to truths so long hidden.

Yet we assure you that recently it became more than half of Earth’s people who have stepped into the Light, to one degree or another.

This has thrown the old powers-that-were into a bit of a tailspin.

Fearing they will never recover from that loss of control, they have planned one interesting development or another, to maintain at least their control over human mental constructs, if nothing else.

That comes in the form of baiting you into fear reactions, by creating situations that can feel frightening to anyone—increasing forms of imprisonment, putting uniformed personnel on the streets who ignore civil rights, drastically worsened social and economic conditions—the list goes on.

And yet, we may say, “We don’t worry for you,” as you are all coming into forms of consciousness that link you to the now fully activated crystalline energy grid far more powerfully than you are linked to the remains of a crumbling matrix.

And so—what does this mean?

It means that your way of seeing the world and dealing with the stresses before you have drastically changed.

They’ve been lifted to a higher perspective and more into vibrational alignment with your higher self, so that the old catastrophes and threatening scenarios no longer have the effects they once had.

It means that you are beginning to remember your own co-Creative powers, and to invest in that knowledge in both your waking and sleeping states, contacting members of your soul family to assist you in moving your Earth mission up to a whole new, higher, more potent level.

It means that even when you feel there is “no way out” for the culture you live in, you know intuitively that a higher vibrational set of events awaits you and millions of others.

And that the effects of that will flow outward to eventually lift the life conditions of everyone on the planet.

And it means that even as you read this, a part of you has known this all along.

And so we would encourage you to seek calm, to seek solace, to seek quiet within right now with this knowledge—embedded with frequencies to assist each of you on your individual paths.

Use it when you feel intimidated or unsure of outer events, or angered at the beliefs and illusionary conclusions that others have come to.

Use it when you feel shocked at the depth of lies coming from some news outlets, and the celebration of some supposed left-of-center groups and theories, which you know in your heart to be part of the old system, however it may masquerade as a new system.

Use it when you see the word NESARA misused and misrepresented, in ways far from its original intention and heart-centered design.

And be aware that there are no trap doors to disappear through into an alternate Universe where “all of this will go away.” You did not come in for that.

You may have moments where you feel that all of the truth coming out now about this person or that situation is just too much, and we would say, Release it!

Have your moment of shock if you must, but do not allow those disclosures to pull your vibration down to the level of sorrow, shock, or rage.

Face your own heart-mind now, friends!

Face your own inner shadows and unhealed aspects, and attend to their healing!

This is powerful, for one of the most profound aspects of your Earth missions is to heal your inner self, and to lift your entire frequency to levels that would have been unheard of for you in other lives.

You have not come in at this time to remark, to react, to bounce off of what is happening in the world, though of course you will have moments where you give way to that.

Yet that is not your mission at this time.

Your mission is to continue anchoring higher Light into the planet in the particular ways that are most Joyful, natural, deeply felt, and crucial to you at any one time.

As you do so, you enact a number of situations that would have difficulty unfolding without your assistance.

You give off such a powerful Light that others sense it and feel increasingly free to be their own higher self, and to celebrate that.

You give off a Peaceful vibration that reassures all around you—plant and animal life, mineral and crystal life, humans and their co-Creations—that a New Earth is being born, and that a struggle against the au regime is not necessary.

And you offer a platform for celebration, for quiet and calm, for the very foundations of higher Love itself to reinstate itself as the norm on the Earth plane, where it has not reigned supreme, one might say, for a very long time.

You do no less than all of that as you release the tangled web of deceit and machinations unfolding around you—you nullify them and their effects, and you rise above them, in those moments.

This is why you will hear people encourage you to get out into Nature more, to eat only healthful foods and mainly only drink pure water, to spend time with animals and children if you can, to meditate daily, or just sit in quiet times when thoughts are silent, as well as to celebrate and to laugh whenever you can.

It has less to do with “sticking your head in the sand” and more to do with rising above the sandstorm, so that in your strength and calm, you are able to help not only yourself but others co-Create much higher Earthly conditions and results.

And that is invaluable, friends.

Remember the power you possess to lift any situation to a higher level purely by what you call it, by what you decide that it is, and what it means.

And then paint all situations in a beautiful color—yes, even the ones where one politician or another says or does things you cannot quite believe.

For this too signals the end of the old, and the beginning of that which you have dreamt of for millennia.

Walk into that vision and claim it as your own.

It cannot be denied you now.

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, October 16, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – October 16, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we answer another question from a Light Bearer, who asks:

I feel that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters will show themselves to humanity in a big way. They are doing so already, but I cannot help but feel this is leading to something bigger.

Those of us who believe and know on so many levels would accept this. However, it would be an absolute shock for much of humanity, as they have been programmed to believe that nothing exists outside of Earth. 

How will the rest of humanity wake up? Will they be spiritually prepared for this beforehand?

We are very glad you have asked this question, as it is one that, believe or not, many wonder about quietly, even if they do not think of it in very conscious ways.

Millions of people all over the world are now growing in awareness of what has been called “the ET presence” (though we could also call all of you “ETs”).

Along with that growing awareness is the desire to integrate what people are taught is Earth’s “reality” with Her actual reality, as these two are not the same.

In actual “reality”—and that is a changeable term, according to one’s world view!—in the greater sense, your planet has only ever received beings from various realms for many thousands of years.

All of you “come from elsewhere,” and though some will find that idea laughable, and the whole construct of interplanetary travel a subject only for films and science fiction stories, you are collectively coming to understand that your reality is an intergalactic one.

More than that, you are collectively coming to prefer that idea to the ones you have been carefully fed over the centuries.

The dividing line you speak of—the separation between those who speak openly of “visitors,” hidden space projects, and those human-appearing ETs who “walk amongst us”—is that some are happy and at home with those ideas, while others are still trying them on for size.

For the most part, it is not so difficult as you might imagine for the majority of the human race to accept that you are not alone in this Universe.

What is harder for some, is to accept how their lives will change once full disclosure of that presence is established worldwide.

You are correct, if you are thinking that not all species of beings are benevolent and good-hearted (Earth’s beings have been feared by many for quite a while now, in fact).

Some people’s hesitancy to step into the intergalactic world is understandable, for that reason.

Others simply resist change, no matter what its form.

They worship the old ways of doing, thinking, and being because that feels safest and most familiar to them.

It is the ego-mind that prefers that nothing change.

And it is the collective obsession with preserving “life as we know it,” as if that were always the preferable, that gets in the way of acceptance of new ideas, new situations, and new relationships, even when these are desired on some level.

Yet just as the stream of water will wear down the greatest rock, the Light that has been enveloping your planet for several decades now has been opening up new levels of possibility in human thought.

These new fields of potentials have offered people areas of thought once hidden from them.

For millennia, the old matrix hid or almost completely suppressed certain realizations, ideas, and breakthrough moments.

That structure has been disintegrating for a while now.

Whole reaches of the thought-suppression matrix no longer exist, in fact.

So that the idea that Earth could join the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, and that you could be amongst those who are your soul family from even the furthest reaches of this Universe, is now flowing far more easily through millions of minds that, in the past, would have been locked out of those ideas as even a slight possibility.

You who are conscious of your Light Bringer role have specifically come in to the Earth at this time to assist in the sort of intercultural / interplanetary integration and cooperation that is increasingly occurring now.

Your specific role is chosen by you—first, before you incarnate, as you are creating your chart for this life, and then again in a more Earth-conscious way, in the days following NESARA’s announcement and full disclosure.

If you are feeling that some people will reel with shock as they hear the truth finally, you are correct.

Yet consider that millions of Light Bearers are working with human consciousness in their sleep state each night, as well as anchoring at all times the Light data that will assist humanity as a whole in accepting the truth of the many beings who exist beyond what you are currently collectively aware of.

Shifts are always being made, so that the transition state of going from “we’re probably all alone in the universe” to “we have never been alone in the Universe!” runs smoothly, and even joyfully, for those willing to allow such.

One might say, there will be “levels” of Earth life to choose from after Disclosure.

Some will request a higher level of change than others, due to the preparation they have already been engaging in for years as they awaited NESARA’s enactment.

For some, only a few things will change at first.

For others, more things will change.

And for still others, it will all change—in ways that are glorious, Joyful, and fulfilling to them, albeit with some “getting used to a new life” adjustments.

All of you who choose to engage in these shifts in ways that are Joyful, will find that your Joy is utterly contagious to those who are not quite sure that life should change in such complete ways.

Some will gravitate toward an Earth reality in which Disclosure plays out in slower ways.

Those persons have chosen to evolve more slowly, according to the pace that is appropriate for their particular soul path.

In general, you will find fewer persons shocked to the point of fainting, and more who are curious, amazed, and excited, even if a bit of nervousness and many questions come with that.

Decide now how you will assist your loved ones, friends, neighbors, once this great shift unfolds—and it will not happen so quickly that it feels all Life has sudden gone out of control and is unthinkably strange.

Certainly, you have all already gotten a bit of training on how to survive outside of “business as usual” in the past year, though these are not happy nor preferred circumstances.

Yet what you have found is that you are still yourself.

Your courage and ingenuity, your ability to welcome changes in nonresistant ways and to adjust as needed, has already set the stage for further shifts.

Your vibration, not only your words and actions, continue to pave the way for New Earth living.

Are you aware of how powerful you are, friends?

Or how completely you are needed at this time?

We would say, few of you are fully aware of that, and yet—this beautiful evolvement you are not only observing but at the center of is constantly leading you into new levels of Being, Awareness, Celebration within the All-That-Is.

So as you step into the quantum field to co-Create once again, realize, “This time, my fellow Light Beings and I are creating a whole new world!

“We are rebirthing our beautiful Gaia. We have never been here before, and yet—we are ready, and we are assisting others in their readiness, however that will appear for them.”

Namaste, dear ones! Be Joyful, even in these times.

For you walk a path you merely dreamt of in centuries past, in the higher reaches of other dimensions, in your most beautiful visions.

Here you are—at the vanguard of Rebirth.

And we are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, October 9th, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – October 9, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, Friends! We are very pleased to have this moment to speak with you today.

Today we respond to another question from a Light Bringer, who asks:

We are all aware that difficult people are meant to teach us lessons around patience and forgiveness. And there are various ways to do that (cut cords / affirmations / writing decrees / visualization), especially around birth family.

We may have forgiven a toxic family member and are not consciously engaging with them. But we can’t deny the fact that many Lightworkers at this time are stationed in their parents’ home and out of a job.

They’re doing their best to earn and be independent using their gifts. But sometimes, conditions like a lockdown or financial blocks force us to stay longer with a toxic family.

How is it possible to forgive a family member who constantly abuses you, looks down on you, or is sadistic? To forgive and not be hurt when they continue to attack?

In that moment, have our efforts to remain patient gone to waste? Are we right in feeling hurt and wanting to cut all ties for good, to walk away when the moment arises?

We would say, that this is indeed a time of added challenge that can feel to be an unreasonable extreme on many levels.

Many are having to deal not only with the added requirements of protecting themselves and loved ones from a virus, but also the stresses of less income, and therefore living with family members whom they would ordinarily avoid or see only occasionally.

You have heard it said, that simply because a group of people are related does not mean that they will all get along or like one another, whether on a personality level, and regarding chosen ways of living.

Yet there is a further weight added, which is that most Light Bringers will incarnate into a bloodline or a family that contains members who have also been difficult or abusive, or dismissive or abandoning in other lives in which they have known them.

This can be difficult, as all concerned have some slight memory ringing quietly in their heart-mind at times, reminding them that they came in to finally settle old grievances in peaceful ways with this person whom they may love, yet cannot see eye-to-eye with.

This adds to the confusion, as it is Love that motivates people to want to finally make Peace with someone, yet the very things that divided you once will most assuredly seek to divide you again.

You have come in—and we speak to all now—to know who you are and to grow further, in the context of struggles such as you describe.

Yet you also came to plant a bright Light in dense and difficult family circumstances—your own, and the world’s.

This would seem to be the perfect time for any spiritually aware person to ask “Why?” in terms of the exclusion, derision, and other forms of abandonment they receive from those they feel ought to be loving and supportive of them and all family members.

Yet it is the most unnecessary question you could ask, because of the path you all marked out for yourselves before incarnating.

Most of you volunteered to come into the most difficult family circumstances, and in some cases, the darkest, in terms of the least evolved and conscious people or connections you could encounter for your soul path.

And so, yes—this has meant what is termed abuse, which from the higher perspective is simply a form of density that many have written into their life charts as a way of continuing the “grand experiment” of Earth life.

That experiment of “good vs. bad” duality has held most of you in a cyclic repeat of experiences.

Each attempt, each life lived in the third dimension, is determined to break the cycle, yet generally, only nominal progress is made.

Earth is well known amongst the planetary civilizations for dense emotion and behavior.

Your planetary culture is considered by most other races of beings in this Universe to be both wayward and backward, both violent and regressive, though that is changing now as both Earth’s and humanity’s vibrations rise.

Deep down, you understand that you came in to learn how to Love difficult people, in the sense of releasing them to their path, and not needing them to change for you or anyone—and to let go the need to have your Love returned, for often, that is not the path you chose.

That understanding can be of assistance to you, yet there will still be moments when you desire simply to be far from them and the density of their energetic confusion.

You are still living inside of human bodies carefully trained to respond to outer stimulus first, in terms of survival and self-preservation.

For most people, that means a self-protective stance that reacts with disappointment and pain at being on the receiving end of dense energies.

It is also very demanding for most Light Bearers, who are natural healers, to see density and to allow it, without wanting to mend or fix the problem at its core.

It is also not your logical mind that receives the words and actions of loved ones.

That is how you receive the words and actions of those with whom you have no emotional investment.

With loved ones, you receive their words and actions through your desire to love them and to be loved, and considering the other-life history you will have had with these persons, that amounts to receiving what they say and do through your woundedness, and your desire to finally settle old scores.

What our friend who sent in the question is really asking how they can not allow the behavior of others to affect them, despite who those people are to them.

And how to get beyond the feeling that once you have forgiven someone, they ought not to be insulting or difficult any longer.

Yet we assure you, they will be a thorn in your side for as long as you allow.

And you need not allow it.

So it is not a question of whether it is “right” to be hurt, or to want to walk away.

Feeling hurt is a choice, though for most, a deeply unconscious one. Walking away is what must occur for many who realize that the dialogue they came in to create will not seed and take root as they had hoped.

That is also acceptance of the other person–allowing the gap between you to be as it is, without trying to fix or mend.

And yet–you are still stuck in the house with these dear ones who are so confused, as you have been in many other lives–as all have been.

And so, let us suppose you were speaking with a three-year-old in the family, and they announced to you one day, “You are old and fat and stupid!”

You would probably laugh at this, and then patiently explain that these are not nice or acceptable things to say to someone.

You might then add, “Can you think of something nicer to say? People will be happier to spend time with you when you point out their good qualities!”

Now, it would of course be useless to say this to another adult who is used to being insulting.

What is relevant here is your reaction–your calm response–to the out-of-control three-year-old.

You understand certain things about the three-year-old that are necessary for responding to him or her in positive, even logical ways.

You are aware that they have very little life experience, and that they still live at a level emotionally in which they are unaware that anyone’s feelings count but their own.

They are also stuck for how to express themselves in ways that reflect well on themselves as well as others—it doesn’t occur to them that by behaving “badly,” they are making themselves look bad.

And they may have been influenced by others in this or another life to behave badly as a way of functioning in the world.

You don’t receive the words of an immature child, or a mentally ill adult, or someone suffering from dementia, as ideas to be taken seriously and reacted to strongly–you remain patient.

And we would say, dear ones, if there were ever a time to not react—to not endlessly slide up and down the emotional scale according to what you see and hear happening around you—Now is that time!

We would say also, that the person you are most looking to forgive is yourself.

Forgive yourself for not being so independently wealthy that you need never live with family, or anyone who is not kind and supportive.

Forgive yourself for being caught up in a world situation over which you have no control.

Forgive yourself for not having a job, or much (or any) business income at the moment.

Forgive yourself for once again incarnating into a third dimensional life and having to face all the discord, shock, and density therein.

You will come through this, dear ones, but you speed things along to the higher dimensional solution by refusing to “play”—refusing to react to that which is designed to hurt or frighten you.

Understand that those who abuse are usually the utterly unconscious tools and vessels of dense forces that wish to diminish your Light, and which live off of the dense emotion of those who abuse and abandon others.

It is not your path to re-route or save them. Send them Light, then shake the dust from your feet and move on inwardly, even if you cannot yet outwardly.

Do not allow yourself to react to their comments, their actions, their low intent.

Get physically away from them when they act up, and give yourself the breathing room needed to return to your calm center.

If you feel to be physically in danger, you must find other housing—require direction from your Spirit team, and stay open to possibilities you will not have thought of yet.

No one is abandoning you to these difficult situations, nor will they last indefinitely.

Break away from the dark atmosphere of an unhappy home whenever you can by spending time outdoors or in a neutral setting.

And know that we are with you—in your meditation time, in your daily goings on, as you travel etherically at night—we and all your Divine helpers and soul family support and believe in you, and the path you chose before incarnating.

Let your Spirit team, your guides and higher self, know what must change now, and what you need assistance in releasing for all time.

Step out of the cycle of repeating conflict and denial, and know that you are whole, powerful, and a sovereign being in all ways, and cannot be otherwise.

Namaste, dear ones! You will come through this.

And we are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan

The Collective of Guides via Caroline Oceana Ryan, October 2nd, 2020

A Message to Lightworkers – October 2, 2020

This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, and Archangels known as the Collective:

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this chance to speak with you today.

Today we respond to another question from a Light Bearer, who asks:

What is the purpose of the extreme polarisation of people at the moment? E.g. in Poland the Catholic/nationalistic movement which is anti-LGBT, anti-women, anti-Jews, anti-immigrants etc. It brings pain, radicalisation. Even Nazi marches are permitted.

We are very glad that you have brought this up, as so many are feeling the ill effects of the separatism, exclusion, and other forms of division occurring now in different parts of the world.

And we would say, that though this appears to be a very dense and painful situation, that these divisions have existed for thousands of years, and that their appearing now in such blatant ways is actually not a sign that they are “taking over” so much as being cleared away.

It is difficult to solve a health issue, for example, or any form of density in your relationship to a loved one, before symptoms of the issue show up.

It must make itself plain.

And so you are viewing now the symptoms of centuries-old divisions, and the pain and disruption they bring, including the expression of ideologies that say that certain groups of people ought naturally to be under the political or religious thumb of certain other people.

These belief systems (for that is all they are) tend to favor the white male of one social strata or another, and desire to subjugate all others under their very strict rule.

This includes having those males who feel they ought to be able to dictate what rights a woman has, even in relation to her own most intimate choices in life, and to decide that only those women who agree to that hierarchical structure ought to be involved in that which influences or directs public policy and political platforms.

Be aware that the word “political” is powerfully related not to the idea “representation” of groups of people, but to the “policy” (the strategy, plan, or procedure) of mainly one group.

And that group is generally those who have for thousands of years directed humanity’s path, and determined how human beings would view Divinity, the Earth, and themselves.

The masculine dominance of thought in human life has created a sort of built-in imbalance that is currently being righted by the increasing presence of the Divine Feminine upon the planet.

The Goddess energies, symbols, consciousness, and healing instinct are being felt in every area of life, welcome or not.

So that the old regime is asserting itself as strongly as possible now, to not so much circumvent this re-emerging Presence, but to call it unnecessary, irrelevant, and terribly wrong.

Will this work, over time? Is it working now, even?

Well, we would say it most assuredly appears that way, due to the left-brain masculine predominance of thought in your media, governments, most industries, and educational forms.

Yet we would say No, it is not working. It cannot work.

It is a weak attempt at best, because to assert the dominance of an imbalance which has had its day and is fading from human consciousness—from human makeup, inner presence and preference—is a lost cause, and a rather sad representation.

The old ploys, traps, and energy patterns—these are outmoded now.

That sinking ship will not carry anyone very far, and you have noted this, or you would not have asked the question with the energy of, How can this be, when we have overcome this sort of mindless lack of integration? This lower consciousness which is so self-defeating, so narrow and fear-based, so unwanted now?

You will see the old tricks and strategies employed now, by those who pull strings to control those who feel safest when they are being controlled.

And yet, despite the attention paid by the news media, the television cameras, the podcasts—this is old hat, these deceptions!

They are no longer relevant to your or anyone’s life or view of the world.

The appearance of the polarization is only an indication, as with all ills, of what has come up to be healed.

Healed in humanity’s consciousness, healed in Earth’s collective vibration, and healed in the energies surrounding the planet.

What surrounds you now is a growing form of Light that would not have been possible for you to assimilate into your physical cells and consciousness even five years ago, nor even one year ago.

This is why you will hear certain politicians or political groups threatening to take extreme measures to try to remain in power, or to keep or increase their stronghold in one area of government or another.

That is not a sign of actual “power,” and that word is being redefined now as humanity’s collective vibration reaches higher.

It is a sign of desperation, and those kinds of energies will not carry one forward now as they might have once done.

So that though you feel to be in a world war of sorts, we assure you, there is no Nazi stronghold that is not crumbling to pieces as we speak.

There are no separatist “Anti-“ this or that gaining momentum, despite appearances.

The beast will howl loudest, and angriest, just before it breathes its last, “demanding” that life still run through it, though the true presence of Life is what it has never really known.

You are yourselves now encompassing the energies of Life in its truest form, as you Ascend into crystalline consciousness and cellular makeup.

And yes, that is infuriating to those who have depended upon your DNA remaining a two-strand construct, and your self-image as humans remaining small, finite, and easily intimidated.

You may say good-bye to that narrow self-definition, for it no longer applies!

In its place is that higher Love which recognizes the Divinity in all persons—all genders, all orientations, all cultures, all ethnicities, all traditions.

We do not say that what is happening is not painful, as the beast of the au regime is in its death throes.

Most assuredly, things can appear frightening, divisive, painful, and destructive at the moment.

We would say, look beyond appearances, into the heart of what is occurring on the planet now, and know that you are not abandoned to any desperate moment.

Know that you have within you all that is needed to feel the beauty, power, liberation, and yes, the intensity, of the forms of Light reaching you now.

You did not come to be upon the Earth at this time to feel shocked, frightened, or defeated.

Allow those emotions to rise to the surface when they must, for you are simply releasing that and all old paradigms now, as you move to a place where you see that you are accepting your immortality, your long-hidden gifts and abilities, and your own higher sight and ability to heal yourself, others, and your planet.

All is not lost, dear ones!

As you see those who are in such pain that they prefer to be manipulated and lied to, send them Light from your heart center, and know that their path will be illumined when the time is right.

Allow them their expressions, however misguided they may seem to you, and affirm for them, “This too leads to our Divinity.”

Then know that we are with you in these “growing pains” moments of throwing off the dark cloak of loss and destruction over many eons.

Know that you did not come to be taken in by old forms of deception, but to see through them, and to usher in that which rings clear with your freedoms, your empowerment, your co-Creative expression.

And is the time right for that?

Most assuredly, dear ones. The time is now!

Namaste, friends! We are with you, always.


Copyright 2020, Caroline Oceana Ryan