Love is our new reality

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The Collective via Caroline Oceana Ryan, July 25th, 2022

The Collective Through Caroline Oceana Ryan: Creating Solutions to Earth Issues


This week’s guidance from the Ascended Masters, Galactics, Earth Elements, Fae Elders, Angelic legions, Archangels, and other Divine Beings known as the Collective:

Today’s Message is a video with an energy-embedded visualization. The transcript is below.

Greetings, dear ones! We are very pleased to have this time to speak with you again today.

Something that we have noticed, and that you have also noticed lately, is how powerful the energies are, that are flowing to the Earth at present.

So let’s just work with those for a little bit . . .
Breathing in slowly through the nose with mouth closed, then [slowly] breathing out with sort of a “haaaaa” sound through the open mouth.

Continue breathing this way . . .

And if you can, image a beautiful stream of Divine Golden Light flowing down from the higher realms . . . wonderful . . .

It fills your entire being and all the space around you. It takes in your aura, and takes in your radiance beyond that.

And it flows deep into the Earth as well—deep into Inner Earth, so that you are perfectly anchored into Earth, as well as being connected to the higher realms.

[Now send your inner awareness up that stream of Divine Golden Light, up into the higher realms.]

And now let’s all stand in that beautiful Circle of Light that we create as needed.

You can hear the chimes perhaps in the background, or the bird song.

Know that the essence of Mother Gaia is always with you, even when your spirit or consciousness is in the higher realms.

And this includes when you are in your sleep state, and traveling a bit, doing your beautiful Earth mission work.

Just place everything troubling you about these powerful energies, including some days perhaps, your doubt that you can integrate them fully, or integrate them peacefully—place all of that in the Circle of Light.

It doesn’t negate the growth and expansion you are experiencing from this powerful Light.

It simply assures that you are receiving assistance in the integration of that Light.

These are sentient Light codes—they speak directly to your spirit, to every cell in the body, every particle of your being.
There is going to be a fear [due to this process] from the subconscious that you are being asked to give up portions of your spirit or psyche that are important to you, and that you don’t want to lose, that you don’t want to forget.

And so put that into the Circle of Light as well.

You don’t have to figure everything out! You don’t have to say, “Well—how’s that going to work?”

You just put it into the Circle of Light, dear ones.

And that includes your questions about things such as, “What’s becoming of our healthcare? What’s becoming of our economy?

“What’s going on with education in our schools? Are children safe in our schools?”

“What’s happening with our government—it seems to be sort of imploding.” (And one could say that for a number of governments on the Earth!)

Put all those questions into the Circle of Light, as well as anything that’s troubling you right now.

Because so much is in flux, that it is easy to feel at times that things are a bit out of control, and just too unpredictable for you to feel comfortable.

So as you’ve put all these items into the Circle of Light, and anything else troubling you, or a loved one whom you are concerned for, and any other issue—

Know that we are working to assist you in moving all this up to a higher level vibrationally.

And to assist you in releasing that unconscious feeling that it’s just not safe to be on the Earth right now—that things are too uncertain.

Or there’s too much change being required of you at once. Very easy to feel that!

This can come across as a feeling of pressure, almost of a shock, some days.

Almost as if you’d sort of put your hand into the Light socket accidentally, and received a sharp jolt there.

And so you have your moments of wondering, Am I going to be perpetually in shift?

Or is there going to come a moment when things seem to calm down and even out, and I can be easygoing again?

Really, you haven’t had too many [Earth] lives where you felt very sure of things!

For the most part, you have had religious structures or spiritual rituals to carry you through moments of unsureness, and to call forth from the quantum field (although you wouldn’t have called it that then, probably, in other lives—in past centuries, at any rate!)—to call forth from that endless quantum field the most beautiful outcome possible.

So draw into your heart right now—we’re producing the energy, or calling forth the energy into the Circle of Light, of the highest, most benevolent outcome of every single issue you have put into the Circle of Light.

So just draw that [energy] into your heart right now.

It’s sparkling silver, or sparkling gold. Or it might be sparkling emerald or rose, or cobalt blue, or bright yellow—you decide what feels right to you.

If you have issues of the heart occurring, perhaps it will be the rose ray color.

But draw that cloud or mist of sparkling energy—tiny pinpoints of Light—you’re just drawing those into your being—into your spirit, into your consciousness.

It’s all in and all around, above and below you now. Every bit of it.

You don’t have to think hard. You can know that your [Spirit] team are going to relay to you ideas [to assist you on these issues] in the coming hours or days, or a week or so.

Any time you feel a bit insecure, you’re going to go back to this image of drawing in the Divine Solution or resolution, or the perfect upgrade.

For many of you, that has to do with health, Peace of mind, perhaps finances—your whole Abundance vibration.

And Abundance, dear ones, encompasses many things. Many, many things!

Many of you have sent in questions recently about Abundance, asking different questions.

And we are more than happy to engage with you on that, and likewise the gods and goddesses of prosperity, good fortune, gold, and all forms of health and well-being.

So that’s what the new book will be, but for right now, you are just drawing in that beautiful Light to assist you.

Drawing in that beautiful Light to comfort and support you.

This is where you begin everything!

[Everything in the outer world] always begins with an energy absorption; an energy draw, and formation [of an outer form] from pure raw energy.

So you might just breathe it in right now—as you’re breathing in, you’re breathing in that energy [of the solutions and new forms you want to create].

If you can’t image it very well, that’s all right. Just breathe in, and know that you’re perfectly supported in all ways.

Check in with your team occasionally: “Is there anything I need to do to address any of these issues I brought forth to the Circle of Light?”

And if you don’t hear them directly, just say, “Fill my thoughts with your wisdom, and I’ll know it all comes from you!”

Wonderful, dear ones!

So when you’re ready, come back down that beautiful pillar of Light.

Back to the Earth . . . down fully into your body, into the room . . . stretching a bit . . . very joyful to have taken this journey!

And you can do this at any time; we are happy to meet you there. Likewise, all of your beautiful guides, Angels, and higher self.

Wonderful, dear ones! We send much Love.